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iPhone accessories

SINO developped iPhone accessories help to troubleshoot the iPhone's battery capacity and match with your lovely iphone perfectly.
SINOELE is a professional manufacuturer for iPhone accessories and iPad accessories. With high quality and stylish design, Apple mobile series accessories are very popular in the world market. What’s more, we have established long business relationship with customers iPhone accessories distributors, and have a great reputation in the world E-Consuming market due to iPhone accessories.

The series of Apple mobile series accessories:
* Backup battery case-iPhone4
*External battery-iPhone3GS
* Portable battery-iPhone3
* Plug-in battery-iPhone especially
*External iPad battery

The advantages of iPhone accessories / iPad accessories:
1. Protecting your iphone/iPad.
2. Help to solve poor battery capacity in the outside.
3. Match iPhone/ iPad perfectly.
4. Portable, stylish, compact
5. Charging iPhone/iPad at anytime or in the outside, such as on business, travelling, go hiking, etc.