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Basic parameters of the mobile power bank
Model: SINO-C5000
Size: 86*46*22.5mm
Weight: 120g
Input voltage: DC5.0V/1000mA   
Output voltage: DC5.0V/1000mA
Special function: LED light
Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Suitable for: IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD, IPAD MINI, Samsung, MI, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ZTC, COOLPAD, digital camera, PSP
Overcharge protection
When short-circuit occur external devices, circuit board start protection function, to cut off the power supply, avoid short-circuit damage effectively
input protection 
When the output voltage instantaneous abnormalities, circuit board immediately start voltage buffer function, protect the voltage in a steady state at any time, avoid causing damage
Voltage protection
When the current exceeds the rated current, automatically cut off the output current, guarantee of voltage and charging equipment will not damaged by too much electricity
Short circuit protection
When the mobile power discharge reached a tipping point, circuit protection function will start automatically stop discharge
Over power protection
When the battery power charging and discharging, circuit automatic protection function, stop charging and discharging
Temperature protection
When the battery in the case of too high temperature, automatic startup circuit protection function, stop using it
Over current protection
Long for mobile power charging or mobile power to cell phone charging, such as saturated state, the system automatically shut down, avoid overload safety hidden trouble
******Explosion safety design
******"Automatic recognition" design
******Effectively prevent excessive voltage when using the phone while charging, thereby protecting sensitive components inside the phone is not compromised.
******Unique design: protect circuit board compatibility
Using imported components into intelligent circuit design, to reduce electromagnetic interference of other electronic devices, more compatible, more efficient output, lower rates of self-harm.
******Low heat output technology
******Almost no heat output temperature, allowing you to charge the phone without burden, more secure and stably.
******Small and portable
******Compact size, you can easily grasp one hand, easy to carry, in a pocket, handbag, you can carry anywhere