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  • Power Bank 2000-1

Power Bank 2000

Movpower is a handy phone power bank which developed at the historic moment, its storage electric function endowed the characteristics of carrying easily. In public places, on business, in tourist, provided that you charge it ahead it can help you remove battery problems. Farewell because no electricity leakage answer the phone, Farewell because no electricity and interrupt games, Farewell because no electricity and stop shooting; Farewell because no electricity made all these troubles. Movpower is your best choice.

Movpower2000 is in a delicate and superior workmanship power bank. So long as your digital products(such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4) with USB, can pass this product for its charge. Its compact appearance elegant exterior easy to carry, make it become the itinerary is tasted, it is necessary for travel enthusiasts, music lovers, the business people, the best gamer emergency things.

Parameters of power bank—— Movpower2000
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 800mA
Output voltage: DC 5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Dimension: 80*33*17.8mm

Outstanding Features

*Covering utilize IML craft.
*Compact and stylish design.
*Startup and closedown function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum.
*Two-color LED indicates power input and output.
*High energy-efficient flashlight.
*Button operation, five LED indicators battery capacity.
*Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.
*Charging and discharging overload protection.