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bluetooth car hands free handsfree car kit

SINOELE is one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers, with top quality design mentality and precise machining. Its R&D department recently developed a special Bluetooth car handsfree kit, it is called Bluetooth car handfree kit. The conception of Bluetooth car handsfree kit comes from drivers’ experience. With the improvement of our living level, more and more of us have his or her cars. Otherwise, most of them will meet the same situation, which is there are phone calls coming in when they are concentrated on driving. At that time, considering the safety, some of them may hesitate to answer the phone. So Bluetooth car handsfree kit is specially designed for drivers, it is recommended for drivers’ safety and comfort. As Bluetooth car handsfree kit adopts advanced Bluetooth technology, so it will change the traditional you communicate with your friends or families while driving. Meanwhile, high audio quality standard make you can hear clearly what the other side is talking, without any noise and echo. Bluetooth car handsfree kit’s practical function and attractive design, not only fit everywhere in the car easily, but also will give drivers a new experience of communication.

How does Bluetooth Car Handsfree kit?
Open the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone which needed to be matched, and search the signal of Bluetooth car handfree kit. Press MATCH and enter PIN Code: 0000 when the phone finds CS800, then Bluetooth car handfree kit will connect to your mobile phone automatically.
When the Bluetooth car handfree kit is matching with the phone, LED light will flicker quickly. And it turns to blue light and flash slowly once it is successfully matched. If it fails to connect, LED light will flash blue light steadily. The Bluetooth car handfree kit will be closed automatically in three minutes. You need to open your mobile phone and enter the matching model once more and operate above steps again.

What are Bluetooth Car Handsfree kit advantages?
* High audio quality stabdard
* Valuable design
* Advanced Bluetooth technology
* High compatibility
* PIN code pairing
* Voice disaling
* Universal battery charging
* Automatic pairing
* Pairing memory function
* Easy car installation
* Loading base

How many benefit does Bluetooth Car Handsfree kit bring to car owners :

Bluetooth car handsfree kit not only acts as a good assistant for drivers while talking on the phone, but also plays value in many other places.

Talking happily and safety while driving
Since nowadays the traffic is very crowded, and traffic condition is also changing rapidly, sometimes, it is even unpredictable, so with a Bluetooth car handsfree kit, drivers just get great security while there are phone calls coming.
On the other hand, using Bluetooth car handsfree kit is definitely good for drivers’ health. It can significantly reduce the radiation damage, and avoid irreversible damage from headphones to one’s ear.

Enjoy music freely in the outdoors playing through Bluetooth car handsfree kit.
When we are driving cars to have a picnic with friends during holidays, we just can make Bluetooth car handsfree kit to connect to your phones, we will be able to enjoy whatever your favorite music to relax ourselves.

Convenient way for teleconference
When your Customer want to open a teleconference, unfortunately the company's teleconference system is broken, at that time, you will be anxious what to do? Bluetooth car handsfree kit can help you fix this bad situation. Just connect to phones, a convenient teleconference system occurs.