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10000mAh powerful mobile phone battery charger
10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger deserves your good praise and your great attention, especially the mobile phones battery charger 10000mAH made by Sinoele, a professional mobile phones accessories mobile phones battery charger manufacturer, with more than 5 years rich experience. Sinoele 10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger aims at offering emergency power anytime anywhere.

With two USB outputs, 10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger successfully deliveries power to mobile phones and tablets. Generally speaking, such high capacity mobile phones battery charger requires good battery cell inside and high technology circuit board. Of course, Sinoele 10000mAh powerful mobile phones battery charger has reached those two points. With unexploded lithium polymer battery inside, Sinoele 10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger realize 5V1A and 5V 2A output, which means that it can charge iPhone and iPad at same time. What`s more, it adopts same process as iPhone on surface, called IML treatment, which make surface brighter and smoother. Combining power storage and power supply function, 10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger is workable for most Android phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PSP, PDA…….

What`s more, it can be also regarded as a good present to those who are always on business trip or travelling. 10000mAh powerful mobile phones battery charger provides power at anytime anywhere. It never let your mobile phones power off. That`s why Sinoele 10000mAH powerful mobile phones battery charger exits. Frankly speaking, you may be worrying about the price of it as 10000mAh powerful battery charger is so helpful and useful. Catch opportunity, Sinoele offer a big discount from May to August!

Product Capacity
Battery mode
lithium-polymer battery
5V 2A
 5V2A, 5V1A
Product dimension
Battery charging time
7.5~9 hours
Color paper case, Gift box, Hanging box
6 tips: iPhone, Nokia, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung D800, Samsung G600. And One 5V 2A adaptor , one
USB cable

 Post by Miss Connie
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Multiple mobile phone charger

Multiple mobile phone charger
can be used to charge several type of your electronic devices. With four USB socket on the top and two USB output on the side, this multiple mobile phone chargers can charge 6 devices at the same time.

In some cases, this multiple mobile phone charger was widely used in public places, such as hotel, supermarket or offices. Or it is also necessary for people who have more than one devices. This charger station has come with 6 different connectors, as long as the connector is compatible with your devices, you can use the connector to charge up your devices. It you do not find suitable connectors, you can always charge your devices by the USB port on the side via the original cables.

Designed with piano black color, this multiple mobile phone charger adopts IML surface process, which gets more shinny and glossy appearance. No mattery you are charging what kinds of devices, it can always match them well.

The multi charging function will offer you a much more convenience charging solutions. You don’t have to looking for the cables and adapters while your devices are running out of power. This multiple mobile phone wireless chargers will help you to power up your devices.

Posted by Nikita
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Android phones battery power saving tips
It is annoyed that Android phones battery power have consumed in a fast way while we require battery power in an urgent situation. Nowadays due to most Android phones big screen and lots of applications, Android phones battery power use up in an unexpected way. Therefore, we have to know about some Android phones battery power saving tips.

Android phones battery power saving tips ONE:
Someone holds that some applications installed in the mobile phones are useless and have occupied a lot internal memory and also the battery power. They prefer to unload them to save Android phones battery power. That`s a wise action. However, others believe that keeping those applications will be helpful to kill times, such as games applications. When waiting for the delayed train or airplane or when bored on a travelling road, playing games or watching movies are a better choice for killing time. Then under this situation, Android phones battery power certainly use up in a quicker speed. Of course, there are other tips to save android phones battery power.

Android phones battery power saving tips TWO:

Preparing an external battery chargers have seemed a popular and sensible way to save Android phones battery power. Nowadays external power bank are popular over the world, especially Sinoele mobile phones power bank. Sinoele mobile phones power bank extend Android phones battery power at least 3-6 hours depending on the power bank capacity. In a certain way, Sinoele mobile phones power bank play a great role in saving Android phones battery power.

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Li-polymer mobile phone battery
We have showed off all our latest products including Li-polymer mobile phone battery made for iPhone 5, after you visit our booth on Hong Kong fair, you must have an outline impression for Sinoele Li-polymer mobile phone battery. For showed Sinoele lithium polymer battery manufacturer product treatment and quality, we always endeavor to do better.
We heard everyone nearly like li-polymer mobile phone battery life as soon as you have digital devices. Well done! Let us introduce you our new partners, we will sell all our products at discounted price during promotional activity and at our li-polymer mobile phone battery retail shop.
l iPhone accessories series- iPhone 5 emergency charger(new)
l Micro USB power station
l Universal docking station

 lI-ion mobile phone battery
The most important feature of models, that is smaller size combines
larger capacity. For example Power bank 7000, the size is same as Power Bank 5200, but the capacity enlarged by 1800mAh.
From Sinoele established, we got build up five years experience of li-polymer mobile phone battery manufacture. The product line prolong to 30 model before 10 models, and engineer and developer enlarged by double. Even if the present li-polymer mobile phone battery market is not optimistic, SINOELE face more and more challenge.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: April, 27 2013

Portable power battery pack

Portable power battery pack
is an external battery for your cell phones while you are on the go even when you can’t get to a wall outlet. Portable, slim and lightweight, this portable power battery pack is the perfect way to ensure your electronic devices won’t run out of power when you’re on business trip.

With 7000mAh of power, it has the capacity to fully charge your iPhone or smartphone more than 3 times. 6 kinds of connectors and 1 USB cable are included for both charging your devices and recharging the battery pack. Five LED lights indicator lets you know how much power is available. Two USB output allows you to charge two devices at the same time. While the battery pack is running out of capacity, you can easily use the micro USB connector and USB cable to charge it via your computer.

Theportable power battery pack holds a charge for a long time so you’ll have power when you need it. It has the high-efficiency power transfer, so you can have a loner using time of your devices. It is a necessary part for your daily life.

Posted by Nikita
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iphone 5 power bank
Steve Jobs opened the doors to a new technological heaven where people can move their fingers across a big screen of a cell phone. Their fingers are dancing on the smooth surface of the screen and the large screen allows them to dance freely. There are iphone, iphone4, iphone 4s and iphone5. So does power bank. We have iphone, iphone4, iphone 4s, and iphone 5power bank. The power bank industry is following phone industry very closely.
There are many kinds of iphone 5 power banks in the market, ranging from different Shapes, different sizes, different colors, different capacity and different materials. Sino iphone 5 power bank has a small size for people to carry on conveniently. Sino iphone 5 power bank is the most compact one we developed for iPhone users for emergency use, just in case that your iPhone is power off suddenly when you are staying outside and inconvenient to charge.

Technical parameters of iPhone 5 power bank:
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 500mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Battery charging time: 3.5~4h

Such small and light iphone5 power bank is portable. It is really useful when you phone power are off but you cannot even charge the phone. Iphone 5 power bank is your good choice for iphone battery, enabling you to play your iphone 5 whenever you like without worrying about the battery.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Apr, 27 2013

Portable juice for traveler


When we look around the whole aircraft cabin or coach, I guess that more than 50% passengers are travelers. It seems like that there are more and more people like to have a trip in the holiday. Then, that is the reason why SINOELE produce the portable juice pack for traveler.


What will you do if you meet difficulties? Anyway solve them right now maybe a good answer. But if we really don’t have an exactly solution with any help, what can we do? For me, I like to change circumstances to get a new view, a new thought. In general, someone used to travel, no matter for the solution or reward. At this time, my suggestion is taking a portable battery juice in your bag.



For the short or long trip, SINOELE supply some models with different capacity from 1000mAh to 10000mAh. You can choose a good one to meet your requirements. With this juice pack or portable power pack, never need to worry about those emergency situations. Just plug into your electronic device with much ease.


Someday in somewhere, portable juice pack for traveler or businessmen o travelling can give you more surprise in your trip. I believe that it also can be a necessary part in your every travelling.


Posted by Aurora
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Emergency juice pack for phones


Micro USB power station 1800 & power station 2200 are emergency juice pack for smart phones, and all power bank series of SINOELE are emergency juice pack for phones. In simple words, no matter for smart phones or other mobile phones of current market are sales target of SINOELE.



SINOELE as one of the most famous iPhone accessories manufactures in China has its own research and development working team. It also has the strong sales and after-sales department. Let’s just focus on the products. With the stylish design and compact size, the IML appearance, I’m sure that all they can be pretty and really lovely in your eyes. Just like the power station with Micro USB port, this design is compatible for all smart phones and also matches the HTC perfectly. Why we called it emergency juice pack for phones? I guess it’s just because of the capacity. All these battery packs have different capacities, and you can charge for your phones at anytime and anywhere. It can solve your poor power troubles in any emergency situations.



For travelling, camping, business trip, an emergency juice pack for phones will be your best partner exactly. Just as a user of this Micro USB wireless juice pack, I must say I love it.


Posted by Aurora Yang
Skype: sino-ele-05

Popular power charging station


SINOELE as a professional iPhone accessories manufacture has produced so many mobile phone battery chargers for the current power battery charger market. Now we are trying to recommend a new popular power charging station for all iPhone users.



In fact, it is a mobile power station with a strong pertinence and matching. With the superior charging performance, the most advanced IML craft surface process; it can match your iPhone perfectly. Until now, we have launched this popular power charging station with two different capacity, power station 1800 and power station 2200. It is the smallest battery charger of SINOELE. But don’t belittle its size, because of our slogan is that smallest dimension with highest capacity. Moreover, it is also a wireless power charging station which is easy to charge your iPhone or iPad without cables. With the enough capacity of 1800mAh or 2200mAh, it will extend the working time of your iPhone for a longer time.



This popular power charging station provides two piano colors for your selection, classic black and classic white. And the CE, FCC, RoHS certificates are our quality assurance. We have a strong brand influence and the powerful market capacity; we have our own SINOELE fans. To sum up, the popular power charging station of SINOELE just meet market demand, customers’ require.

Posted by Aurora



Super charger with super high capacity


Now what’s the most mobile phone power charger of SINOELE? There is no doubt I will tell it’s the super charger with super high capacity --- power bank 10000.


Look at those digital devices on your bag: two or more mobile phones, iPad or other tablet PC, PSP, MP4 and so on. How’s your felling? In simple words, all we really have so many digital devices, no? A question, how can you juice all them? Don’t tell me that you will take all basic chargers in your heavy bag. Because of it can’t support one KG any more. Just listening to my suggestion: taking this super charger with super high capacity, power bank battery charger 10000 can solve all power troubles easily.



With the super high capacity of 10000mAh and the design of dual USB charging port, I believe that it can meet all demands for your iPad, mobile phone or MP4, PSP. You just need one power bank battery charger to supply enough power for all your digital devices. Anyway, one more advantage is the compact size and stylish design. Although it has super high capacity, you also can put it in your pocket. Never need to worry about the cable troubles.


Super charger with super high capacity, a super hot selling power bank battery charger of SINOELE can be your necessary partner for your dairy life.

Posted by Aurora


OEM & ODM Battery Charger

 Recent years have seen the dramatic emergence of battery charger industry. With the huge demand of battery charger in the market, tremendous companies have started their battery charger business in the recent years. Thus, the market is overwhelmed by the battery chargers with various brands and features. Though exports are increasing, the competition is so fierce that every company is eager to find a way to stand out in the battery charger industry. To attract more oversea buyers, more and more battery charger manufacturers begin to offer OEM and ODM battery charger service.
An original equipment manufacturer of battery charger (OEM battery charger) and Wireless Chargers, mean that manufacturer’ battery charger that are purchased by another company and retailed under that purchasing company's brand. An original design manufacturer of battery charger (ODM battery charger) is a company which designs and manufactures battery charger, which is specified and eventually brand by another firm for sale. Such companies allow the brand firm to produce (either as a supplement or solely) without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory.
Sino Electron Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacture of battery charger. To win more oversea buyers, it opens a door for OEM and ODM battery chargers. With the outstanding features of our products and the buyer’s brands, our battery chargers are always attractive. Take our A10 for example. The features and parameters are in the following chart.

The reason why we provide OEM and ODM battery charger is that some oversea buyers prefer their own brand name and design. They would be likely to establish long-term business relationship with those companies which are able to offer OEM and ODM battery chargers. It is much easier to sell those OEM and ODM battery chargers for buyers in their local areas. Therefore, OEM and ODM battery chargers will bring about profits to both the suppliers and buyers. In the industry of battery charger, I think OEM and ODM will still be very popular among the potential buyers.
Posted by Maggie
Date: April, 18. 2013

multifunctional all in one charger

Do you still feel confused that your electronic products can't charging at the same time?Don’t worry about it any more,just pay attention to our new friend,his name,UNIMAX, universal charging station,you will never forget it since you saw it at first glance,yes ,He has a very attractive appearance,Next, let us comprehensive understanding of him.

Unimax is suitable for various kinds of electronic devices, including iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS Lite, PSP, MP3 player, digital camera ,it can charge 6 devices at the same time and have 10 interchangeable connectors.featured interchangeable connector system will help you select any connectors as your preference. It has 4 charging plugs and an additional 2 USB charging ports, allowing users to charge their digital devices without the mess of tangled cords.


If you are a careful wife,you can put an Unimax in you drawing room,it won't occupy many places and your family can always charge phones or other electronic products together.If you are a passionate colleagues,you can also put it in the corner of the office and provide convenience for your partners.If you want to give a surprise to a friend ,universal charging station will always be a very good choice as a gift.

If you have any interesting of our new friend,please contact me anytime.

Posted by Vincent