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Mobile Power Station

SINOELE is a professional mobile power station supplier, such as mobile power station for iPhone, mobile power station for iPad, mobile power station for Tablet pc… We have independent R&D division, manufacturing, sales and after-sale service teams. The company is mainly dealing with mobile power stations, while it is also undertaking other mobile phone accessories, like plug-in battery for iPhone, USB mobile phone power adapter, USB car charger etc. With the advantages of compact size, stylish design and high quality, our various series of mobile power stations are popular with students, businessmen, travelers and many mobile phone accessories distributors. No need worrying if your mobile phones are out of battery, universal mobile power station can realize various mobile phones charging anytime and anywhere.


SINOELE is always in pursuit of finding perfect moving charging solutions for mobile phones. According to the ever-changing market demand, SINOELE can always keep updates on providing satisfactory mobile power station.

In an age of advanced communication, it is normal to find people with two or more mobile phones, besides the development of Network and business, more and more mobile phones' battery can hardly meet people's demand. Thus SINOELE exactly foresaw the prospect of mobile phone external battery market, we immediately developed several mobile phone external batteries to realize charging any mobile phones anytime and any where.

  • Movpower4000 - Mobile Power Station 4000mAh
  • Movpower5200 - Mobile Power Station 4500mAh
  • DC station – Mobile Power Station 20000mAh

Learning from successful experience in the development and sales of previous universal mobile phone or laptop batteries, we recently developed a whole line of portable mobile power stations with several levels battery capacity. The lowest is 1000mAh which is featured with compact size, can be put in any pocket and non-button operation, just plug and play. And the highest is 10000mAh which is compatible for iPad. All these new mobile power stations are quite different from previous products, either in appearance design, treatment process or functions.

  • Power Bank 1000 - Mobile Power Station 1000mAh
  • Power Bank 2000 - Mobile Power Station 2000mAh
  • Power Bank 4000 - Mobile Power Station 4000mAh
  • Power Bank 5200 - Mobile Power Station 5200mAh
  • Power Bank 10000 - Mobile Power Station 10000mAh
  • Emergency battery 1800 – iPhone/Micro USB Power Station 1800mAh

All SINOELE teams will keep going on developing various prefect mobile power stations. We will continuously update our mobile power station types, welcome your attention on us!