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When I first heard movable power station, I completely did not know what that is. Through Internet search, I realize it's a cell phone charger. But it has a big difference between ordinary charger. It is wireless. We can use it everywhere. We can take it in our hand while charging. We also can put it in our pocket. Generally speaking, it is very portable.

As we all known, smartphone is quite prevailing in the market. Except iphone, there are also various kinds of smartphones, such as Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and so on. Samsung has a very good reputation in the market now. More and more people prefer buying Samsung mobile phone. Movable power station is specially designed for mobile phone with micro USB. It is not only suitable for Samsung, but also other mobile phones with micro USB. Convenient, compact, practical is its biggest characteristic. We just plug it in our mobile phone and then it charger our phone fast. We do not need worry about our cell phone without electricity. We can freely to use our mobile phones.
Do you know SINOELE? The company is specially manufacturing phone accessories. The products of their company have a high quality and also give one year guarantee. SINO is well known all over the world, especially in Europe.

The products are strongly welcomed by Western Europe customers. They have  high evaluation to SINO. Movable power station must be a nice choice for all of us.


Post by Ada,



Colorful power bank

Colorful power bank is the latest products of Sinoele, this product has 9 colors which is popular during the young people. And this product design concept also suitable for the young people, new time people likes the new products with the fashion design. Colorful power bank have different color can let people have more choice to find which color suitable themselves. You don’t worry about have no item suitable for you.



Colorful power bank with 5000mAH capacity, it can make your mobile phones keep all the the time with full power. And it can supply about 3 times to your mobile phones full charge. There are also a special design on the colorful power bank, it owns the light then you can use the light when you are in the dark. One product can charge for mobile phones and also be one torch light.



After my introduce, if you are interested in this colorful power bank, you can know more information at to find more. Colorful power bank can be your devices partner, deal with the power off problem. Wonderful life should be with colorful power bank.


Posted by Lisa


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Smartphone rechargeable backup battery

Smartphone have become one of the most needed in our daily life. Smartphones allow us to look up train/bus schedules, compare hotels, play a game or get directions. In a word, smartphones save us a lot of time, energy and money everyday. However, we still need to prepare a few accessories to complete our smartphones. Smartphone rechargeable backup battery can help you to extend your battery using time.

This mini and pocket size for smartphone rechargeable backup battery has got 2200mAh, which can almost fully charge your iPhone for one time. With a longer using time, you can get more Apps running in the background, downloads, and playing games. Once your phone is running out of battery, you can turn on this battery and connect it with your smartphone, then this backup battery will start to charge your smartphone at once. This smartphone rechargeable backup battery will always come to the rescue while your phone are running out of power.

It's nice to know you have a backup battery when you are about to run out of power. You can always enjoy your devices while you are on the move, this smartphone rechargeable backup battery can be a nice choice.

Posted by Nikita
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Multiple wireless charger

We use so many things on a daily basis that require power, each devices comes with an original cables. It becomes very inconvenience for us to charge different devices one by one. Thus we provide you a multiple wireless charger, one charger station can charge 6 devices at the same time.

This multiple wireless charger station is catchy and well-designed. It shows the charger station comes with 6 popular connectors, which are iPhone, micro USB, mini USB, PSP, Sony, Nokia. Users can select different connectors according to different mobile phones, also you can use the original cables to charge your devices by the two USB output on the side. With various connectors and USB outputs, you can charge 6 devices at the same time.

A multiple wireless charger, the general concept of the wireless charger station is simple: while connecting to a AC power source, choosing a compatible connector, and then place your electronic device on the charger station, it will charge your devices at once.

If you have plenty of electronic devices and eagerly need powers everyday, you may get one multiple wireless charger with you. It can save your time and make your charging more easy.

Posted by Nikita
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In order to keep up with the trend of the times, last month I bought iphone5 which is strongly welcomed in the market now. It brings great convenience to my life. However, its power consumption is so big. When I was confused for the problem, my best friend send me a mini dock charger for iphone5 as a gift. As soon as I receive it I like it very much.

The mini dock charger for iphone5 is quite small and exquisite. I can take it in the hand play while charging. I no longer worry about my phone without electricity. I really appreciate my friend. From then on, wherever I go I will take it. Once I was in a restaurant, a strange man ran asked me where I buy this product. I feel very excited at that time. I told him this is called mini dock charger for iphone5 which is made in SINO. It is also suitable for mini ipad. He took my charger fondle admiringly and want to own one immediately.

Good product, of course, everyone will like it. This kind of mini dock charger for iphone5 is a mini electrical storage product which can charge gadgets directly without any cable. Portable, wireless and delicate appearance made it have a high reputation in the market. There is no doubt that it is really very attractive. Mini dock charger for iphone5 is almost every iphone5 owner’s dream thing.

Post by Ada ,

Handheld devices power bank

When we are away on a business trip or travel, we often worry about the cell phone without electricity. Cell phone’s short battery life always confused us. So a handheld devices power bank is very necessary. There are various kinds of wireless handheld power banksin the market. SINOELE, a famous and professional power bank manufacturer located at a mould town, Taizhou, Zhejiang get many good reviews and comments. The 4000mAh handheld devices power bank made in SINOELE is one of their star products.

The 4000mAh handheld devices power bank , not only its appearance compact but also portable and high capacity. USB interface design make80% of mobile phones on the market today can be used. We can also use it to charger other electronic products. Owning a handheld devices power bank wherever we are, on the bus, in the train, in a coffee shop or other small places, we will not worry cell phones with no electricity. There is no doubt that it brings convenience to our life.




Handheld devices power bank 4000mAh
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Battery charging time: 5~6h
With LED power indicator & flashlight
High compatibility, with 6 tips
Charging and discharging overload protection
IML treatment, anti-scratched surface
Certificates: CE, ROHS
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 800mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Dimension: 100*45.5*18mm
Weight: 120g

Posted by Elaine


iPad 4 external battery pack
iPad 4 external battery pack works in a perfect charging status to my iPad 4. I love it very much and want to recommend all of you who have iPad 4. When I bought iPad 4, the same problem has come out. It is the battery shortage. It is annoyed to charge it every 3 days and sometimes it is very bad when I can`t reach to the power source. Then, the iPad 4 external battery pack has solved above two problems. It is portable, easy carried and high capacity. Of course, it is made from a famous and professional iPhone accessories manufacturer, Sinoele, located at a mould town, Taizhou, Zhejiang.
The Sinoele iPad 4 external battery pack is my birthday gift from my boyfriend. Whenever he heard my complains of low battery and ask him to charge the external battery, he felt bad. What he can do with this iPad 4? After making some survey and searching on Internet, he found a iPad 4 external battery pack get many good reviews and comments. That`s the Sinoele iPad4 external battery pack. Without any doubt, he bought it from online and got it in a fast way. It works very well and provides power any time anywhere. It is really a very good companion to iPad4. Appreciation to the designer and producer, Sinoele.

Mobile phone battery pack 8000 technical parameters:
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 8000mAh
Output voltage: DC5.1V
Output current: 2000mA
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 1000mA
Battery charging time: 7.5~8.5hours
Dimensions: 144*55*18.5mm
Weight: 200g

Wireless charger for iPhone 5


From iPhone 5 come into the market, more and more relative products also becoming popular. Then belongs one of this line product, wireless charger for iPhone 5 can be my favorite products. Wireless chargers for iPhone 5 is the external lithium battery charger for it, and with 2200mAh can full charger one time for iPhone 5. With 8 pin output suitable for iPhone5. And this product also design for iPhone 5.




If you always complain that the power of iPhone 5 cannot meet your request. Then I will ask that why you don’t chose one wireless charger for iPhone 5 for yourself? Maybe you still don’t know more detail about this product. And here I want to introduce this product to you. Wireless charger for iPhone 5, a storage battery charger, with 2200mAh. When you use it, just contact with your mobile phone and push the button it can work.



Wireless charger for iPhone 5, can be the best partner with your mobile phone and can help your deal with power off problem. For detail information you can browse  to find more.

 Posted by Lisa


Multiple mobile phones charger with 2USB ports
Multiple mobile phones charger with 2 USB ports provides power to tablets and mobile phones or Android phones and phones at same time. With 2 USB ports, multiple mobile phone chargers are higher compatible than other mobile phones charger, no matter from function or appearance. Moreover, multiple mobile phones charger with 2 USB ports made from Sinoele gets a very good reputation all over the market.
Sinoele multiple mobile phones charger with 2 USB ports have many advantages and good aspects. Below list several obvious features for reference.

High compatibility:
Multiple mobile phones charger with 2 USB ports is workable for iPad, iPad2, iPad 4, blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Blackberry Q10, Z10….. most Android phones in market, even for 5V tablets.
Easy operation:
Just select the right tips to your Android phones, press button for 2-3 seconds, multiple mobile phones charger starts working.
LED indicator:
There are 5 blue LED light to show you remain power. Once it turns low power, the last LED will flash in a quick way to remind you to charge it. It is kind of intelligent technology.
High capacity:
Of course, in order to provide power to tablets and Android phones, Sinoele multiple mobile phones chargers are in high capacity, from 7000mAH, 10000mAH to 12000mAH.


Mobile phones battery chargers review
In order to purchase good mobile phones battery chargers in functions and appearance, we made several reviews of mobile phones battery chargers. Nowadays, there are so many kinds` mobile phones battery chargers in market and we have been keen to sort out good battery chargers from bad chargers.
Firstly, we made an interview of a business man who has been always on business trip and made many callings every day. He shares its portable mobile phones battery charger 5200mAh made from Sinoele, a professional mobile phones accessories manufacturer. “It is really a good companion on business trip. Whenever my mobile phones ask for power, it can provide on-the-go. For example, my iPhone 5, consumes power in a quick way when I have made several callings. This Sinoele mobile phones battery charger 5200mAH provides power in time. Just connect your iPhone 5 to Sinoele battery charger 5200mAH; easy operating and portable; also, it charges in a faster way than others as its output is 2A.”

Secondly, we made a survey from office ladies and gentlemen. They prefer mobile phones charging at office. But there are limited power plugs and it is annoyed to see the tangled cables. Hereby, we introduce a universal mobile phone battery charger. It realizes 6 digital devices charging at same time. It solves their charging problem at same time decorating its office. Of course, it is also made from Sinoele.


Multi charger for iPhone 5


Hundreds of accessories for iPhone 5 have already exist, many of which support the iPhone 5's battery. Multi charger for iPhone 5 offer you a portable charging with more options.

Normally a multi charger for iPhone 5 now have come with a various connectors, those connectors will offer users a higher compatibility. By choosing different connectors you can charge your devices accordingly. No matter what kinds of devices you are owning, you can alway charge your devices the the 5V/2A USB output via original cables or the optional connectors.

This multi charger for iPhone 5 has contain 7000mAh power capacity, which can offer you to charge your iPhone 5 for more than 3 times. Moreover, it have dual USB output, you can get two of your devices charged at the same time, one mobile phone and one tablet PC battery charger will be charged easily.

Covering with IML surface process, this multi charge for iPhone has got a shinny and glossy performance, which will match your device very well while charging.

No matter for personal use or presented as a gift, this multi charger for iPhone 5 can always help to extend your devices’ working time.


Moving power station

Moving power station maybe you are not know well what kind of this product. And mabe I change one name you should know power bank. And this name is known by many people who forces on the electronic products. Actually moving power is the external battery charger can supply the power to your mobile phones. You don’t need to worry about the power problem.




Mobile Power Station is designed for the smart phones due to this kind mobile phone need much power to supply to work. And moving power station can charge the mobile phones at anytime anywhere and during the charging you also do other things. Moving power station have design for Samsung, Blackberry and others mobile phones with Micro USB, and there also have design for iPhone4/4s and for iPhone 5. And when you want to use them the operation is very easy just plug in with mobile phone and then it can supply the power.




With the technology improving, people’s life also become more and more enjoying and moving power bank belongs one product can increasing your life quality. If you want to enjoy more wonderful life moving power station should be one part of you.