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Dual usb tablet charger

Dual usb tablet charger is the newest product in the recently years, and they are following the tablet popular come into the market. Sometimes when you have no place to charge for your tablet when you are on the road of the travel or business. And dual usb tablet charger can solve this problem. Dual Tablet PC Battery Charger with 10000mAh can supply the enough power to the devices. And dual usb can charge 2 devices at the same time.




Dual usb tablet charger design for all most the mobile phones and tablet, you can carry it to anywhere. When your device have no power you can take it out to charge for tablet. During the charging it can supply the huge power to your devices and you also can do what you can do. You can use the devices as usual.




Maybe you don’t think dual usb tablet charger is your necessary, and I also agree that. Actually we call them are power bank or emergency charger. When you are on the road and have no place to plug the charger of the device and dual usb tablet charger don’t need that, you just need the cable contact with the device and it can supply the power.
Do you want to know more information? Do you want to see know details? Please browse the web site  you will find that a amazing paradise of power.


Power bank for iPad mini


Power bank for iPad mini makes the charging much more convenient. Recent years have seen the tremendous increase of tablet demands. Nowadays it has become a popular trend in the world. iPad, iPad mini and other tablets are full of everywhere, on the bus, in the train, in a coffee shop and other small places. iPad mini is also very popular.

The reason why iPad mini become popular is that they are much more convenient than PC so that people can use them whenever they would like to use them and it is small enough to put in a small bag. And the reason why charger for tablet is popular is that the tablet is popular and the inner charger for tablet is not good enough to support the tablet so that people cannot use the tablet as longer as they can. Power bank for iPad mini can do it.

Technical Parameters of Power bank for iPad mini
Model No. : dual USB Power Bank 10000
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity : 10000mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 2000mAh
Output 1: DC 5.0V/2A
Output 2: DC 5.0V/1A
Battery charging time: 7.5~9 hours
Dimensions: 144*55*18.5mm
Weight: 232g
Certificate: CE, ROHS, REACH

The Feature of Power bank for iPad mini
Super power, can almost fully charge your iPad mini almost two times.
Dual USB outputs, which can charge two devices at the same time.
Black and white color for your choice
Power bank for iPad mini can be put in the pocket and the feature of no cable makes the charging much more convenient.

Multi dock charger


Multi dock charger is designed to charge various mobile phones at the same time. Now most people have accumulated various electronic devices and companies out there are realizing that people need to charge multiple phones at once in an easy, uncluttered and efficient way. Multi dock charger will help you to make charging more easier and fast.


For instance, families have got several phones and need a way to charge 4 even 6 phones at the same time. If you do the charging in normal way, you have to get the original cables and adapters. Well, one multi dock charger will help to charge all your devices at the same tome, it comes with 6 selectable connectors, by choosing different connectors you can easily get your phones charged at once. This round shape multi dock charger has covering with IML surface process, which is more glossy and shinny. No matter what phones you are charging, it will always matches them very well.

This multi dock charger is sure to help you find a way to keep your devices powered up. With a multi dock charger, you can get most of your devices charged at a more convenient way.

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External universal power pack

Do you ever think that have a power pack for the mobile phones? External universal power pack is the power station supply the extra power to the devices and mobile phones. When your devices have no power you can use it to solve the power off problem and the external universal power pack can be used at anywhere and anytime. You don’t worry about the limited of the time and space. Everyone want to enjoy the nice life and I think external universal power pack can be one part of your life.



With the development of the time and technology, there are more and more new item come into the people’s life and also become the existence of these item and your life become more and more convenient. Also the same, external universal power pack can make the life more simple and convenient. External universal power pack with 10000 capacity and it can charge two devices at the same time. It can charge for iPhone, iPad Samsung and others mobile phones. So it also can say one power pack for different smart phones.



External universal power pack belongs to consumer electronic and can be one kind new business in recently years, and it also becoming one hot selling product in the different countries market. If you are also interested in this kind external universal power pack, you can contact me at iphone-case@hotmail .com and more information will let you know.


Posted by Lisa


Pocket mobile phone charger

Pocket mobile phone charger from the name can know that it is a kind of external mobile phone charger and can be put in the pocket. And in recently year, universal mobile phone charger is becoming more and more popular in different countries. And also have more and more people choose this product to make them life more convenient. Pocket mobile phone charger is the best partner for the smart phones. Because pocket mobile phone charger is the power station to supply the extra power the mobile phones and let the owners never worry about the power off problem.





Pocket mobile phone charger with the small size is popular during the users. And although with small size, the beautiful appearance and enough capacity always let the users choose it when they saw it. Pocket mobile phone charger the surface use the IML skill the same with Apple mobile phone, and the product have the beautiful appearance. The whole product is very generous and noble. When you use it to charge the mobile phone, you also can use the mobile phone to do what you like.


If you also have the trouble with the power off and you should own the pocket mobile phone charger. And you want to know more information, please browse  or contact me at . We welcome your visit.

Mobile power bank




As we know, capacity is the most important parameters for consumers, we always think that the marked capacity is the real capacity. Actually, in addition to manufacturers to mark the capacity on the mobile power bank, it also have one capacity parameters which is the real output current.
The difference between marked capacity and real capacity is, the marked capacity is the electric core’s capacity, the actual output capacity is the majority of consumers think about capacity. It is different from the situation we always say capacity deficiency, the mobile power bank deficiency problem refers to the actual capacity is less than the parameters in packaging. For the mobile power bank in the market, the actual output current must be smaller than the marked value. Therefore, we can’t calculate the actual usage frequency through the marked capacity.
Sinoele mobile power bank use the top quality lithium battery for electric core, which not only safety, but also make the output current maximization, coupled with the unique design, innovative mobile power bank, which attract most of our customer.

With the popularization of the mobile power bank, more and more people complain that it is not so durable. One capacity in 4000 mAh mobile power bank can’t charger one capacity in 2000mAh mobile device two times. What is the impact for reduce the usage life of mobile power bank.

 IPhone external battery
The Apple iPhone has an astounding number of features and applications that make it the envy of all other Smartphone. However, the major problem that iPhone owners constantly face is the short battery life. When using the iPhone to browse the internet or watch videos or navigate with the GPS, a substantial amount of power is required to operate these features and this leads to the rapid draining of its power.

There are three different options that iPhone owners can take to help with the issue of the short battery life. The owner can opt to either use an iPhone external battery, an attached backup charger or an external battery pack. There are big differences in these three types of iPhone external batteries and it is important that you review and pick the battery that is best suited to your preferences and typical iPhone usage. Despite the differences, they have all been made with one goal in mind: to prolong the battery life of the iPhone.
IPhone external battery is tiny devices that you plug it into the end of your iPhone to provide it with additional power. They are designed to be easy to carry around, though they are not as highly portable as iPhone cases. For this reason, they tend to be more affordable and are a great option for casual iPhone users who occasionally find themselves needed extra power.
IPhone external Battery is favoured by iPhone users or iPad owners who need more power to charge their devices. They can carry enough power capacity to completely recharge your iPhone battery. Interested in taking a closer look at the different iPhone battery extender options that are available? Click here for more details and reviews on iPhone External Batteries.

Universal USB travel charger

When you have the plan to travel, there is no doubt that about taking the devices during the journey. Universal USB travel charger is a kind of external battery charger for mobile phones and others devices, it supply the power to your devices at anytime anywhere. Universal usb travel charger with 6 connectors suitable for 90% mobile phones at the current market.





Universal usb travel charger is the lithium battery charger, and it can storage the power inside, when you want to use the product just turn on the button to control the product then it can charge for your device. Actually, there are more and more smart phones in the current market. And you and me know that there are many interesting games in the mobile phones and sometimes you need to more power to supply the mobile phone. So many people say that universal usb travel charger is the result of the time. And when it coming to the market, it helps many people deal with the cut power problem. And in some conditions, universal usb travel charger help you avoid the emergency things happen.



Universal usb travel charger with the function is popular during the consumers. If you also need this product you can contact me and I will let you know more detail information. When you know more about universal mobiles charger, you will like it and become one part of your life. And it will never let your life power off.

Handset battery for Android phones

Top-notch Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy series are really wonderful, however the battery life is not endless. We would be very happy if our Android phones can pass through a single day. However, if you use to much, it would even be impossible. Handset battery for Android phones can help to extend your Android phone’s using time.

This handset battery for Android phones is built with micro USB interface, which is compatible with smartphones, such as Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC etc. It has a quite simple operation, as long as you turn on the power button then simply connect this battery with your phone’s charging port, this handset battery will start to charge your mobile phone at once. To offer users a more convenience charging solution, this handset battery for Android phone was design in a pocket size. It won’t take to much space while you are on traveling.

This handset battery for Android phones has got 2200mAh battery power, which can almost offer one time fully charge for your smartphones. With this sufficient recharge, you can have a double using time of your mobile phones. You deserve it!

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Wholesale iPhone charger



I usually write to my client with the sentence of “we are a manufacturer for wholesale”. Yes, we are a wholesale manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, including iPhone charger.
iPhone accessories are still the main part of the iPhone accessories manufacturer, SINOELE. No matter for the series of Power Station, or Power bank, universal mobile phone charging station, SINOELE prepared several models for it, especially for iPhone power station. In this iPhone power station series, we supply 2 generations which are the first generation of Power station 1800 and the second generation of iPhone 2200. iPhone power station 2200 of SINOELE developed from iPhone power station 1800, almost the same size but much more powerful with the capacity of 2200. Moreover, with the advantage of portable, external, wireless, it’s really easy to charge for your iPhone without cables.




In fact, as a manufacturer, our rule is more quantity, less price. But I must say we support a reasonable MOQ price for wholesale. Nobody will want to miss this great opportunity. I assume you will be attracted by its stylish design, novel appearance, super great function and top quality.
SINOELE as one of the leading iPhone accessories manufacturer for wholesale is always in pursuit of clients’ satisfaction.



Wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones
Wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones enriches your battery using experience and makes your charging ease.
Obviously, wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones is a battery without any cables connecting while charging. It is a portable and compact battery, providing emergency battery anytime anywhere. Of course, wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones has some obvious advantages and features.

With small size 61.2*43*16mm, wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones small dimension offers itself occupying a little room in bags and in hands. It is usually regarded as a pocket charger. Compact, portable, easy-carried are its first impression to those Micro USB Android phones users.
Wireless battery is easies-operating than other batteries, especially Sinoele wireless batteries, plug-in battery, just plug and play.
High compatibility
Sinoele wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones is compatible for all Micro USB Android phones, such as Blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Dopod, some Nokia……
Charging itself
We can use an adaptor to charge the Sinoele wireless battery for Micro USB Android phones or use computer USB port. It is up to your selection.


Battery type
Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
Input voltage/Current
DC 5.0V/ 500 mA
Output voltage/Current
DC 5.0V/750 mA
Input/ Output port:
Micro USB
Battery charging time
Standby time
360 hours
Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and all Micro USB mobile phones.
One Micro USB cable


Power bank for Samsung


Even if the power bank no is like micro USB power station, it is still a perfect power bank charger for Samsung.
Power bank series are different from power station with micro USB charging port; they have 6 connectors for different kinds of mobile phones, including Samsung. In that sense, the Samsung users just use one connector of Micro USB for charging. Other connectors are redundant? Come on, nobody will hate those additional functionality. What about your second or third phone? And please just think about your friends, family, and workmates. It’s really a function of the bonus.



Power bank for Samsung has already become a necessary stuff in many Samsung users’ life. Keeping their Samsung in state of full power is very important, especially for those businessmen or other people in travelling. As a famous mobile phone accessories manufacturer, SINOELE supply this power bank series with really complete capacity. Then different capacity has different size. Such as new power bank 5200 of SINOELE is only with dimension of 100*45.5*18mm. It’s also called hot selling mobile phone power charger with golden ratio.




Please look at the picture, how’s your feeling by your first sight with it? Have you seen one power bank for Samsung so lovely like it?