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 What is the iphone docking station? In my opinion, the iphone docking station is a charging station which enables you to power your iphones. It always presents like a desktop to plug in your cell phones much easier. Wireless iPhone 5 docking station as one of the traditional docking station of SINOELE occupies the market opportunities.


SINOELE is a professional manufacture of iPhone accessories, it supply too many kinds of iPhone accessories to the market since the year of 2008. We can say that SINOELE grow up with those iPhone accessories together. This wireless iPhone 5 docking station is produced base on the older power station for iPhone 4 of SINOELE, such as the similar appearance and stylish design. It has the smallest dimension with highest capacity of 2200mAh for easy charging with your iPhone 5 or mini iPad without cables. And it will extend the working time of your iPhone for a longer time. It uses the IML process for the surface. Although it is just an external battery charger, I’m sure that it’s suitable for iPhone 5 perfect.


The wireless iPhone 5 docking station of SINOELE, the newest and hottest power trouble shooting brings more convinces to your Apple life. Now Cook announced that iphone 5S/5C came, you can have one iphone docking station for it, bring it with your iphone 5s/5c, when you on your business trip, or traveling, or sometime you can’t charger you inphone in time, you will never worry about your iphone will be power off and miss your important call.


Let’s introduce the specification for iphone docking station as below:

1. Speaker: As a speaker when connecting it with your mobile phone or MP3

2. Iphone port: match iphone4/5 design completely, rechargeable docking station charges your iphone again and again.

3. Display holder for iphone: while charging you can play your iphone, for example seeing movies or playing games, it can be a foundation plate instead of your hands


Technical parameters:

Battery type: Lithium polymer

Battery capacity: 2200mAh

Input voltage: DC5.0V

Input current: 1 A

Output voltage: DC5.0V

Output current: 1A


If you are interested in our products iphone docking station, please feel free to contact with me, my name is Winnie You. Email: Skype:sino-ele-05 MSN:china-battery@hotmail. com Don’t hesitate to contact with me, if you catch the chance, promise your business will reach a new level, since you know the power bank is more and more necessary in your life.






Do you have phone? It’s a dated question. Now, in this modern society, all we asked: how many phones do you have? It’s normal that pupils use the phone, and many people have two or more phones. For example, I have 3 phones, one for work, another one for contact with friends/family and the third one just for the entertainment (playing games, listening to the music, reading the E-book and so on). Such as most of the females, I carry too many things every day in my bag: the cosmetics, the keys, an umbrella, paper towels, the wallet and other small things. Of course, add my three phones and three batteries or three chargers. Never forget that all we wear the high-heeled shoes. Accompanying this phenomenon, appear another problem --- how heavy all these things! Oh my god, now, look for this list, I found that I’m not just a normal women, I’m a super women. Who can save us from this situation?


Thanks god. Where is the demand, where is the market. Until now, appear many mobile phone batteries in the market. There are many kinds of mobile phone batteries, such as mobile phone emergency battery, backup battery, rechargeable battery, portable plug-in battery and external battery. No matter for the travel enthusiasts, music lovers, games lover or the business people, there have the suitable choice for different people.


SINOELE is a professional manufacture of mobile phone accessories in China. The mobile phone battery is its main products. Let’s introduce the main product ranges of SINOELE: Power Bank, Mobile Phone Power Station, Universal Mobile Phone Charger Station, . Like Power Bank series, we can charger our mobile Phone anytime and anywhere with it. Also is not just for one phone, is suitable for all kinds of mobile phones in current market. To me, is exactly a wonderful and necessary thing, I find that my bag is really lighter than that before. I can play the games to my heart’s content without the necessary to worry about the outage of the phone. There are numerous advantages of these batteries that I can’t list totally here. There’s no doubt that the mobile phone battery is truly popular and have a bright future.

If you are interested in our mobile phone battery, please feel free to contact with me, my name is Winnie You. Email: Skype:sino-ele-05







 Universal docking station


Universal docking station is a kind of universal charging station, it charge for all mobile phones and others devices. Universal docking station can charge for 6 devices at the same time. And this design is the unique, this design also is liked by many customers, and every year has many universal docking stations export to all over the world. With the special design and strong function, more and more customers choose the universal docking station for their market products.



Universal docking station including 6 connectors, they are iPhone4, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia 2.0, K750, PSP. And they are suitable for 90% mobile phones in the current market. You don’t worry that the universal docking station can’t charge for your smart phones. If there is no the connectors suitable for your mobile phones, you can use your original cable to connect with the universal docking station. Universal docking station can be changed the connector, when you want to charge the mobile phones, you can pick up the connectors with your mobile phone model.



If you have many devices are using, sometimes boring to find the place to charge them, you can chose universal docking station. Universal docking station can help save more place to charge the mobile phones. If you are interested in this product and also want to know more information, please visit you will find this special item.


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 Rechargeable iPhone5 charger


Rechargeable iPhone5 charger come into the market and as one hot selling product is popular during the consumers. Many people chose this product for iPhone5. And recently new design iPhone5c and iPhone5s also come into the market, if you pick the rechargeable iPhone5 charger, you will never worry about the power off problem.


With the rechargeable battery charger come into market, the kind of products is very popular designed by many manufacturers. And as one of rechargeable iPhone5 charger supplier, SINOELE is keeping the developing technology supply the high quality products come into the market for the customers. Rechargeable iPhone5 charger, can be carried to anywhere and used anytime. It is a storage battery and design for iPhone5. When you want to go travel, and worry about the power problem, I suggest that take one rechargeable iPhone5 charger. It can be your best helper and can let you enjoy the entertainment time.


Rechargeable iPhone5 charger use the lithium polymer battery charger, this is the best battery charger in the current market in the battery charger area. And if you want to choose this item for you, please contact me freely or visit  we are welcome your visit.
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Portable emergency travel charger

If sometimes you are on the move, and just forget to take along with your charger and can’t get to power supply. We all know how frustrating it can be to run out of battery at a crucial time, especially when you are on holiday or on business travel. A portable emergency travel charger is suitable for charging a wide range of electronic devices: smart phones, tablet PC; as well as MP3 and MP4 players; PSP and various Blue Tooth devices.

A portable emergency travel charger will help you to save the day by providing you emergency power while you are on the move. It comes with a various connectors, users can use one of the connectors to charge your devices accordingly, also you can use your original USB cable to charge your devices via the USB port. This portable emergency travel charger have get dual USB port which allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

Accessories you may find in gift box:
- 1 x Portable emergency travel charger
- 1 x USB charging cable
- 1 x Velvet bag
- Connectors: iPhone 3/3GS4/4S, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia 2.0mm, Samsung D800, Samsung G600

To meet the demands with all populations, this portable emergency travel charger has a selectable colors, such as white, black, blue, pink, green, yellow, red, purple etc. You can choose any color as you like.

No electricity, no problem! SINOELE C10- amazing portable emergency travel charger which featured as one of the best backup batteries for your electronic devices, will certainly be your best charging solution!

Posted by Nikita
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External USB power bank

Power bank become more and more popular in our life. External USB power bank is one of the best sales in the market now. With an external USB power bank in the side, we do not need to worry our digital devices without power.

Mobile phone, camera, ipad etc. bring our life a lot of convenience. However, they always lack power. Without power we can do nothing with them.External USB power bank with lithium-polymer in side has high capacity. It can charge our digital devices very quickly. External USB power bank includes 6 connectors which are iphone, mini USB, micro USB, NOKIA mini, samsungG600, samsungD800. It is suitable for 95% digital devices at the market now.



External USB power bank is not only universal but also quite portable. When we are on business or go travel, we can just take an external USB power bank. There is no need to take a series of chargers for the digital devices. External USB power bank helps us reduce great burden.

Were you ever heard sinoele? Sinoele specialize in manufacturing power banks with LED power indicator and Lithium polymer battery. If you want to know more detail information about external USB power bank, you can search at

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 Now we use power station such as Micro USB Power Station for many appliance, and a lot of our mobile devices and digital appliance such as cameras, mp3, game players, Bluetooth, mobile phone need batteries for remaining function, There are a series Micro USB power station were produced by Sino Electron Co., Ltd, Between 1800mA  and 10000mA, there is always one set fit for you. The classical color is piano white and piano black, if you are interested in colorful Micro USB power station, take it easy, sky blue, roseo, green, orange, apple green and light brown. Six color you can choose, if you want a small one, ok, we have mini power station, if you want big one, yes, we have 10000mA products. More products, more choose.

we Sinoele is a professional manufacturer on Micro USB power station / charger for mobile phone, over 200 workers, non-dust workshop, Over 5 years experience, output 100k per month, FCC UL CE ROHS certificated MFI approved by Apple Inc. for one of our brand, Our factory reach Ningbo Port within one hour, Also very near Shanghai Port, this is how we keep good quality and competitiveness for global valued customer.

 In order to standout amongst the competition, Our company work hard to provide you with great products (such as Micro USB power station) at competitive prices.  Customer satisfaction is key to running a successful business and we understand that you, the customer, is the life and blood of our company.  Without you we would not exist, so we want to earn your trust and continued support by being honest and helpful before, during and after each sale.

If you are interested in our products Micro USB Power Station, please feel free to contact with me, my name is Winnie You. Email: Skype:sino-ele-05

 Many scenes take place every day, when your customer is calling you, the phone is power off, when you are listening the music, your walkman is no power, when you are playing games, the game consoles is no battery. when you are using ipad to cut the fruit, ipad is power off , when you want to take the pictures for sunrise or sunset, your digital camera is no power, all of them because of the battery not enough, of course you will feel very sad for it, it will bring much trouble in your life,

But now, you won’t worry about it anymore, Sino Electron Co., Ltd produce ipad portable battery pack will help you settle down all above problem. With the rapid progress for digital device, there is a stage for ipad portable battery pack, the ipad portable Battery Pack Suitable for iPod, iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, PDAs, digital cameras, handheld game consoles, Bluetooth devices and so on, we often put 6 difference connectors in one packing, (there are: iPhone, Nokia 2.0mm, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung G600, Samsung D800) , iphone 5 connector is available if you request. so you can use the battery pack for any of your digital device, it can charger your ipad / iphone anytime and anywhere, Never worry about missing the call from your family ,your girlfriend or your important customer.

To some extent, yes. Ipad Portable battery pack make your life better, make your life easier and easier, If you are on traveling, on business trip, ipad portable battery pack will be your good partner, it can make your trip smooth. Life is but a journey, someone said, we need a journey we just want only. Let’s travel with digital camera and Sino ipad portable battery pack, record every period of scenery along the way. This is memory for youth.

If you are interested in our Ipad Portable battery pack, please feel free to contact with me, my name is Winnie You. Email: Skype:sino-ele-05


 There is a new product - portable mobile charger produced by Sino Electron Co., Ltd, it is colorful and looks very beautiful like a pretty girl, she has six dress in different color: sky blue, roseo, piano white, lemon yellow, apple green and piano black. and the name of the pretty girl is Sino portable mobile charger B2600, her length is 90mm , the width is 35mm , the height is 23mm ,such mini pretty girl, Will you love her?

More characters will make you love her - portable mobile charger B2600, don’t believe me? Follow me please!

Modern style with elegant and beautiful industrial design, Easy to carry and convenient to use. Power bank with led flashlight, you will never be afraid to go out home at night, and it will be kept one month once full charger. There are 7 multi protect for the portable mobile charger: over discharger, over charger, voltage stabilization, over current, short circuit, over power, temperature. The most convenience is that the portable mobile charger suit for all kinds of mobile phone, Support to charge up to 1 devices at the same time, share the power with your family and friends conveniently, We provide 6 difference connectors for this portable mobile charger, (there are: iPhone, Nokia 2.0mm, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung G600, Samsung D800), iphone 5 connector is available if you request. Easy operation.  Compact and Lightweight, All the battery pack was assembled by advanced A-grade high-energy polymer lithium-ion battery cells, they are safe and environmental-friendly,

Hereunder more specification:

Dimension: 90mm*35mm*23mm

Capacity: 2600mA

Weight: 76g

Input Voltage: DC 5.0V

Input current: 1A

Output voltage: DC 5.0V

Output current: 1A

Certificate: CE ROHS FCC

So, you know the pretty girl very well, will you take one portable mobile charger back home?

If you are interested in our portable mobile charger, please feel free to contact with me, my name is Winnie You. Email: Skype:sino-ele-05



Colorful lithium battery charger

Colorful lithium battery charger, a kind of power bank products can charge for mobile phones and can storage the power inside when you want to use the products just contact the colorful lithium battery charger with the mobile phone. And colorful lithium battery charger has nine color for your choice. It also the hot selling products in the current market now. And when the holiday coming, this item also can be the gift sent to the friends and the families.


Colorful lithium battery charger with 5000mAh capacity and can supply the energy to the mobile phones and others digital devices. Colorful lithium battery charger is one helpful case for us, when you go outside and you should keep one for yourself and it can help you deal with the power off problem. With many colors you can choose the color you like and you also can choose the color for your friends as the gift. Before the special festival, choose this battery charger, I can make sure it is one the best special and meaningful gift.


If you are looking for the colorful lithium battery charger, you can visit you will find more items you are interested. You also can find a wonderful room.


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 iPhone 5 storage charger

iPhone 5 storage charger is the battery charger for iPhone 5 and Mini iPad. It can charge for them anytime and anywhere have no limited of time and space. iPhone 5 storage charger is the new design product in the current market. It can let you mobile phone have the power and never worry about the power off problem.


iPhone 5 storage charger with 2200mAh capacity, when you during the emergency cut power it can help you deal with this situation and can supply the power to your iPhone 5. And during you using iPhone 5 storage charger you still can do what you like. You can make a call, you can send the message, you can listen to the music and you also can play the game. iPhone 5 storage charger is one energy partner with you.


iPhone 5 storage charger made by Sinoele, the iPhone accessories manufacturer in China. And Sinoele still has others storage charger for mobile phones, also have the universal function charger can charger for mobile phones and tablet PC. If you want see these products you can browse the web site You can find what you like, and choose the product you like.


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Emergency charger for iphone

Emergency charger for iphone is really a perfect gift for iphone lovers. Everything has two sides. Iphone lovers love iphone, but they also complain about iphone for it always without electricity. It is impossible wherever we are, we all can find a place to charge iphone. So it must be a nice choice for iphone lovers to own an emergency charger for iphone.


Emergency charger for iphone is specially designed for iphone. It can charge iphone 1 time fully.It is very small and portable. We can play with iphone while charging. Wherever we are, we all can take it. Sometimes we do not want to use, we can just put it in our pocket or handbag. How convenience it is.


A lot of iphone lovers like iphone because of its simple design and lightweight. So they must also want the charger for iphone is just simple and lightweight. This kind of emergency charger for iphone is really a good choice for them. IML treatment makes it looks very suitable for iphone. They can choose whether black or white to suitable for their iphone. While charging, we do not need any other things, we just put it in the iphone.


Do you have friends like iphone very much? When you are worry about the gift for him, why not choose the emergency charger for iphone? He must be like it very much.

Posted by Ada,