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Smart Battery Chargers


With the development of the society, I find most friends of mine are using smartphones with a lot of different functions. However, they always complain about the fast battery power and too quickly to run out, and it is usually not so convenient to carry the charger without socket outside. Considering such problems, I suggest my friends to use pocket smart battery chargers to power battery up. Therefore, smart battery chargers can effectively solve above problems and make my friends a smooth trip or business without any worrying about battery power.


In fact, as the high development of mobile phones, smart battery chargers are going popular recently as well. Although iPhone seems so popular, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia enjoy a large market share as iPhone. It is well known that the more function, the more battery needed. Smart battery chargers are the newest electron production served for business men or traveler. Among so many smart battery chargers, maybe not so many people know SINOELE well. This professional smart battery chargers manufacture has been devoting in researching and developing smart battery chargers for four years with many sweets and bitters on the searching way.


Next I’d like to introduce one of smart battery chargers from SINOELE to make a deep impression on everyone, which you may need even like very much. It is a emergency smart battery charger with 1800mAh battery capacity and is suitable for mobile phones with Micro USB charging port, such as Samsung, but also Blackberry, Nokia and so on.. You can charge your mobile phone as following picture:




I have no idea that whether you like it or not, the only thing I’m sure is that it is very convenient for you if you take it with yourself wherever you go. More information about smart battery chargers, please visit or contact Swallow directly.


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Promoting your Company Business Partners with SINOELE Best 5 Promotional corporate gifts and personalized gifts.
We always prepare some novel corporate gifts to our business partners in order to strengthen business partner relationship. Also, we always invite VIP clients to celebrate company anniversary together with us and allot various corporate gifts standing for company nobility and identity. Hereby, corporate gifts play an important role and it is worth to spend time on picking up best promotional corporate gifts. We would like to recommend you best 5 promotional corporate gifts.  
What do you have in mind about best 5 promotional corporate gifts? Contrapose different company, there are relatively different promotional corporate giftsstrategies. While aiming at showing your appreciation and gratitude to your business partner, SINOELE promotional corporate giftscan be listed into Best 5. According to market positive respond, SINOELE power bank 2000, power bank 4000 and power bank 5200 are the best promotional corporate gifts. High classic design with piano black/white, quite reasonable price, high quality, high technology IML surface treatment, SINOELEpromotional corporate gifts have its own obvious advantageous and features.
For example, rechargeable Android phones battery pack, suitable for all Android phones on market, high compatibility, high capacity, even some of them fit for tablets, iPad,iPad2 , The new iPad, Samsung Galaxy…..

For instance, rechargeable iPhone/Blackberry emergency battery acts as another spare battery when your iPhone/Blackberry battery turns off. Perfect match, suitable for iPhone as well as iPod series or All Micro USB cell phones.


Promotional corporate gifts
Ten reason to buy from SINOELE
Reasonable price Promise
Great backup support team
Quality ISO 9001 approved
High quality after-sale service
High quality control
100% customer Satisfaction
1% promised spare parts
Guaranteed delivery date
Client management project proposal
High reputation all over world



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iPhone circle battery charger

As one iPhone user, maybe sometimes you usually boring of the power problem. And we also know that the power problem not influence by the environment and obvious it is because the phone self. Because of there are function belongs to iPhone, so iPhone circle battery charger can be say one necessary item for iPhone users.




And I have to say there are many battery charger in the market. But iPhone circle battery charger can be one most popular. There are many reasons: first, as the name meaning, you can use iPhone circle battery charger for many times. I think this can help you save the money method. If the charger just use one time nobody likes it. Second, I want to say the price of iPhone circle battery charger. And with the high technology development, we have make the price more easily accept by the users. At last but not least, iPhone circle battery charger can supply the enough power for your iPhone.


iPhone circle battery charger as one product of Sino electron which is the famous iPhone accessories manufacturer. And there are many products is the hot selling products in the current market. Especially, the battery charger for iPhone, so iPhone circle battery charger also is very popular product. If you want to say more product or get more detail information, you can contact me at  . And also hope our product can help you enjoy the wonderful life.


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Samsung Galaxy battery charger


Need a Samsung Galaxy battery charger for a longer using time? If you need your Samsung Galaxy last a full day, then a better solution for your is to get a Samsung Galaxy battery charger, which will provide emergency power.

With micro USB interface, Samsung Galaxy battery charger can be a universal battery charger for most Android phones which adopts micro USB port.

With 1800mAh battery capacity, it can almost double your phone's using time and standby time. To offer you a more convenient using, this battery charger was made in s pocket size, and you do not have to worry about it will take to much space while you are out for travelling or for meeting.

This genuine Samsung Galaxy battery charger allow you to charge your phone without cables, just plug in and charge. Easy operation ensuring you've always got spare power no matter where you are, also you can still answer your texts, emails and phone calls while charging. If your original battery is low, then you can just connect this battery charger with your Samsung mobile, and it will works.

Samsung Galaxy battery charger is a perfect way to charge your Samsung mobiles. With this spare battery, your using time was doubled and never have to worry about the power off issue.

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If you are dealing with Android phones accessories business, you never regret to start Android phones battery pack business. Nowadays Android phones are sweeping away digital devices market, so do Android phones accessories and Android phones battery pack. In market, various Android phones battery packs manufacturers emerging one after another. By the way, are you looking for famous Android phones battery pack manufacturers?
Perhaps you might have heard about SINOELE, yes, obviously, SINOELE is famous for its innovative and distinctive iPhone/iPad accessories. But, on the other hand, SINOELE is also a famous Android phones battery pack manufacturer, specializing in several Android phones battery pack series. 

Along with 6 optional tips, SINOELE supply attractive high capacity Android phones battery pack. Compact, portable, practical, economical, all of those are SINOELE Android phones battery pack obvious features. Compared with other colorful battery pack, SINOELE adopt classic piano black/white one hundred percent matching with Android phones. What`s more, SINOELE design out high capacity battery pack with 5000,6000,8000 and 10000mAH, providing Android phones battery more than 4 times fully charging. According to market respond, SINOELE is one of best Chinese Android phones battery pack manufacturer.

Have you ever met a battery pack just plug-in then works? Bingo, SINOELE recommend you arresting plug-in Android phones battery pack. Compact, handy, easy operating, just plug and play. With 1800mAH and 2200mAH, these Android phones battery pack also can fully charge Android phones one time or even more.
PS: If you have any interesting to be our SINOELE distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us. SINOELE will provide great supports and high quality service to all of you!
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Universal rechargeable lithium battery

Universal rechargeable lithium battery is a newly released item in power bank series. It has been widely used among electronic devices, which is a universal rechargeable lithium battery for mobile phone, tablet and most other electronic devices. Going through market testing, it is popular with consumers for the following outstanding features:


  • Injection mold label technology: It makes the product more beautiful and novel than those adopted silk-print technology.
  • High battery capacity: With 10000mAh battery capacity, it can charge iPhone 4 to full battery for more than 5 times.
  • Good charging performance: It takes only 7.5 to 9 hours to charge itself to full battery.
  • High compatibility: With 6 connectors, this universal rechargeable lithium battery is compatible with most smartphone brands in the market such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, etc.
  • Special dual USB design: It is the only one with dual USB design in power bank series. The design enables this universal rechargeable lithium battery to charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. This is a quite considerate design for nowadays most people have a smartphone and a tablet at the same time, which makes people’s life easier.


What’s more, consumers can feel assured to buy because the built-in battery is not the ordinary 18650 battery; but lithium polymer battery, which greatly reduces the explosion risk. And all certificate acquired such as CE, ROSH gives consumers a guarantee to some extent.


If you are interested in this universal rechargeable lithium battery, the following is our wholesale and retail store or you can feel free to contact me.
Wholesale store:
Retail store:


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Universal smart battery charger

Universal smart battery charger is a universal battery charger for smartphones that performs quite intelligently. The smart side of the universal smart battery charger includes the following several aspects:
  • Automatically minimizing self-energy consuming
  • LED indicates power input and output as well as battery capacity
  • Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically
  • Charging and discharging overload protection when you charge the smartphone fully.
Apart from the smart side, this universal external battery charger also shows some excellent features as other universal smart battery charger in the current market. With 5200mAh battery capacity, it can charge iPhone 4 for 2~3 times, that is to say, the conversion rate has exceeded 70%. More accurate statistics is only calculated according to its actual using status. Meanwhile, the appearance of this universal external battery charger also attracts much attention. Especially adopted the in-mold injection technology, this universal smart battery charger enjoys some certain advantages. It is more beautiful and novel than products adopting traditional silk-screen print technology; meanwhile the logo is breakage-proof and water-proof. And the technology enhances the product image as a whole, which leaves customers a good first impression. As we all know, first impression is of great importance to further attraction and development. The following are some technical parameters of this universal smart battery charger:

Model No.: Power Bank 5200
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.1V
Input current: 1000mAh
Output voltage: DC 5.1V
Output current: 2000mAh
Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC
Brief description: it is an external battery pack for mobile phones & tablets
Outstanding features:
6 connectors realize high compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, etc.
High charging speed with 5V/2A output
If you are interested in this universal smart battery charger or in other universal charger for mobile phones, please visit our official web to get more option or directly contact me to get professional advice.
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Battery Distributor For iPad


To a huge numbers of iPad users, a professional and credible battery distributor for iPad usually occupies an important place in everyone's heart and brings one and one excitement to everyone. Sino Electronic as a battery distributor for iPadand professional manufacture in China, has be kindly aware of the importance of the quality and after-service in the big promising market of mobile phone and iPad portable additional battery charger, which has a whole 9 product lines and has increased several different kinds of extra batteries recently to be a well known battery distributor for iPad.



In this big product family, there are mobile phone accessories, iPhone accessories, mobile phone emergency battery charger, iPhone backup battery charger, universal battery charger and so on. Since SINOELE is a famous battery distributor for iPad, power bank series naturally become the most widely used battery charger for iPad or other tablet PCs. To meet different needs of different customer group, power bank chargers include various capacity batteries, such as 1000mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, 4000mAh, 5000mAh, 5200mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh for providing more choices. If you are just an original mobile phone and mp3 user, capacity between 1000-2000mAh can be the best choices; If you are a shutterbug or traveller, the suitable capacity is between 4000-5200mAh; If you are a iPad or tablet PC user, capacity between 8000-10000mAh certainly can be your good partners.


Many battery distributors for iPad cost little on the quality of the inside battery to low down the price of the battery charger, which lead to big possibility of battery explosion. In the current, most battery distributor for iPad uses 18650 electric battery instead of Lithium polymer battery. This must be noticed when you choose a battery charger for your mobile phone or iPad.


If you are a battery distributor for iPad or a suppilier, whosalesaler of battery chargers and are looking for such iPad/iPone accessories and extra battery charger, especially for a professional and credible battery manufacture, SINOELE can't be a better choice to have a good cooperation! Any interest please visit: supply more wonderful products for you and don't hesitate to contact Swallow.

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Power supplies for iphone

Follow iphone is hot as always, SINOELE developed new model power supply for iphone, this model with more high capacity, and smaller size. This is just consumer pursue. From the appearance of power supplies for iphone, we adopt the compact and IML treatment. So the outlook of power supplies for iphone will be more shine, and catch people’s attention immediately.

Here, I ask a question, if you want to buy apower supplies for iphone, which points you will have to consider.
l Lithium polymer battery, generally speaking power supplies for iphone with lithium polymer battery have battery power capacity.
l The outlook design, young people prefer to fashion item, so the attractive design decide if people will love.
l The price of power supplies for iphone, this is the most important point. People like the cheap goods with good quality. Cheap! Cheap! More cheap!
There is good news, SINOELE power supplies for iphone with all three terms, cheap price, good quality, nice outlook, and lithium polymer. So we called it mack daddy. The size 61*37*15.5mm with 2200mAh capacity can charge iphone 1~2 times. Additionally pocket size takes your much convenience. From the safety, power supplies for iphone gained CE, ROHS, REACH certificates. So you can be assure for that.
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Date: Jul, 17 2012  


Travel battery charger for iPhone

Travel battery charger for iPhone, also called mobile battery charger for iPhone, is an iPhone external battery pack that you can take wherever you go. If you don’t want to take so many things with you when go traveling and at the same time want to keep the beautiful memory in your mind, a satisfactory solution is just to take your iPhone for iPhone has excellent camera function and without your heavy camera . However, another problem occurs when you just take your iPhone, the battery capacity may not last as long as your trip. Thus this iPhone travel charger will perfectly solve this problem and power your journey for a long time.

On the one hand, this travel battery charger for iPhone is small, lightweight that only a small place in your pocket is enough for it, thus your bag is free from great burden. Meanwhile, its 1800mAh battery capacity can charge your iPhone for one time. Of course, there are other mobile chargers with different battery capacity catering to the needs of different customers. If you are an enthusiast at electronic products, you may choose one with high battery capacity such as 10000mAh. 
On the other hand, its compact and stylish design perfectly matches your iPhone, which will certainly attract much attention. Solely adopted IML technology, this iPhone travel charger presents an anti-scratched surface that gives you a brand-new look every day. Looking at the above picture, you will find no matter in shape, color, design or processing technology, this iPhone travel charger all goes well with iPhone.
If you are among those who are looking for such travel battery charger for iPhone, hope the above information will do you a bit help.




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Battery bank for iphone

Iphone! Iphone! Iphone! We can see iphone frequently every day. Some colleagues play game Plants vs. Zombies by iphone in the office when they are in leisure time. In the subway, you also can find some students are busy with game. So iphone fans appeared in your life here and there. All of them must face an urgent problem that power of iphone run quickly.
iphone fans troubled deeply by this problem. Battery bank for iphone is absolutely a power saver for them.
I make a brief introduction for battery bank for iphone. Battery bank for iphone is an external battery for iphone, with 2200mAh capacity, it can supply power to your iphone, and continue talking time for 8 hours.

The detail technical data as follow for you reference.
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Weight: 60g
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 500mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Battery charging time: 2~2.5hours
Dimensions: 61*37*15.5mm

There are some special features of battery bank that is different with other brand battery bank for iphone.
l Surface utilize IML process, get the same performance as iphone itself.
l Super thin, small and portable, charger iphone directly.
l Charging and discharging overload protect.
And the usage of battery bank for iphone is easy, you have to charge battery bank first, then you can thank it anytime and anywhere. Just plug in battery bank for iphone, it will supply power to your iphone immediately. From now on, you will far from the trouble of low power.  
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Date: Jul 14 2012

Mobile phone travel charger

Families may have some plans of travel for the coming summer holiday. No matter where you are going, don't forget to take mobile phone travel charger during your holiday. A mobile phone travel charger will power whole family members' mobile phones, no matter what brans of phones you are using, a mobile phone travel charger can always offer a solution.


What makes the mobile phone travel charger a necessary part for your holiday? We may all have power off problem due to limited power of electronic devices, mobile phone, tablet PC, camera, MP4, PSP etc all needs extra power. However it is boring for us to take all the power plugs and cables along with the holiday, those mess things may take half of your suitcase. Well, things will become different if you have a mobile phone travel charger.

A mobile phone travel charger contains 6 different tips, which allow you to charging different mobile phones via different tips. Also you can charge your any other devices through USB output, such as Tablet PC, MP4, camera etc. Meanwhile, we offer you a wide capacity range, such as 2000mAh, 4000mAh,5200mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh. You can choose different capacity according to your demand.

A mobile phone travel charger will accompany all your electronic devices, and making your journey more wonderful. You can using your devices without any worries.

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