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Extended smartphone charger


What is the function of the extended battery charger for your smart phone? There is no doubt that it can extend your talk time, browse time and stop running out of battery before the end of the day! This extended smart phone charger extends totally your battery life.

Anyway, power bank 10000 is a special battery charger in the power bank series of SINOELE. It has the highest capacity of 10000mAh. The design of dual USB charging port can charge for your smart phone and tablet PC at the same time. For extending your battery using time, this charger is your better choice. Another special feature of this extended smart phone charger is two different style designs. You can see them in the picture, and I believe that you can choose the one you like better.





As all power bank of SINOELE, this extended smart phone charger has 6 interchangeable tips what are suitable for most of the current mobile phones & tablet PC as well as other digital devices. The stylish appearance, the compact size, the super high capacity, the dual USB charging port, the easy operation and high compatibility, etc, all advantages are the reason that attract you to buy it.

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Power station for S3

Power station from its name you can know it is a kind of product supply the power to S3. Power station for S3 is the battery charger when you need to supply the power to S3, you can use this product. And due to the interface of S3 is the micro USB, so we also call power station for S3 is the micro power station charger. And this kind of product is convenient are popular during the users.


During the spring festival, many people need to by train to go home and they need take a long time then can arrival at home, and I have to say that I also belongs to this big team when I go home. And I have to share my experience to you, I am glad that I own the power station for S3 because my mobile phone have no power on the train, but I still have many important things need to deal with, and power station for S3 give me a hand let me can do whatever I want. I use the power station for S3 I still can make the calls and send the email, when I finish the job want to have a relax, I still can listen music and play the games.


If you also have the long journey, and also have the same confuse of the mobile phone power problem. S3 emergency charger of power station for S3 can be your choice. It not only suitable for S3, also can match with all the micro interface smart phones. So I give you my idea and you can buy this product on the website , and at this shop you can find what you need.


Posted by Lisa


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Extra backup power for mobile phones


I think that an extra backup power means an extra life for mobile phones. Moreover, among so many battery chargers, the extra backup power for mobile phones occupies a really great part of SINOELE in the current market.

No matter for the Android phones, Smart phones and other popular phones of the market, the design is only equipped one built-in battery. But faced to the more functions consume more powers, more and more mobile phone users want to find a new solution to extend the using time. Anyway, there is no doubt that the extra backup power for mobile phones are born at the right time. SINOELE as one of these members also has caught this great opportunity.





Such as the hottest iPhone power station 2200 & 1800, it is absolutely portable, external, and rechargeable with the compact size, stylish design and bright color. The reasonable capacity can supply enough power for one time full charging. It is super easy to charge your iPhone without cables. The other important power bank series have a stronger function to charge for 6 kinds of mobile phones. Because of it supply 6 connectors and super high capacity.

An extra power backup power for mobile phones of SINOELE supplies an extra life for your mobile phones so easy.

Posted by Aurora

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iPhone 5 external battery

It’s 5 p.m. in the afternoon, and your iPhone 5 show 15% power. I am sure most of you will looking for a charge. 15% power is obviously can’t help you to go through the rest day. Well, at this moment, you can get an iPhone 5 external battery for your beloved iPhone 5. There are several kinds of iPhone 5 external batteries in current market after iPhone 5 release. Among those innovations, we have pick up one iPhone 5 external battery which would be a nice solution for iPhone users.

This smart external battery was designed with Apple’s new 8 pin interface, which works for iPhone 5 as well as iPad mini. To offer users a more easy and convenience charging solution, it has a quite easy operation. There is one button on the left side. First you have to connect the battery with your iPhone 5’s charging port, then press the ON/OFF button about 2S, LED light will turn on from left to right and then turn to charging status. While fully charged, the battery will shut off automatically.

By charging your iPhone 5 without any cable or any extra connectors, this iPhone 5 external battery can be a nice solution to solve iPhone 5 limited power problems.

Posted by Nikita
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iPad Portable Battery


With the popularity using of iPhone, iPad enters into people's life. ThereforeiPad portable battery plays an important role. Sino Electron is one of the biggest suppliers for ipad portable battery as well as iPhone backup battery in china. We have been on the professional development of iPad portable battery for almost 4 years, who started in 1998. According to the iphone&iPad market demand, SINOELE has developed various series of iPad portable battery that suitable for students, businessmen, travellers and a lot of iPad portable battery distributors. Many iPad users needn't worry about their iPad no battery if choose SINOELE iPad portable battery brand with reliable credit and high quality of iPad portable battery.


Learning from some successful experience in the development of iPad portable battery accessories, SINOELE keeps on updating iPad portable battery types and developed several levels battery capacity for iPad portable battery, such as 5200mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh and so on, and their difference is not only the capacity, but also the size, design, and the packaging, to meet the needs of different people. For iPad portable battery, the most important thing is the quality and safety. No matter how our factory develops, SINOELE always stick to the responsibility for customers and do the better and better solutions to ensure the quality and diversity of iPad portable battery.



From now on, we have following available iPad portable battery kinds:

  • Power Bank 5200mAh
  • Power Bank 8000mAh
  • Power Bank 10000mAh--Dual USB output ports

With high quality products, good after-sale service, and competitive price, SINOELE iPad portable battery also support ODM service. As a famous iPad portable battery manufacturer, we will give customers good idea and design project. This is the reason why so many customers choose SINOELE iPad portable battery without hesitation.

China iPad portable battery manufacturer in Sinoele develops into a leading China iPad portable battery manufacturer in short time. It is believed that China iPad portable battery manufacturer in SINOELE will have a great brighter future.

Posted by Aurora

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Portable charger for iPhone 5


This is really a portable charger for iPhone 5 with compact size which takes top grade battery cells for security use. And you also can call it external or emergency battery charger for iPhone 5; it is a professional iPhone 5 power station charger.







Portable emergency power charger is designed for iPhone 5, but also can be used for iPad mini. Mini size is for easy taking. You can put it in your bag or pocket to anywhere and charge digital devices anytime. With the capacity of 2200mAh, it can realize at least 1 full charge for your iPhone 5. Well sized and sleek, it charges in your pocket with minimal fuss. There is no doubt that it is absolutely fantastic.



Following are specifications of portable charger for iPhone 5:



-capacity: 2200mAh

-type: Lithium polymer

-input: DC 5.0V/1A

-output: DC 5.0V/1A

-input port: Micro USB

-output port: iPhone 5 port

-dimensions: 61.2*43*16mm

-net weight: 60g


Security Protection:

-over-charging protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection


Package included:

-          1*2200mAh battery charger

-          1*USB cable

-          1*cleaning cloth



As a portable charger for iPhone with so many advantages, it is a perfect choice for travel, road trip, camping, caving and other outdoor sports.


By Aurora

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 Wireless charger for iPhone 5

Now we have offer you a perfect charging solutions for your iPhone 5, it is wireless charger for iPhone 5. Since iPhone 5 have changed the charging dock to 8 pin, also iPhone 5 is much longer and thinner now, thus most accessories for iPhone 4 will not compatible with iPhone 5 now. Surely you will need some nice wireless charger for iPhone 5 as well as iPad mini now.

Covering with shinning and glossy surface, this wireless charger can matching your iPhone or iPad mini perfectly. Meanwhile, it comes with a smart and pocket size, which will offer you more convenience.

This wireless charger for iPhone 5 can easily charger your iPhone 5 or iPad mini by simply connecting, after press the button for one time, it will start to charging your devices shortly. Without any cables, it would be much more convenient for you to have a portable charging on the move.

It is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which containing with 2200mAh power, it can fully charge your iPhone 5 for one time. With such kind of wireless charger, you can always have backup power at hand.

If you are iPhone 5 or iPad mini user, it would be much more practical to have a wireless charger for iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

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Dual USB power bank for iPhone


Power bank is a battery charger with powerful capability. Dual USB power battery charger is a new member with higher capacity in this series. Although it has 6 connectors, here we just introduce dual USB power bank for iPhone series.





Two important features of dual USB power bank for iPhone are dual USB charging port and the super high capacity. As you have seen in the picture, there are two models of Power bank 10000 with different appearance. All they have enough capacity of 10000mAh. Each of them can charge full for your iPhone 4 times at least. But with the dual USB charging port, we are glad to tell you that you can charge your iPhone and iPad or iPod at the same time. No matter the higher capacity or dual USB charging port, the dual USB power bank for iPhone is really an amazing innovation in the mobile phone power bank market. Its well-designed and functional solution realized to supply external power to your iPhone easier.


Dual USB power bank for iPhone and Cell Phone Power Bank of SINOELE charge your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 fast. If any question or interest, just email me!


By Aurora

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iphone docking station
Sinoele are developing iphone docking station as the first new product at the beginning of 2013. Hereby, I describe the iphone docking station briefly from the outline and function of iphone docking station.

The whole body consists of a speaker, iphone connector dock and time indicator, After iphone connected with the dock of iphone docking station, the speaker is next to the right side ofr iphone when iphone plug on the dock, and the height of speaker keep same with iphone. At the same time, the slope of iphone dock fitted at 65degree, so it is convenient for watching video. From every point of view, iphone docking station matches iphone perfectly. From the function of iphone docking station, the most important function is charging, then video and speaker, the last attach function is time indicator. As a charger it could meet with your requirement undoubtedly.
From the above information, you could image it is powerful, practical and compact. At the latest, iphone docking station will launch at the end of May, you could buy from our online shop and
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: March, 15th 2013

External Lithium-ion substitution battery
Polymer lithium battery is also named lithium polymer battery and short for LIP. External lithium-ion substitution battery is main product of SINOELE which is the professional manufacturer in the field of mobile phone battery chargers.

In recent years, lithium polymer battery becomes more and more popular in people’s daily life. It becomes a new star in the electronic world, especially for those digital devices. Why this lithium polymer battery is so popular? Following I will discuss this question with you in terms of our external lithium-ion substitution battery.

External lithium-ion substitution battery of SINOELE ranges from 1000mAh to 10000mAh which supply a very large using scope. There are too many advantages of polymer lithium battery like following for example:
1.Operating voltage of Single battery up to 3.6v-4.2v, which is much higher than nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries.
2.Higher capacity density , its capacity density is 1.5 ~ 2.5 times than the nickel hydrogen battery or a nickel cadmium battery , or even higher.
3.Low self-discharge, small capacity loss after a long time placement.
4.Long service life, its cycle life reaches more than 800 times.
5.No memory effect, there is no need to discharge the remaining power before your another charging.

All of SINOELE external lithium-ion substitution batteries adopt polymer lithium battery. If you want a mobile phone battery like our external lithium-ion substitution battery in the future, I really hope my above suggestions can help you when purchasing a best one for you.


Posted by Echo
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Date: Mar. 5th.2013


Super fast charging portable battery for iPhone
 In recent years more and more entertainment devices appear in people’s daily life and bring more enjoyment and happiness to people. So people pay more and more attention to the external power for their electronic devices, Now I have a good news for you because SINOELE will launch a new design to deal with power problem named super fast charging portable battery for iPhone. You can focus on its developing process.

Super fast charging portable battery for iPhone from SINOLEE adopts IML(in-mould-label) treatment on the surface which make it more brilliant and highlighted. The referred type is a dual USB battery charger that can charge two devices at the same time so that you can extremely decrease your charging time. In really short time reaches the most powerful effect. This super fast charging portable battery for iPhone uses the currently most popular lithium polymer battery that can reach the highest transfer ratio in all internal batteries. As far as I know its transfer ratio is about1.5-2.5 times than other batteries in the current market.

To be honest with you, this super fast charging portable battery for iPhone is really a star in our all products which has been the first place all the time since its launching. If you have even a little interesting in this product, you can click to vist our official website where you can find at least your target one.

Posted by Echo
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Date: Mar. 7th.2013

Back-up battery

Back-up battery plays an important role in your daily life. Whatever you are go out for travelling, or stay at home. As soon as you own digital device, you will urgently require a back-up battery to power these digital device at any time. So I believe you must need a similar back-up battery. Ultra capacity back-up battery helps your emergency condition in case you have no idea. Of course SINOELE back-up battery can do for you. It is Universal item for any digital gadget you have, such as mobile phone, camera, PSP, MP3, telephone, and so on. So we name SINOELE back-up battery as universal item.
Let’s show the ultra capacity back-up battery Power bank 10000.

Compact appearance and black square body reveal your different and special classic taste. SINOELE provide OEM/ service, if you have any other treatment, we can do as well.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Mar. 9th,2013