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For iPhone series power bank

   High-tech products have been integrated into all aspects of our lives , more and more extravagant jewelry , had been entitled to, or pursuit. A source revealed , has released a new generation of iPhone5S listed there for some time , iPad is also more and more people to buy.
   According to Apple's earnings announcement information iPhone sales in the first half of this year has more than 60 million ( 35.1 million in the first quarter , second quarter, 26 million ) . According to an Apple component suppliers noted that the current production of the new iphone nearing 300 million units. Huge data show that the current production for Apple, or too little , new market for Apple to take at least double the production capacity, barely able to achieve smooth delivery .So more and more for iPhone series power bank current in th market.

    iPhone5s fuselage using screen 4 -inch display, battery capacity 1440mAh, thinner body , more powerful , can support 4G network , reflecting the many advantages , iPhone5s more popular. New iPhone, iPad min birth will further increase the demand for mobile power , iPhone all the "advantage " is more and more mobile power reflects its indispensable helper.

   The birth of the new iPhone will be more to increase the demand for iPhone series power bank industry , but also intensify the mobile power industry competition. As a professional power bank manufacturer of Sino , the industry we are always ready to baptism , and adhere to the road of brand-building , self-confidence to reach the ultimate success of the other side.

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