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Smartphone Backup Batteries

With the development of telecommunication technology and frequent use of smartphones, electricity consumption seems quite huge. The built-in battery runs out so quick that many users are looking for smartphone backup batteries. Smartphone backup batteries are backup battery packs with micro USB output which are the perfect backup batteries for smartphones. It's featured to deliver backup batteries to almost Andriod smartphone. This smartphone backup batteries wil extend your surfing, talking, and tune time also solve any troubles caused by limited power electronic products with micro USB interfaces, especially Andriod smartphone.


As most brands phones now are using micro USB interface, micro USB now is become international and global. Thus smartphone backup batteries can be widely shared among those smartphones like HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.


With a pocket size and stylish design, smartphone backup batteries realize portable charging in any occasion with out cable. While smartphone runs out of power, just connect this backup battery with your smartphone's charging port. Press the button to start quick charging. With 1800mAh capacity, it can deliver emergency power and fully charge smartphone.


Feature of smartphone backup batteries

*Can be a universal backup battery for any micro USB devices.

*Charging and discharging overload protect.

*Special charging function design cut down self energy consuming.

*LED indicates charging and discharging situation

*CE, ROHS, FCC certified.


Technical parameters for smartphone backup batteries

Battery type: Lithium polymer

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Input voltage: DC5.0V

Input current: 500mA

Output voltage: DC5.0V

Output current: 750mAB

attery charging time: 2~3 hours

Dimensions: 61*37*15.5mm

Weight: 48g