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Quality is the core of business, High quality of iPhone chargers

During the past several years, Sinoele has gradually become one of world famous chargers manufacturers, which specializing in unique mobile phone accessories, such as iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, iPod chargers and universal charging station. Sinoele attached great importance to the quality, no matter in producing or quality control. We strive to ensure the quality of products, esp the chargers for iPhone. iPhone chargers are our popular stream products consisting of iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 backup battery, and iPhone power station. Thus, we pay much more attention on the quality control of those iPhone chargers series. What`s more, Sinoele brings in the world advanced technical quality control system to make sure chargers quality. On one hand, Sinoele exert us to strengthen the quality control of chargers items. On the other hand, Sinoele is in the pursuit of most top iPhone Chargers manufacture facing to the world.


iPhone chargers QC System Chart


QC Procedure

1. IQC Detection
1. Plastic Parts production(qualified detection)→Proofing plastic parts and warehousing detection.
Detection range and standard: shell of iPhone chargers
1)No scratch
2)No oil paint
3)No silver
4)No overlap
5)No burr
6)No transformation
7)No sink mark
8)No steel lines on plastic parts
2. Plastic parts deburring(Arrange assembling)→coating film of plastic parts and warehousing inspection.
Detection range and standard: shell of iPhone chargers
1)No scratch
2)No oil paint
3)No spot
4)No particle
5)No transformation
6)No bubble
7)The surface brightness is exposed to specular degrees, No crossing waving reflective, even colors.
3. PCB board warehousing detection
Detection standard:
1) eyeballing
2) Function detection
3) Use testing jig
4. Electron component warehousing detection
Detection range:
1) eyeballing
2) Using detecting instrument to function detect

2. IPQC detection
1. Self-detection
2. Routing detection
3. Sequence turning detection

3. FQC detection
Function detection of assembling finished products and check surfaces.

4. OQC detection
1. Carton packaging
2. Quantity check.
3. Outer Carton packaging
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