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Mobile Phone Emergency Battery

Mobile phone emergency battery, is a kind of external storage battery charger. Power Bank 4000 is an emergency battery charger for mobile phones, it provides external emergency battery and Mobile Phone Battery Packsfor almost smartphones. Mobile phone emergency battery with 6 connectors(iPhone, Micro USB, Mini USB, Samsung G600, Samsung D800 and Nokia), it can charge for iPhone, iPod, Nokia, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and so on. Mobile phone emergency battery can deal with the power off problem.


The technical specification for mobile phone emergency battery:
Mobile phone emergency battery capacity: 4000mAh
Mobile phone emergency battery Battery type: lithium-polymer battery
Mobile phone emergency battery input voltage: DC 5V
Mobile phone emergency battery input current: 800mAh
Mobile phone emergency battery output voltage: DC 5.4 V
Mobile phone emergency battery output current: 500mAh
Mobile phone emergency battery Power source: laptop USB connector or compatible adaptor.
Full charging time to mobile battery 4000: ≈6h
Full charging time for cell phone battery 890 mAh to1350 mA:≈1.5h-2.5h
Charging times: 2--3times for cell phone battery 890mAh to 1350mAh
Discharging time: according to your mobile phones or digital products.
The life of Battery: 500 times charging.
Product size: 96*40*23mm
Product weight: 110g
Certificate Approvals:CE, RoHS

The compatibility plugs for mobile phones:
- 1 x Movpower charge station
- 1 x USB cable
- 6 x tips compatible with / to charge
- 1 x ipad/iphone
- 1 x Nokia Mini
- 1 x Mini USB
- 1 x Samsung G600
- 1 x Samsung D800
- 1 x Micro USB

The construction of Mobile phone emergency battery:
* 1 x Retractable USB cable
* 1 x Mobile battery 4000 charge station
* 10 x tips compatible with / to charge
* 1 x soft cloth bag

The advantages for Mobile phone emergency battery:
* Bright black (piano color)
* Stylish, Compact and Portable
* Hardened treatment anti-scratched surface.
* High energy-efficient flashlight.
* Two-color LED shows charging and discharging situation.
* Button processing, five LEDS show battery capacity.
* Charging or discharging overload protection.
* Standard USB connector for output, min USB for input.
* Having a retractable USB cable and different types terminal plugs

Maintenance advice for Mobile phone emergency battery:
* To protect electronic components and circuit boards inside, please keep away from rainwater, moisture, various liquids, and put the device in the dry place
* Without any permission, please do not disassemble the device.
* In case to break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics, please do not drop, knock or shake the device hardly.
* Lest shorten the life of electronic devices and make certain plastic aging, Please do not put the device in hot areas.