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Portable charger for iPad mini

Many Apple fans have got iPad mini now, its smart size and amazing performance was quite satisfying. However, iPad mini users still have high request for the battery. For some users, they would like to get one portable charger for iPad mini to extend the using time of iPad mini.

Most users will have some requirements for the using time of their devices, while they runs out of power, they may become useless, it is quite necessary for us to have a portable charger with us while we are away for business trip, camping or on vacations. If you are looking for some portable chargers specially for your iPad mini, then this portable charger for iPad mini is worth buying.

It has the latest Apple’s 8 pin interface, which works for your iPhone mini as well as iPhone 5. It can easily charge your iPad mini without any cables or extra connectors, the operation is quite easy. As long as you connect the charger with your iPad, press the ON/OFF button for 2S, this portable charger will start to charge your iPad at once. With such simple operation, you can have portable charging whenever you need.

If you are iPhone 5 or iPad mini user, then this portable charger for iPad mini is deserve buying!

Posted by Nikita
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Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S3 is an amazing Android phone, there are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories in current market. Cases, Bluetooth, backup batteries etc, those Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories offer users a more pleasant using times. We have picked up some top backup batteries for your reference.

For young guys or students, they may prefer a superior capacity backup battery. Well, this 10000mAH battery can obviously meet your requirements. It comes with dual USB output, which are 5V2A and 5V/1A, you can not only charge your S3 but also charge Samsung tablet as well.

For businessmen, maybe a pocket size would be better for daily use, this 1800mAh battery can fully charge your S3 for one time, which can offer emergency power for your devices while you are on the move.

Both of the batteries are using IML surface process, which looks very shiny and luxury. These lithium polymer batteries are rechargeable and safe. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories recently, then you may have to consider to get an extra battery, otherwise you have to remember to charge you S3 overnight and watch out your power now and then. So why not get a backup battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3?

Posted by Nikita
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USB phone charger
Maybe you always trouble at which kind of valentine's day gift you should choose for your lover. Of course, you would like give a surprise to her. The common use rose, chocolate, jewelry, today you should find out an uncommon item. So I give you're a good idea of gift - USB phone charger and car chargers. It is also a value for anniversary.

Wimar USB phone charger elegant and compact design display your fashion taste, and business style.
Super capacity: 10000mAh built-in battery, it can charge mobile phone 4-5times.
Safety battery: Wimar USB phone charger adopts the top brand and YOKU lithium polymer battery, it is with more high technology, more safe and longer working life compare with 18650 battery cell.
Smart power indicator: Wimar USB phone charger use smart control chip. Under nonworking station, under off working state, USB phone charger automatically turns into dormancy in case of power waste.
Perfect protection: USB phone charger with discharging and over charge and over load, short circuit and temperature protection. So Wimar USB phone charger ensure charging device safe completely.
Present USB phone charger as valentine's day gift is a reasonable choice.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Mar, 29th 2013

Samsung Galaxy Power Station

Samsung Galaxy power station is suitable for Blackberry; HTC; Samsung; Nokia and other digital device with a Micro USB connector , Our company has a total of two kinds of Samsung Galaxy power station,Micro USB Power Station 1800 and Micro USB Power Station 2200.

Micro USB power station 1800 is a new high capacity emergency charger .As the second generation of Micro USB power station 1800, Micro USB Power Station 2200 has kept all the good points that the first generation have ,but with much more capacity of 2200 mAh.


Samsung Galaxy power station has the best batteries ---Lithium polymer batteries,which has the characteristic of high energy ,small size and light weight.It is a kind of battery of chemical properties and has the best comprehensive properties .No battery leakage problems, because inside the battery does not contain liquid electrolyte, instead of this,the colloidal solids.


What’s more,Samsung Galaxy power station is very portable and mini appearance. It is suitable for travel enthusiasts, music lovers, businessman.Delicate design and shining gift box packing, whatever you buy Samsung Galaxy power station for your own use or presenting as a gift, Micro USB power station absolutely can give you or your friends a big surprise.

If you have any interesting of our wonderful battery,please contact me anytime.

Posted by Vincent

Portable charger manufacturer

There are more and more portable charger manufacturer in the market in China, and they are keeping to launch a series of portable charger for the customer. Sinoele as one of the portable charger manufacturer have many different products which according to the need of the customer to design the power station and power bank series to meet demand of the customer. Sinoele also iPhone accessories manufacturer and there are many products are design for iPhone and these power stations have become the necessary.



Portable charger manufacturer, Sinoele, is set up in 2008, and there are 5 years on the portable charger and power bank series area. There are have three mainly series products power bank series, power station series and universal charging station series. And they are the power supplier for the mobile phones, and they have different appearance. And they are all the hot selling products on the market now. And many of these products have exported to all over the world. They are liked by many countries. With the special design, beautiful appearance, newest skills. Portable charger manufacturer Sinoele’ product can be your necessary.

And if you want to know more detail information about portable charger manufacturer, you can visit or you can contact me . It will be my pleasure to introduce more to you and we also hope that we can be your partner if consumer electronic products, and we are welcome your visit.


Posted by Lisa

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Multiple dual USB battery chargers
Multiple dual USB battery chargers have their popularity and good reputation around the digital markets, especially the Sinoele multiple dual USB battery charger and USB Car Charger with 10000mAh, realizing charging iPad and Samsung Galaxy at same time or charging iPad and iPhone; With output 5V 1A and 5V 2A, Sinoele multiple dual USB battery chargers is compatible for all 5V tablets and Android phones, such as iPhone, blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Dopod, Motor, even for MP3, MP4, PSP…… However, there exit some misunderstandings about multiple dual USB battery chargers.

The quality of multiple dual USB battery chargers not only depend on the battery type, of course, the battery type is an important factor, but also upon on the design of dual USB battery charger circuit board.
  • Point two: The heavier dual USB battery chargers are, the capacity is more.
The weight of dual USB battery chargers also depend on the battery type. Different battery type has different weight when its capacity is same, such as 18650 cell and lithium polymer cell.
  • Point Three: 2A output charging speed is faster than 1A output.
2A output and 1A output represent the load ability, not standing for the charging speed. If your mobile phones charging speed maximum is 1A, then the charging speed is the same. When your mobile phones charging speed maximum reach to 2A, the 2A output charging speed is faster than 1A.
  • Point Four: 2A output will break the 1A output mobile phones.
Mobile phones charging current is protected by mobile phones inside charging and discharging program. It won`t have any effect about the 2A output and 1A output.
Sinoele multiple dual USB battery chargers are compatible for most Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung…. If you have any interesting, please feel free to contact me.
Post by Connie
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Portable power bank series

Nowadays there is a new kind of products are more and more popular during the consumers and we called them as portable power bank series, it is the external portable battery charger for the mobile phones and others devices. Maybe when you see the name and don’t know the function of the portable power bank for mobile phones. Here I glad to make a simple introduction to you. Portable Iphone power bank series is the moving power supply the energy to the devices. And when you want to charge for the devices, it has no limited of time and space.


Portable power bank series have different size and they are also suitable for different smart phones. Portable iPhone power bank still is its another name. Certainly it also can match with Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG and else. So if you have some different mobile phones, portable power bank series are your best choices. And it is not only have the portable function, but also it is convenient to use. You just put it in your bags when you use it just take out.

Portable power bank has becoming a hot selling products come into the market, maybe when you go somewhere you can find someone is using this kind products. And here I want to share one brand product with you and I think it can meet your demand. Sinoele as one mobile phone accessories manufacturer and their product is very popular and the products also very beautiful. And I can believe that Sinoele power bank series can give you a surprise.


Posted by Lisa

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iPhone 5 rechargeable emergency battery
Spring HK fair is approaching. Sinoele, a professional iPhone/iPad accessories manufacturer, will attend HKTDC fair to display all distinctive and attractive iPhone/iPad accessories.
HKTDC fair in Wanchai, Booth NO: 1A-A15
Welcome to visit our Sinoele booth and have a future communication.
Hope to see you there!
Below are the series of Sinoele iPhone/iPad accessories
  • iPhone 5 accessories series: iPhone 5 emergency battery, iPhone 5 docking station
  • iPhone 4, 4s and Android phones backup batteries
  • Samsung accessories series: Samsung emergency batteries, Samsung Galaxy docking station.
  • iPhone/iPad power bank series: different capacity.

BTW, please allow me to quick introduce our iPhone 5 rechargeable emergency battery in HK fair.
iPhone 5 emergency battery, perfect match iPhone 5 with 2200mAh.

The advantages of rechargeable battery for iPhone 5
Surface IML treatment, same process as iPhone 5
Super thin, small and portable, perfectly match iPhone 5
Special button design, automatically turn off when without connecting
LED indicates charging and discharging situation
Charging and discharging overload protect



Technical Parameters of rechargeable battery for iPhone 5
Battery type
Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
Input voltage/Current
DC 5.0V/ 1 A
Output voltage/Current
DC 5.0V/1 A
Battery charging time
iPhone 5/iPad Mini
Standby time
360 hours

 Post by Connie
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Wireless iPhone power station

Witeless iPhone power station belongs to one of the external battery emergency charger for iPhone. This kind of battery charger when you want to use them to charge for the mobile phone, you just plug in the battery charger connector to the mobile phone, and wireless iPhone power station can work to supply the power to iPhone. The operation is very easy and the compact size is also convenient you to carry it in your daily life. If you want your iPhone mobile phone have the enough power all the time. You should pick one iPhone power station  iphone docking solutions for yourself.



Wireless iPhone power station use the best battery lithium battery, and this battery charger can storage the power and you can use this wireless iPhone power station by circulate. And when you make the product full charge you can carry the wireless iPhone power station anywhere and use it to charge the iPhone anytime.



WirelessiPhone power stationhave many advantages: surface utilize IML process, get the same performance as iPhone itself. Super thin, small and portable, charge iPhone directly, and LED indicates charging and discharging situation. You can visit the website and you can find more products you are interested in.

 Posted by Lisa

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Rechargeable backup battery chargers for mobile phones
Nowadays rechargeable backup battery chargers for mobile phones are popular among teenagers and adults, businessmen and travelers due to their anytime and anywhere charging, their compact and easy-carried, and their use-friendly and fondle admiringly. However, most people have some misunderstandings on rechargeable backup battery chargers. Here comes the welfare about popularizing the common sense of rechargeable mobile phones battery chargers.

1.     Easy explosion of 18650 batteries.
It is too much to say easy explosion of 18650 batteries. It is minimum ratio to explode. Whether 18650 batteries are safe depends on professional design of circuit board.
2.     False mark of mobile phones battery chargers capacity
Most mobile phones battery chargers capacity refers to inside battery capacity, not meaning the output power, due to mobile phones charging conversion and other factors. High quality rechargeable mobile phones battery charger charging ratios come around 70%-90%. If ratio is below this range, it happens perhaps due to bad circuit board or bad battery cell, not all of false mark. False mark refers to the different capacity mark on packaging from the real capacity of rechargeable backup battery charger of mobile phones.
3.     90% conversion ratio output 90% power.
Please note that 90& conversion ratio means the ratio of main circuit board, not standing by the output power. The true output power has something related to the charging adaptor. Most people get confused about the conversion ratio. End users should pay more attention on the real output power. That`s worth to notice.

Of course, above is only several methods to distinguish the misunderstanding of rechargeable backup battery charger of mobile phones. Hope it still helpful and useful when you pick up rechargeable mobile phones battery chargers.

Post by Connie

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Backup battery pack for iPhone


There are different kinds of Chinese manufacturers in the field of backup battery for iPhone in the current market. SINOELE is one of the leading manufacturers above which is a professional, famous and experienced supplier, providing various iPhone backup batteriesand iPhone external batteryto meet the needs of different people.


SINOELE as one high classic Chinese supplier of backup battery pack for iPhone has paid a lot of hardworking on searching and developing more and more better iPhone backup batteries. Our aim is to be a top supplier in the market of backup battery pack for iPhone by means of rigorous care and strict test during every process in the production.





For each consumers, iPhone backup battery has become more and more popular. The problem everyone faced is to find a reliable and famous iPhone backup battery brand. SINOELE is always in pursuit of finding perfect iPhone backup battery charging solutions for iPhone accessories. With the high-speed development of the iPhone backup battery market, we keeps on updating and developing new iPhone backup battery items every month to meet demands of people's daily life, which has a history of developing iPhone backup battery about several years. Addition to that, SINOELE pays much attention to the quality of iPhone backup battery, and every link of production is strictly controlled. China iPhone backup battery manufacturer--SINOELE also has professional inspection instruments to testing the quality of China iPhone backup battery to ensure the high quality. After our iPhone backup battery has passed quality testing, SINOELE as one China iPhone backup battery manufacturer will ship out China iPhone backup battery market.

Posted by Aurora

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Wholesale of mobile phones battery charger
Free shipping! Wholesale of mobile phones battery chargers! Nowadays mobile phones battery chargers are popular and it seems a very good business. However, it spends much time and efforts to find a very good wholesaler of mobile phones battery charger. Therefore, here lists some of ways to find a better wholesale of mobile phones battery chargers.
There are varieties of mobile phones battery chargers in nowadays market. Mainly battery chargers have been categorized into below series:
Portable power bank series
universal chargers
USB car chargers
portable backup battery
emergency plug-in batteries

Wholesale of mobile phones battery charger solutions:
It is well known that it is a good solution to attend some fairs to get some information about suppliers of mobile phones battery chargers. However, it takes too much cost and time while internet is another good solution.
Alibaba, most manufacturers prefer to join Alibaba. We recommend you
Globalsources: Globalsources is another good way to find good mobile phones battery chargers.
l Or you can visit a famous website to get more information: Sinoele official websites.

Or you can freely contact us: