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iPad External Batteries B5200

With the rapid development of Global economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, There are more and more portable electronic products, Such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS.
They all have to use batteries, but the battery for built-in battery are low because the battery capacity can not meet the device appears to the normal use of time.
When traveling or on business, it is the peak of working of these devices, so it appears that mobile is on the phone, the digital camera is taking pictures, PSP video game playing time is energetically.
And at this time the battery run out of power, make you feel very helpless and powerless. And you can not put each device is equipped with a spare battery. Not only have to spend a lot of money to buy a device for each battery. Also it brings the more burdens to travel. to solve this annoying problem.

Through continuous research and exploration, and finally developed a " iPad External Batteries ". It can solve many mobile devices, power supply problems in order to solve the power shortage and then make work and travel carefree. iPad External Batteries with high capacity, unit capacity of up to 5200mAh. It appears Attractive, compact, only cigarette size, easy to carry. Weight only 150 g, the standard USB output interface. Intelligent battery indicator, lithium-ion polymer batteries
5v devices are widely used, such as iPad , Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, iPhone, Dopod, Sony Ericesson and digital products like I-POD, PMP, PSP, NDS, PDA, cameras with USB connecter. A variety of connectors provide you more options.

Technical specifications for iPad External Batteries B5200
iPad External Batteries Capacity: 5200mAh
iPad External Batteries Battery type: lithium-polymer battery
iPad External Batteries Power source: laptop USB connector or compatible adaptor.
iPad External Batteries Input voltage: DC 5.1V
iPad External Batteries Input current: 1000mAH
iPad External Batteries Output voltage: DC 5.1V
iPad External Batteries Output current: 2000mAh
iPad External Batteries Dimension: 135.6*48.6*18.2mm
Certificate standard: CE, ROHS

accessories of iPad External Batteries B5200:
- 1 x B5200 charge station
- 1 x USB cable
- 6 x tips compatible with / to charge
- 1 x ipad/iphone
- 1 x Nokia Mini
- 1 x Mini USB
- 1 x Samsung G600
- 1 x Samsung D800
- 1 x Micro USB

iPad external battery is top-choice battery pack for iPad – first look at what the features and advantages:
1. diversification of function, more mini and thin models,
2. 1IML treatment, anti-scratched surface.
3. Startup and close up function design´╝îminimizing self -energy consuming
4. Two-color LED indicates power input and output.
5. Button operation, LED indicates battery capacity.
6. Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.
7. Charging and discharging overload protection.

Routine maintenance to keep well for ipad external battery
* The maintenance of ipad external battery the most important thing is to let the electron in the ipad external battery to keep move .
* Charge and discharge the battery at least once a month.
* Please keep the ipad external battery in dry place. Rainwater, moisture, various liquids may damage electronic components and circuit boards.
* Please do not store the ipad external battery in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and make certain plastics become old.
* Do not drop, knock or shake the ipad external battery. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.
* Please do not open the ipad external battery privately.