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Small smart phone charger



The most important feature of power station 1800 is the really compact size. Anyway, this small smart phone charger has attracted so much sight by all smart phone charger users.
Until now, Power station 1800 is the smallest smart phone charger of SINOELE which is a professional mobile phone charger supplier. It has got CE, FCC, RoHS certificates. In a simple word, it owns a strong powerful assurance.

And just look at the picture, you can see a small phone battery charger with so lovely, novel design & generous appearance. It is a well-designed and functional solution for supplying external power to any phones or digital devices which are charged through Micro USB port. It adopts the most advanced IML craft surface process. 



Technical parameters:
Battery type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 500mA
Output voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 750mA
Input interface: Micro USB
Output port: Micro USB
Color: Black & White
Weight: 48g
Dimensions: 61*37*15.5mm



Although SINOELE has been successfully in the production of mobile phone accessories, we are still engaged in researching and developing more mobile phone accessories. This small smart phone battery charger power station 1800 also keeps in updating. Please look forward to our new generation.

Portable power bank charging principle
With the popularization of the intelligent electric product, more and more user own the portable power bank. What is the portable power bank charging principle? I do believe that most of our user would like to know, so let me show you.
There are two kinds of electric core for portable power bank, one is lithium polymer battery, the other one is lithium-ion battery. So firstly we always charge for the battery, in order to protect the system, we should to have one charger management system. When we charging for portable device, the battery discharged, the voltage of the portable device usually is 5V, so the portable power bank has a step-up 5V system. The technical parameters will show on the portable power bank please see the picture as below,


The portable power bank charging principle is, 5V charger → charger management → electric core → step up system→5V USB output → intelligent electric product.
So if we have one 5V output charger charge for the portable power bank, such as computer’s USB, ordinary mobile phone charge adaptor, which also can charge for the portable power bank. When the electric core full of power, it will set-up 5V to discharge for intelligent electric product, I should let everybody know the voltage of the electric core is 3.7V, without the set-up system, it can’t satisfied for the intelligent electric product.

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Portable wireless battery


Portable wireless battery is just like a superior product in the current moving power battery charger market. There is no doubt it has an obvious advantage for attracting a lot of users to accept it.

Except to the power bank series, all power stations of SINOELE are the typical portable wireless batteries. As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone accessories in China, SINOELE has developed many kinds of mobile phone battery chargers. But it’s always engaged in the production of portable wireless battery, like power station 1800 and power station 2200 for iPhone/Smart phones. Among all portable wireless batteries, the biggest difference is the charging port. The charging port for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are different, neither of those for Smart phones. They use Micro USB charging port. Until now, we know so many mobile phone brands realize the power charging with it, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Blackberry and so on.




How can we use the portable wireless battery to catch the eyes of customers? We always focus on the quality and price of the products. Numerous of certificates are strong persuasiveness of our quality. Moreover, we assume with the same quality, we quote the lowest price.

Take this portable wireless battery; the wonderful life should be with you.


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Multiple charging stations for mobile phones
Multiple charging stations for mobile phones are a best solution to the mobile phones battery low problems. Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones are compatible for most Android phones, such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, MP3, MP4… and so on. It features 6 devices in 1 charging station for mobile phones and fast charge technology. Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones realizes 6 digital devices charging at same time.
Anyway, most people always have several questions on Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones. We will offer you those FQA of the Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones.

What is Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones?
  • It is a mobile phones universal charger
  • It is an amusing platform where you can put your advertisements
  • It is an object of decoration
Why do I need Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones?
  • Business: Whenever your business partners and clients visit your company, you can let their mobile phones charging simultaneously on this multiple charging stations for mobile phones.
  • Friends: It is very suitable for family members when most of members have one mobile phone. It solves the problem of tangled cables.
How can Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones benefit me if I`m going to be Sinoele distributor?
  • It is a common phenomenon to hear that “damn it! My cell phones run out battery”. Image that if they are informed that the stores around them such as coffee, restaurant, hotel, bar, airport are equipped with multiple charging stations for mobile phones and provide the battery power for free, how large the market will be!
If you have any interesting to be Sinoele multiple charging stations for mobile phones distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Samsung wireless charger

Did you find the population of Samsung user around you have increased? Samsung is so popular so as its accessories such as Samsung wireless charger. Samsung wireless charger is a good help for your Samsung mobiles while your phone is dry up.

Smartphones have become a trend nowadays, this Samsung wireless charger is specially designed for smartphones such as Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc. It has the most popular interface which is micro USB, thus this charger can easily compatible with most smartphones.

This mini size battery charger was equipped with 2200mAh battery capacity. It can almost fully charge your phone for one time once your phone runs out of battery. Moreover, this Samsung wireless charger have offer you a more easy charging solution by simply connect it with your mobile phone’s charging port. This simple operation will offer your much more convenience.

No matter where you are, once your Samsung mobile runs out of power, you can simply take out this Samsung wireless charger to charge your Samsung. Its storage battery will always offer you backup power as long as you need it.

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How to choose the portable power bank for mobile phone

The portable power bank for mobile phone have different kind of brand,different kind of specification in the market now, how to choose the suitable one is become complicated, so i will tell everybody some tips now.
1, Appearance
I do believe that the appearance is one of the important elements.The classic appearance could increase your taste of the digital products, same as the apple productions.
2, Parameters
Different portable power bank have different parameters, they include below:
1) The capacity of electric core, the capacity is usually in proportion to its volume, the bigger the volume is the bigger its capacity is.
2) Input voltage and current, the general voltage is 5V, which can use same cell phone adapter. The bigger input current the better in theory, the charge time will be sooner, but we should pay attention on the heat problem.
3) Output voltage and current, the output voltage must be 5V, the out current is the bigger the better in theory, it can charge the cell phone fast, but we should you care about the heat problem and the feature of our cell phone too.
4) Protect parameters, it should be had the protect measures, such as the over voltage, over current, less voltage.
Those parameters decide the speed, the time, and safety of charge, so we usually pay attention on them.
3, function
Test function parts must be the most important parts our user care about, excellent function and hommization design is our demand. It is usually include below function,
1) The electric core power indicator, which can indicate how much the capacity is, when we should to charge it;
2) Multifunction, it is better to can charge both iPone, iPad, which will be easy for collection.
3) Intelligent charging mode (Plug-and-Play), when we connect it between adapter and cell phone, it can intelligent adjustment to avoid to the phone is full of power, but portable power bank out of power.

In summary, i would like to suggest you to choose the Sino-B5200, this portable power bank can satisfy all the requirement, detail as below:


Technical Parameters:
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 800mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 1000mA
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 100*45*18mm
Working temperature: 0-50▫C

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Micro USB battery pack

No matter what type of smartphone you have, this micro USB battery pack can serve you as long as your smartphone runs out of battery. Obviously smartphones can help us do lots of things while you are on traveling, however if you use too much of your phone, it will power off shortly. For many users, the battery life is not satisfying. A micro USB battery pack can help to extend your battery life.

Especially designed for most Android phones, this micro USB battery pack can definitely match your smartphone. Its mini and portable size has contain 1800mAh power, which can almost offer your one time fully charge while you are on the move. Meanwhile, it provide you a much more easier charging way, you can simply connect the battery with your Android phone, then press the ON/OFF button for one second to start a charging immediately. As long your your phone’s charging port is micro USB, this battery will works.

If you always find yourself running out of battery life before the end of the day, then you can use a micro USB battery pack to strap on some extra power while you are away from electricity.

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iPhone 5 lithium battery charger

iPhone 5 lithium battery charger is mainly design for iPhone 5. iPhone 5 lithium battery charger with 2200mAh and also it can be a emergency battery charger. iPhone 5 lithium battery charger is a kind of plug in charger with iPhone 5 pins output and Micro USB input, a small size is very easy to carry, you can put it in your bag or your pocket. Or you can just plug in with iPhone 5, and lithium battery charger does not influence the mobile phone function.



iPhone 5 lithium battery charge owns the surface like iPhone mobile phone. The smooth appearance is very beautiful. Some people choose it as the present send to the friends. And I think it is very good, because it is very useful and beautiful can be a nice gift. It also can be one fashion products. When you use iPhone 5 lithium battery charger, you can do what you want. You can listen the music, see the movie and play the games.



iPhone 5 lithium battery charger is the good partner with your mobile phone, and it also can charge for Mini iPad. The best thing should share with the friends, and if you have the friends need this product and you can introduce this product to your friend. And you can find this item at . There are also have many others kind of lithium battery charger, welcome you come to visit. And you also can contact me at .  The amazing world is waiting for you.


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How to select Samsung Galaxy backup battery
It just comes up to me about How to select Samsung Galaxy backup battery. We both think that it will be useful for those who prefer Samsung Galaxy phones.
It seems that battery shortage problems have been springing up all the time since most Android phones apply many programs and applications, such as movie players, variety of games, GPRS, vedio talking and so on…. All of those consume battery power in a faster way than ever before. Therefore, it is very important and useful to own a Samsung Galaxy backup battery along with ourselves. However, how to select Samsung Galaxy backup battery seems like another annoy.



The most important factor of Samsung Galaxy backup battery depends on the battery cell inside, which means the battery type. Lithium polymer is big different from lion, 18650 and others. Lithium polymer battery is safe and widely used. Hereby, Sinoele, a professional mobile phones accessories manufacturer, its Samsung Galaxy backup battery adopts the best lithium polymer batteries and build a good reputation over the Samsung Galaxy backup batteries market.
It is well known that we require Samsung Galaxy backup battery providing battery power in an emergency situation. Sometimes, we require fully charging. Then, we have to keep Samsung Galaxy backup batteries transfer ration in mind. Sinoele backup batteries transfer ratio reach more than 90%. For example, Sinoele Samsung Galaxy backup battery 2200mAh can charge Samsung Galaxy fully one time and still leave some power.
How to select Samsung Galaxy backup battery Point Three: Appearance treatment
On the other hand, we also have to pay some attention on Samsung Galaxy backup battery appearance. Sinoele adopt IML treatment on Samsung Galaxy backup battery, same process as iPhone/iPad.

Post by Miss  Connie

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Lithium battery charger

Lithium battery charger made by Sinoele, they are the hot selling power bank series and power station series products, can supply the power to the mobile phones. These lithium battery charger are exporting to all over the world, and with the high quality and best price always the first choice for the buyers.




Lithium battery charger in the current battery charger market is the best charger for the mobile phones. They are very safe when you use it and have no harm to the mobile phone. Because now for the smart phones their own battery are also made of lithium polymer. So when people choose the battery charger they will choose the best one.

Now introduce one lithium battery charger for your mobile phone. It is lithium battery charger iPhone 5 power station 2200, the charger design for iPhone. Because there are more and more people use iPhone mobile phone. So iPhone lithium battery charge come out and help the users to deal with the power off problem.

For more information, you can visit  . There are the detail information for your reference, and you also can contact me at  and we are welcome your visit.

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Emergency charger for Android smartphones

Now many smartphones with android control system. Such as Samsung, HTC. Sometimes when we say android, our first impression will be Samsung mobile phones. And with the intelligent time coming, more and more mobile phones increasing more functions. For example, the mobile phones can do many things than the before. And mobile phones are tending to stead of the computer. But also because this reason, the power of the mobile phones always not enough. So emergency charger for android smartphones come into the market and has become one of necessary for the users.



Now we just suggest this android smart phone is the Samsung mobile phones. Samsung company has launch many smartphones. Such as note series, galaxy series. And no matter which series, the mobile phone are popular during the users. And the power problem will be one question to confuse the use and they must to charge the mobile phone everyday. Here, I will introduce one external emergency charger to the users. It is a battery charger can be used anywhere and can charge the mobile phone battery anytime. There is no limited of the time and space. Emergency charger for Android smartphones also can charge others phones which is with Micro USB interface.



Emergency charger for Android smartphones has more and more popular during the users. They are willing to buy this external helper to deal with the power problem. And when emergency charge be one part of your life, you will find it is very useful. If you want to enjoy the high quality life with your mobile phone, I suggest that emergency charger for Android smartphone will be in your life.


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Electronic power bank

In recently years, power bank becoming more and more popular. And you can see the power bank anywhere. Electronic power bank are the lithium battery charger and this charger can storage the power inside and when you want to use the product to charge the mobile phone just turn on the button and electronic power bank can charge the mobile phone. And electronic power bank have many styles and are becoming the part of our daily life.



When you are going to a long journey or a business trip, when you on the vehicle, actually you can see many people carry the electronic power bank to use. Now the smart phones need huge power to supply and sometimes need to be charged one time one day. And when you on the vehicle, you know sometimes there is no place can charge the mobile phones. So electronic power bank can be one product of the time.



Here I want to introduce one Electronic power bank with 5200mAh, and it can charge almost all the smart phone in the current market now and still can charge for iPad. With the special design are popular in many countries and users.

If you also want to know more detail information about electronic power bank 5200, you can contact me at . It will be my pleasure to introduce more to you. Hope can cooperate with you in the near future.


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