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Mobile Phone Battery - Mobile Battery 4500

There are various kinds of Mobile phones brands in the current market. But the Mobile phone battery still can't satisfy people's needs. When you are on holiday, do business overseas, go shopping, take photos, It's puzzling that your Mobile phone battery used up at that time. Look at the Mobile phone battery - Mobile Battery 4500, It developed a lot based on the previous item.  The Mobile phone battery nincludes 6 different digital connectors such as : Nokia Mini , iPhone, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung G600, Samsung D800. It suits for almost all Mobile phones or other digital products with USB cable in the Market.

Technical specification of the Mobile phone battery:
Mobile Battery 4500 Capacity: 4500mAh
Mobile Battery 4500 Battery type: lithium-polymer battery
Mobile Battery 4500 Input voltage: DC 5V
Mobile Battery 4500 Input current: 800 mAh
Mobile Battery 4500 Output voltage: DC 5.4V
Mobile Battery 4500 Output current: 750mAh

Product specification of the Mobile phone battery:
Weight: 198g
Mobile Battery 4500 Life circle: up to 500 times full charges
Mobile Battery 4500 size: 101*60*16mm
Mobile Battery 4500 Power source: laptop USB connector or compatible adaptor.
Full charging time to Mobile Battery 4500: ≈7h
Full charging time for Mobile phone battery 890 mAh to1350 mA:≈1.5h-2.5h
Charging times: 2--3times for Mobile phone battery 890mAh to 1350mAh
Certification of Mobile phone battery:CE, RoHS

Features of the Mobile phone battery:
* Compatible with Mobile phones, 6 different connectors realize charging most Mobile phone or other digital products.
* Gives you up to double the Mobile phone battery time
* Smart, automatic on/off charging technology protects the battery from overcharging
* USB retractable cable connects Smart Mobile phone Battery directly to computer's USB port for convenient charging

Maintenance of the Mobile phone battery:
1. The Mobile phone battery charging time normally do not be more than the necessary period In order to extend Mobile phone battery life.
2. The Mobile phone battery contacts or with non-oil components and metal contacts, pay attention to moisture.
3. Do not immerse the Mobile phone battery in water or throw in the fire.
4. Do not put Mobile phone battery in low or high side, such as Refrigerator and stove.
5. Dealing with the Mobile phone battery, please use the special facilities.
6. please use the phone approved battery type to change the Mobile phone battery.
7. Battery life is calculated according to charge and discharge cycles, and therefore, adequate electricity, run out of power, maximize the Mobile phone battery battery life.