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Plug-in Battery - iPhone Especially

iPhone plug-in battery is a portable plug-in external battery for iPhone 3G&3GS, as well as iPhone 4. Its built-in 1000 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery keeps your iPhone playing even when its internal battery runs out. It's a great solution for short trips, hikes, or anytime you don’t have any access to an AC plug.

For those who own an iPhone, you must agree that they must need an accessory to extend their iPhone power storage time. Since everyone knows that apple iPhone series can carry various kinds of applications or programs, obviously, these will cause iPhone running out of battery soon. This is also the reason why external battery for iPhone is so popular nowadays.

The operation of this iPhone plug-in battery is much easier compared to other iPhone external batteries. When your iPhones are out of battery, just plug into this portable power station without any complicated button operation, which is with 1000mAh inside battery, iPhone plug-in battery is convenient to charge anytime and anywhere.

What outstanding features will iPhone plug-in battery attract your eyes?

  • Stylish Design & Compact size & Truely protable.
  • It combines Power storage, power supply function together.
  • Selectable colors. You can choose black or white to match the color of your iPhone.
  • Easy to carrying. It weighs only 40g and fits great in any pocket.

Technical Specifications:
* iPhone plug-in battery Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
* iPhone plug-in battery Battery capacity: 1000mAh
* iPhone plug-in battery Selectable color: Black and white
* iPhone plug-in battery Input : DC5.0 V 500mAh
* iPhone plug-in battery Output: DC 5.0V 500Ah
* iPhone plug-in battery Dimension: 62*52*12mm
* iPhone plug-in battery Weight: 40g
* iPhone plug-in battery Cycle life>500 times