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iPhone 5 battery charger is the lithium battery charger mainly design for iPhone 5 as well as Mini iPad.It can be rechargeable for 500 times. iPhone 5 battery charger can be carry anywhere, and you can use it to charger for iPhone 5 anytime. There is no limited of time and space. iPhone 5 battery charger utilize the IML craftwork that is the same treatment of iPhone, so the whole product is very generous and noble. 


Sinoele as the iPhone 5 battery charger supplier, make the iPhone charger come into the marker in the first time and produce the emergency charger suitable for the users demand. iPhone 5 external battery charger will be your good partner and help you solve the cut power. The Mini size with huge advantages will make you love iPhone 5 battery charger.


Technical Parameters of iPhone 5 battery charger:
Battery type :Lithium polymer

Model no.: SINO i-2200
Weight: 60g
Battery capacity:2200mAh
Input voltage/Current: DC 5.0V/ 1 A
Output voltage/Current: DC 5.0V/1 A
Battery charging time 2.5~3hours
Standby time 360 hours
Dimensions 61.2*43*16mm
Compatibility iPhone 5, Mini iPad

The Features of iPhone 5 battery charger

Surface utilize IML process, get the same performance as iPhone itself
Super thin, small and portable, charge iPhone directly
Special charging function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum
LED indicates charging and discharging situation
Charging and discharging overload protect