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The all new iPhone 5 from Apple is a ‘dream come true’ for gadget geeks and Apple fans. It is the thinnest, lightest and most ultimate iPhone with ultra fast wireless technology, an 8MP iSight camera and a brilliant 4 inch retina screen which displays a larger than life picture of anything and everything that you wish to see on it. It even promises an extraordinary battery life without being too hungry for power.

Along with the handset, it is very vital to check out the accessories which can be linked in to the phone. offers some of the best and most handy iphone 5 accessories which you can flaunt and make optimum use of, without having to spend too much on it. Let’s discuss some of the best iPhone 5 accessories which SINOELE, a professional iPhone 5 accessories manufacturer, supplies and distributes all across the globe.

List of Top 4 iPhone 5 accessories

1. iPhone 5 docking station- To deal with the power consumption of i-phone 5, i-phone 5 2200mAh docking station has been launched by SINOELE which can recharge your iphone completely in one go. It is a unique cordless small battery station having built in lithium polymer batteries which are anytime safer and more stable than Li-ion batteries. The stylish design, light weight and compact size make this docking station extremely portable, handy and user-friendly. It makes for an ultimate accessory, both from durability as well as utility point of view, for your all new i-phone 5.

2. iPhone 5 emergency battery- For acquiring external power for your i-phone 5, the best available solution is the all new I phone 5 handy emergency charger. This smallest dimension battery with highest capacity has the capability to easily charge your i phone without cables. Now, with this emergency charger, you can enjoy playing games, listening to music, surfing the net and using the GPS on your i-phone 5, without any interruption or hindrance.

3. iPhone 5 cases- If you are a fashion freak and want a stylish case for your i phone 5, then, is the best place for you. The company makes i-phone cases as per the demand and specifications of its clients. You can choose from a variety of materials and funky designs and let your personality reflect and flaunt itself in style and poise. There are options to select the body of the case as well, like you can go in for a plastic, silicone, crystal or a metal case, as per your whims and fancies.

4. iPhone 5 power bank- To solve your power needs on the move and to keep your iphone all juiced up, you must definitely go in for iphone power bank 5200 from SINOELE. It includes six different connectors which make it compatible with a wide range of electronic gadgets like i phones, i-pads and other digital products of various companies. With a battery capacity of 5200 mAh, it provides enough power to keep your iphone in working condition for hours at a stretch. Moreover its compact size and stylish looks make it quite attractive and user-friendly.


If you go in for original accessories from Apple, it is definitely going to be heavy on your pocket. We suggest simply drop into, a leadingiPhone  accessories supplier from China, with excellent quality and durable product guarantee. Just freely contact us to get a close view of our products and services.