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Tablet PC Battery Charger


Tablet PC battery charger is a backup battery for tablet PC and mobile devices. Tablet PC battery charger is a 8000mAh portable battery charger with 12V DC output, suitable for different Tablet PC brands, it is a multiple external battery pack for tablet PC, mobile phone and so on. Nowadays, Tablet PC requires more power as they become more advanced, they need to be recharged more often while you using it. To help your devices running longer, we made a Tablet PC battery charger which contain 5V/2A USB output and 12V/2A DC output to compatible with all Tablets and mobile devices. With this Tablet PC battery charger, you will always have backup power with you wherever you go.


With high-quality, compact and attractively design, Tablet PC battery charger is specially designed for 5V tablets and 12V tablets. In current market, iPad and Samsung Galaxy use 5V/1A input while some other tablets like Moto, Acer, Hasee etc use 12V input. With dual output, you can select different output according to your Tablet PC. Moreover, we will 6 optional tips including iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry etc. With selectable output and different tips, compatibility for this battery charger is highly improved. 


Tablet PC battery charger features:

* IML treatment on covering.

* Delicate and stylish design, highlighting your identity and your nobility.

* Startup and closeup function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum.

* LED indicates power input and output.

* Button operation, five LED light shows battery capacity.

* Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.

* Charging and discharging overload protection.


Tablet PC battery charger accessories:

1X battery charger

6X tips, which are

- iPhone

- Nokia 2.0mm

- micro USB

- mini USB

- Samsung D800

- Samsung G600

1X pouch

1X AC adapter

Tablet PC battery charger technical parameters:

Battery type: Lithium polymer

Battery capacity: 8000mAh

Input voltage: DC12.8V

Input current: 1000mA

DC Output: DC12.0V/2000mAh

USB Output: DC5.1V/2000mA

Battery charging time: 5~6hours

Dimensions: 144*55*18.5mm

Weight: 200g