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MP3 player emergency charger

MP3 has been the most comment digital products in your life, and no matter where we usually like to enjoy the music. I think the high school students maybe the biggest group of using the MP3 player. But I have to say sometimes we forget to supply the full energy to them. So MP3 player emergency charger is a good choice.




When we walk on the street or on the train or when we take the bus, we can see the MP3 player users anywhere, we have to say MP3 player are more and more popular. With the development of the technology, the price of these digital products also become lower than before. So many people can accept it. And now I also can give you a news about MP3 player emergency charger. As one of the digital products MP3 player also is popular in the users. Because it can supply the power tp your devices. If your MP3 player suddenly cut off power, don't worry, MP3 player emergency charger can totally deal with the trouble.

Many people choose MP3 player emergency charger not only it is a convenient product to carry, you can put it in your pocket, the small size can save many space for you. And the most important is can supply the power to your player. MP3 player emergency charger can you enjoy the music world anytime anywhere. Then you will know then you own it, your life will be more wonderful and amazing.


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Smartphone micro USB charger


Need a smaller smartphone micro USB charger? Maybe you have got some portable chargers or external batteries for your smartphones, but still not satisfy with the size, you need a indeed portablesmartphone micro USB charger which would better be pocket size. Now SINOELE have develop a miniature smartphone micro USB charger.

This smartphone with micro USB charger inherit the advantages of SINOELE power banks. Adopting IML surface process., make the shell more glossy and shining. With micro USB interface, this charger can be widely shared among any smartphones with micro USB charging socket. One of the key attraction is this smartphone micro USB charger has a unbelievable size, It only has a half size of your smartphone, which can be put in your pocket or wallet.

This small storage battery contains 1800mAh battery capacity, which can almost double your smartphones using time. And charging your smartphones within 2 hours. With this smartphone micro USB charger, you won't have to worry about limited power problem.

No matter you are a student or businessmen, as long as you are smartphone user, this smartphone micro USB charger will surely be your best power solution in any occasion. You can keep on talking while using your smartphone. With extra backup power, you can have a longer standby time and using time.

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Dual USB car charger for iPad

The dual USB car charger for iPad is not a typical car charger, but a dual USB external battery for iPad. We call it car charger because it is of high portability that you can take it wherever you go, home, office, car or any public places. To distinguish it from other items in power bank series, the designer has made a special design in this dual USB iPad battery charger, that is, the dual USB port in one short side of this item. And this design enables the dual USB battery charger for iPad to charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time with 5V/1A and 5V/2A output respectively. With 6 connectors, it is compatible with over 95% digital devices in the current market, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, etc.

Nowadays, people usually have at least one mobile phone and it has become part of people’s life. No matter in the street, in the bus or metro, you will always find that people are absorbed in their mobile phones, watching movies, listening to music, reading e-books or talking on the phone. Taking this dual USB car charger for iPad, you will never have to worry about battery problem. With 10000mAh battery capacity, this Dual USB iPad battery charger will continuously power your mobile phone as well as power your life.
More information about this dual USB car charger for iPad, please refer to our official web:


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Samsung Galaxy S accessories


With the launch of Galaxy S3, another strong wave of Samsung Galaxy S accessories is approaching. Galaxy S3 cases, Galaxy S3 films, Galaxy S3 backup battery… these are the normal Samsung Galaxy S accessories we can get from Samsung Galaxy S accessories suppliers. Galaxy S accessories will enhance the looks and performance of their gadget. Not only do Samsung Galaxy S accessories show a growing concern for keeping their gadgets safe and protected but also are a pleasant step towards maintaining their Galaxy S and giving it a longer self life.


Samsung Galaxy S accessories

Samsung Galaxy S accessories manufacturer

Sinoele has been in mobile phone accessories industry for more almost 4 years. Its innovative mobile phone accessories always keep the pace with the advanced market. Samsung Galaxy S accessories provided by Sinoele are mainly power bank to extend Galaxy S battery. A variety of power bank for Galaxy S makes to decorate your device with any styles. Its Samsung Galaxy S accessories are well exported to Europe, America, South Africa…


Samsung Galaxy S accessories

Power Bank 5200mah

Dual USB power bank 10000mah

Micro USB power station 1800mah


PS: Power Bank is a power storage with Li-ion polymer battery, it comes with 6 adaptors including iPhone, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung… Once power bank is fully charged, then you can take this power storage with you to charge your Galaxy S anywhere anytime.


Samsung Galaxy S accessories Shop

Wholesale shop:

Retail shop:


Samsung Galaxy S sales

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Universal Li-ion battery charger is a extra battery for mobile phone, and some digital device. Such as iphone, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and other mobile phone, It also can charges device like PSP, MP3, ipod, camera, and even for tablet PC. Maybe you doubt that just one universal Li-ion battery charger can charge so many digital devices. Now I will make answer for you.

Universal Li-ion battery charger with these accessories, six connectors ( iphone, Nokia, PSP, Samsung D800, Samsung G600, Micro USB, Mini USB), so universal Li-ion battery charger is compatible for these devices. In order to make your using smoothly, we also provide a USB cable and an adapter in the packaging. You also can charge Universal Li-ion battery charger through computer USB port. Once you charge Universal Li-ion battery charger fully before you take it away, it could charge iphone three times. 8000mAh capacity is enough to supply your travel way. It gained international certificates CE, ROHS, REACH. Overcharge and over discharge design, so please use it at ease.
Whatever you are student or businessman or traveler, universal Li-ion battery charger is suitable for most consumer groups. Why these year people demand for universal Li-ion battery charger so much. Because digital power really becomes the urgent problem for people. So we design universal Li-ion battery charger according to people demands.
You must believe technology support you life every day. Power problem is out of the question, once you have a universal Li-ion battery charger.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Jun. 6 ,2010


iPhone backup battery pack series

Touring around any electronics fair, you will easily find a lot of iPhone backup battery pack series. Some iPhone backup battery pack are attractive for their stylish design and bright colors, which may catch your eyes at first sight. Some are attractive for their excellent performance, which cannot be tested at first sight. To most people, an external battery pack for iPhone with both stylish appearance and good performance is most attractive.
The iPhone backup battery pack series I’d like to talk about in this article may not catch your eyes at first sight, but after viewing other colorful external battery pack for iPhone, you will be more likely to find this iPhone backup battery pack series with classic color are the most classic ones.
This iPhone backup battery pack series include 5 items with 2000, 4000, 5200, 8000, 10000mAh battery capacity respectively. The 5 items then fall into 2 groups. One is iPhone backup battery pack with small battery capacity, including 2000 and 4000mAh; the other is iPhone backup battery pack with high capacity, including 5200, 8000 and 10000mAh.Both of the two groups share some certain characteristics.
  • IML technology
All of the items adopt Injection-Mould Technology, which gives them anti-scratched surface and enables them to present a brand-new look every day.
  • High compatibility
With 6 interchangeable connectors: iPhone/iPad, Nokia 2.0mm, Samsung G600, Samsung D800, Micro USB, Mini USB, iPhone backup battery pack series are compatible with 95% smartphones in the current market including iPhone, Blackberry, HTC,etc. Besides, iPhone backup battery pack with high capacity can also charge tablet such as iPad, Samsung, etc.

Compared with iPhone backup battery pack with small battery capacity, the high capacity group enjoys faster charging speed with 5V/2A output. Nowadays, smartphones are often with battery capacity from 1400mAh to 2000mAh. So it is more practical to take an iPhone backup battery pack with high capacity. Meanwhile, mobile phone external battery with high battery capacity is the future trend. If you are interested in this iPhone backup battery pack series, please visit to get more information.

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Multiple Phone Charging Station


Unimax recommended by SINOELE is a multiple phone charging station, it is a premier family charging station or office charging station – charging station for multiple mobile phones. Maybe many of you will get a question, does this multiple phone charging station really can charge different mobile phone? The answer is definitely YES. Multiple phone charging station is an excellent device to enable multiple items to be charged at the same time.


multiple phone charging station


Charge up to 6 devices at 1 time without having the mess cables around you!

Multiple phone charging station realize its high compatibility by 4 removable plugs on the top and 2 USB port beside, therefore, charging 6 devices simultaneously is a small cake for him. With this multiple phone charging station, messy charging cables are the thing in the past. Wherever used in home or at the office, multiple phone charging station save much spaces of a pile of chargers, also it makes safer and looks a bit tidier.


10 interchangeable tips allows to charge different devices easily

Firstly, the 4 plugs on the top are removable, then you can choose the correct tip you need to charge, removing the old tip you don’t need by pressing the rubber mat at the bottom of charging station, and replace it. The operation is quite simple.

Secondly, additional 2 USB ports at beside also make its function stronger. Ever you want to charge a device or you change your cell phone, but its charging port isn’t included in these 10 tips, then you are also allowed to charge them through USB.


By using 1 charging station for multiple mobile phones, no more looking for chargers, untangling wires, just walk over and connect it up job done. Just one word, buy it now!!


Posted by Miss Janis

Date: June 29, 2012



Micro USB backup battery


Today, our topic is on Micro USB backup battery. Before talking about Micro USB backup battery, first of all, let’s make clear one thing. Apart from Apple iPhone, Android smartphone are the second popular cell phone, for example, Samsung Galaxy S2 is very hot item. If you are an Android smartphone user, you will find Micro USB backup batteryis a very helpful gadget.


The smartphone can be used for audio/video calling, playing games, accessing internet and a lot more usages, but battery performance is not up to the mark in the sense with heavy usage. Under such situation, Micro USB backup battery can give you the perfect assurance that you are looking for. Briefly speaking, Micro USB backup battery is portable battery charger with storage function to supply external backup battery for these Micro USB port smartphone, such as Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC… Micro USB backup battery is specially designed for someone who needs extra power for a travel, business trip, cellphone complex etc.


Micro USB backup battery


Sinoele recently developed a Micro USB backup battery, named Micro USB power station 1800. Below are its public features:


1800mAh external backup battery keeps your Micro-USB device powered all the way

Excellent charging performance, can fully charge most Android smartphone or most fully

Fast charging speed, usually finish charging around one hour

Compact size, suitable in any pocket, can be taken anywhere

IMD processing, perfectly match your phone outlet


Do you think if this kind of Micro USB backup battery you will be interested in? Welcome to contact me for more information about retail, wholesale, OEM service…


Atten: Miss Janis

Charger Dock For ipad And iphone

iPad and iPhone have been more and more popular in the current society market. With the great function and smooth feel, iPad and iPhone occupy the first among people and plays well. However, another problem always exists in daily life is that the more function it has, the more quickly the battery power runs out. Sometimes you can’t enjoy playing or using it with worrying about its battery power in your mind. Charger dock for iPad and iPhone is designed for iPad and iPhone that can provide enough battery power for emergency so that charger dock for iPad and iPhone can perfectly solve the above problem.


Charger dock for iPad and iPhone has 10000mAh battery capacity and anti-scratch surface with IML technology treatment, so charger dock for iPad and iPhone will offer long lasting battery power to your iPad and iPone and extend the battery lifetime. Are you moved by it and want to own it now? Moreover, charger dock for iPad and iPhone is also not heavy to carry. You can take it with yourself whenever and wherever you go without any worry about your power.



There is no doubt that charger dock for iPad and iPhone plays an important role in our daily life whatever you do, such as businessman, student, teacher, housewife, traveler and so on, your iPad and iPhone will have full battery power all the time only having charger dock for iPad and iPhone beside you. If you use the charger dock for iPad and iPhone, it will not only increase the battery for iPad and iPhone, but also protect original battery. If you have any interest in charger dock for iPad and iPhone, can have a look at our official website: or just contact Swallow.


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Portable Energy Station for iPhone


UEFA European Championship is going on fiercely. If your iPhone isn’t powerful enough, you will lose much update news in time. Here, I think portable energy station for iPhone gives your magic to power your iPhone. Portable energy station for iPhone can easily solve the iPhone dying out problem. With iPhone portable energy station, you can have a long call with your friends about today’s events on European cup. With portable energy station for iPhone, you can search the latest news or comment on European cup by your iPhone. With portable energy station for iPhone, you can see the undergoing match on your iPhone. With portable energy station for iPhone, you can do a lot of things, let you enjoy more exciting from European cup.


portable energy station for iPhone

Generally speaking, portable energy station for iPhone can bring you much excitment from European cup. We iPhone portable energy station wholeseller invites all of you to enjoy this international sport match.

Wholesale portable energy station for iPhone:

Retail portable energy station for iPhone:

For more details, you can contact Miss Janis:

Public charging station for all mobile phone

I usually troubled by poor power when I am on the way. Like in airport, railway station, even in the shopping mall. As a business man, I often have a business trip between city and city. So I appear in airport and railway station is frequent. When I encounter mobile phone with low power, I search for a socket charger for my phone everywhere. I hoping a public charging station for all mobile phone could help me.

Another situation, I was happy to go shopping. At this time I am answered an emergency calling, just one minute my phone sound low power. Oh God, it’s so worse. For such a woman, I urgent require public charging station for all mobile phone. Then I could have a rest while find this item to charge my mobile phone. Through this article, I hope more organizers be aware of this service.

In my leisure time, I love to purchase online. Yesterday I just found a public charging station for all mobile phone. It is really cool. Six mobile phones can be charging simultaneously. If a public have five to six public charging station. Round and piano black body catch my attention deeply.
l 6 digital devices can be charged at the same time
l High speed charging with the prevention of over-charging function.
l 10pcs of interchangeable connectors realized the high compatibilities.
l 2USB output suitable for charging all digital devices through USB cable.
l Easily connectors interchange.
l Bright black top surface, harden treatment, anti-scratched.
You could image if the public charging station for all mobile phone can service you, my problem and other peoples trouble is out of the question.  


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Date: Jun 26 2012


Smartphone electromotor


Nowadays taking with an external backup battery charger for your mobile is a trend of popularity. There are various kinds of mobile external backup battery chargers, such as Power Bank Series, Power Station Series, Power Case Series and so on. We call all of these battery chargers "smartphone electromotor" as they just like the electromotor which can restart your smartphone to continue the working after it powered off.
The smartphone electromotor is a kind of intelligent mobile battery charger which can charge your smartphone whenever you like. The ON/OFF switch is designed for you to operate when to start or stop the charging as you need. There are many types of smartphone electromotors for your choice according to the different battery capacities. You can select the right one which is suitable for you based on the power consumption condition in your daily life. With compact & portable design, it is quite convenient to take with this smartphone electromotors wherever you go. You will never need to worry about the lack of electricity problem as long as you carry one piece of it.

With delicate appearance and powerful function, it is the best choice to buy such a smartphone electromotor for your friend, family, or lover as a gift. And for yourself as well, it is worth having.
For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.
For retail, please visit our online shopping store:
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