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Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth Helmet is a high-tech product, which realizes do many things while riding motorcycle, such as listening to music, talking on the phone, connecting GPS, etc, because Bluetooth helmet has the hardware inside, including ear piece, microphone, and communications device, which will allow you to start talking with your riding friends on your very next ride. So, if you ride with friends, you need to buy a Bluetooth helmet. It is very convenient to communicate with friends and family on your next long ride.

Type: Bluetooth Helmet/ full face Helmet
Material: ABS shell, PC visor, UV finish
Certificate standard: ECE
Packing detail: color paper box

1. Realize directly talk via Bluetooth, working as interphone in more than 100 meters.
2. Auto answer phone call.
3. Realize two-way wireless communication between three riders by Bluetooth system.
4. Enjoy Stereo music through A2DP
5. GPS can be connected.
6. Calling phone, rejecting phone, and hanging up phone are all available.
7. Freely switch among Phone call, Bluetooth Intercom, Music.
9. DSP Noisy supression technology and echo cancellation can ensure high quality sound even in high speed.
10. Waterproof, sunshine resistant, washable and comfortable.
11. Up to 7 hours talking time.
12. Up to 120 Km working speed.