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 A docking station, or a dock, as it is commonly referred to, enables you to plug into an electronic device with much ease and in a more simplified manner like a computer laptop to common peripherals. Every set of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops to wireless mice, have separate connectors, uses and power signals, hence the docking station for each varies from the other and is designed keeping in mind one particular model or make of one particular type. In simple words, a docking station connects your laptop with other computer peripherals like printers, scanners, external hard drives, monitors and so on.

Two of the most popular docking devices that the company manufactures are SINOELE iPhone docking station and Micro USB docking station.
Coming to the all new iPhone 5 docking station, the SINOELE i-Phone docking station is a smart classic docking station which can be plugged in and used for various i-phones available in the current market, including i-phone 4/5 and Samsung i-phone as well.  The device gives you the freedom to watch movies and internet videos with ease and comfort. Taking care of the extra battery consumption, the company has used Polymer lithium batteries in the docking station which consume less power and gives you extra added advantage of watching movies for a longer span of time. Every category of docking station comes in two varieties viz, with and without battery. You can opt for the one you prefer.
The Micro USB Docking station by SINOELE matches with various Micro USB Android phones, enabling easy operation, smooth plug-in and convenient handling of the device. It is extremely portable and comes with a battery life of 1800mAh capacity which is capable of fully charging up a Blackberry handset in one go. Surely, this product from SINOELE can solve a lot of your problems in connection to safe and convenient handling of your electronic gadgets.
The advantage of using the docking station is that you need not plug in every peripheral to your computer in order to gain access to it. To sum up, a docking station is a blessing in disguise for laptops which have very few USB ports as it provides more flexibility to function on them. The most advantageous thing about a docking station is that it can convert your laptop into a desktop in minutes, as you access all the data and functionality, thereby giving you all the comforts of working in a homely environment. Once you are done, you can simply unplug and walk off with your laptop. That’s what SINOELE, a China based company, offers to its clients. You can get hold of a whole lot of electronic peripherals, chargers and even docking stations for your most handy gadget, your cell phone, at their website. 

To acquire any of the above mentioned products, you can simply logon to the company’s website,