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iPhone rechargeable battery

iPhone power station is a rechargeable battery pack for iPhone 4s, 4, iPod. This iPhone rechargeable battery is a latest innovation specially designed for numerous iPhone users in the current market. Although with 1800mAh built-in battery, the iPhone rechargeable battery is with ultra slim size. Wherever you are, it is always easy for you to carry the iPhone rechargeable battery with you.
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With powerful configuration, iPhone serves not only as a mobile phone now, but also as a music player, a video player, a game console, etc. What comes with the functional upgrading is great power consumption. You may be easily interrupted by power problem when phoning somebody, playing games or listening to music. At this moment, iPhone rechargeable battery is the best partner of your iPhone. You can charge your iPhone anytime anywhere when it is out of power.

Since iPhone enjoys high quality and compact design, this iPhone rechargeable battery with stylish appearance goes perfectly with your iPhone. Adopted IML (In-Mould Label) technology, iPhone rechargeable battery with anti-scratched surface presents you a brand-new look every day. Two classic colors, black and white, are for your option. Besides, you will never be bothered by messed cables for this iPhone rechargeable battery is charging your iPhone wirelessly.

Besides, it also enjoys the following features:

1. Special charging function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum
2. LED indicates charging and discharging situation
3. Charging and discharging overload protect


Technical Parameters of iPhone emergency battery


Battery type

Lithium Polymer

Battery capacity


Power source


Input voltage


Input current


Output voltage


Output current


Battery charging time

2~2.5 hours

Place of origin








Apart from personal use, iPhone rechargeable battery can be sent to friends, colleagues and parents as gifts. Now it is an era of iPhone; it is popular among all ages. So as a gift, iPhone rechargeable battery is suitable for both men and women, old and young. The iPhone rechargeable battery doesn't cost as much as other high-end gifts but really gives you an upscale feel.