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Universal plate charger

Today, the talking subject is charging station. Maybe you saw various charging station, but for universal plate charger, I think you never see multifunction and with high classic device. I make a brief introduction for universal plate charger.
Color: Black, White, Silver.
Packaging: Color gift box
Power source: Electric
Body size:
Width: top surface diameter: 185 mm
Height: Pop up in top position 43.4 mm
 Function: Charging mobile phone, tablet PC, PSP, MP3, camera, and other digital devices.
The biggest selling point: Universal plate charger can power to six items in the meantime.
After we get the approximate understanding, you will find it is an interesting and useful device, and it is suitable for home using, public, and hotel. I still remember I sought a similar universal plate charger in hotel when I have a business trip. But that just can charge one digital device. It can’t able to realize multi device at the same time. So our universal plate charger keeps ahead of that.

Someone will ask this universal plate charger really can charge all mobile phones. Hereby I must illustrate that universal plate charger be with ten tips totally. The details accessories as follow:
1X AC cable
10 Connectors compatible with/to charge:
1X Nokia Mini
1X iPhone 3G/S
1X Mini USB
1X Micro USB
1X Sony Ericsson K750
1X Samsung D800
1X Samsung G600

Universal plate charger is compatible for 95% mobile phones in the current market. So any doubts you still keep, universal plate charger is all-round fighter for your power problems. 
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Aug 10, 2012 

Switching power station

Now we are know there are more and more power station in the current market, and switching power station also one of this area. And switching power station due to its obvious design and feathers is popular with users. And we have to say when the product is the special with high quality and it can catch the people's eyes.




The switching power station be introduce to you is a very special design. And now I will introduce some functions to you, and I think you will like it. 6 digital devices can be charged at the same time. High speed charging with the prevention of over-charging function. 10pcs of interchangeable connectors realized the high compatibilities. 2 USB output suitable for charging all digital devices through USB cable. Easily connectors interchange. Bright black top surface, harden treatment, anti-scratched. When you see these function, I think you must feel this product is very interesting. And I have to say if you have many devices, switching power station can meet your demand and help you solve this problem. And also owning to the special design, switching power station is popular in all over the world.




Switching power station one of the high quality product, you can put it in your home, at the restaurant, in the hotel or at the work places. And no matter where it can be a useful power station for your mobile phones.


Posted by Lisa




Li-ion mobile phone batteries
Today we talk about the process of applying for MFI of Li-ion mobile phone batteries. The Li-ion mobile phone batteries are compatible for iphone, ipad, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry. It refers to iphone, ipad. So before we sell Li-ion mobile phone batteries in shopping mall, we have to gain MFI for Li-ion mobile phone batteries.

Hereby, allow me give a detail introduction for how to apply for MFI. Firstly we should click, and submit company information and Li-ion mobile phone batteries details information. Once they accept our case, we will receive a confirmation email. And then we could got MFI portal, input ID and pass word, we can submit product plan one by one. When you complete and submit the product plan information, you will get a confirmation email for this product plan. The next step is testing Li-ion mobile phone batteries by yourself. Once the test is passed, you must find a 3rd party lab, if your product Li-ion mobile phone batteries are good quality enough, you will pass the test one time. Of course, the test requirement is strict. If you passed this test successfully, the Li-ion mobile phone batteries samples will be expressed by US Apple for keeping on record. After Apple verified the whole case, at last you can gain the certificate. Maybe I describe the process is easy, but when you operate the case, you will encounter every kind of different.
From my experience of applying MFI, I share several suggestions. Check Li-ion mobile phone batteries sample detail, and keep the better quality. You have to test the sample strictly. The other point is that you have to run the process step by step, and read the handbook seriously. Then everything will go well as you wish.


The electronic store is full of various digital devices. One of itemsipad charger station is rather hot. Youth is fond of various ipad chargers station. Just look through from design appearance and different pictures, there are hundreds of ipad charger station review.
Hereby, I make a list for these ipad chargers station.
The first one: Ipad charger station 5200
It is with 5200mAh capacity and combines with six connectors, a USB cable and a cleaning bag. With these accessories, ipad charger station can charge ipad one time, charge iphone three times. The size is pocket, we also called it portable one and emergency ipad charger station.

The second one: ipad charger station 8000, it base on the craft of ipad charger station, and increase the capacity of ipad charger station. Higher capacity that means it can supply more power.

The third one: That is the biggest ipad charger station with 10000mAh capacity, and dual output USB port. With two output USB port, it is compatible for two devices at the same time.

The last one is ipad charger station 5000, it is 18650 battery. The price is relative cheap for others. Ipad charger station with 5000mAh, and multi color for choose.

From above five different ipad charger station review, I think you have a exact understanding. And you will know which item it suitable for you.

Posted by: Maggie


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Date: Jul 30 2012

External travel charger for Samsung

External travel charger for Samsung is the best partner for your mobile phones. When you walking on the street, I want to ask that what kind of mobile phones you see more. I think there are many different types, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and others mobile phone. But I need to say the users of Samsung mobile phones are constantly increasing. So the external travel charger for Samsung is can be necessary product for your life.



External travel charger for Samsung is a very small and special design product. It has the high power can supply for your Samsung. And it can match with your Samsung when you use it to charge for your Samsung you just contact the charger to you Samsung it is ok. And it doesn't need any cable to contact. So it is very easy to use. When you use it you can do anything, and don't worry the charger have any damage to the phone. So external travel charger for Samsung can be a special product.



When we use our mobile phone you must want to enjoy the using time. And external travel charger for Samsung can help you enjoy this life. If you want to see more information you can visit our web site and there are more information for your reference, and you also can contact me. And we are very happy we can have the cooperate chance. Our web site is , welcome you visit this amazing world.

Posted by Lisa





In recent years, the development of USB power pack industry is very rapid. Five years ago, domestic USB power pack industry just is 10 to 20 companies. However today there are hundreds of USB power pack industries. So you are image how competitive of USB power pack industry. If we want to be the top of USB power pack industries, we must make high quality USB power pack, good design concept and good reputation of the company. SINOELE devote to three parts all the time, and gained certain achievement.
Follow the digital device develop rapidly, the related accessories will be come into market follow the step. And USB power pack is one of these accessories. The scope of application is broad, some small digital devices eager for power frequently, such as mobile phone, PDA, MP3, PSP, camera and so on. So we are sure that the future of USB power pack industry is bright. USB power pack included three series as follow:
l Mobile phone power bank
l Universal charging station
l Iphone power pack

Except these three lines, we will broaden products range, maybe solar products, or wireless charger. In a word, the artwork will be improved by extent as well.
At the present step, our aim is that develop high performance lithium polymer battery, and the battery size will be smaller, but the power capacity becomes larger. Although this is a challenge for SINOELE, we will do our best to obtain it.

Rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5

Any idea for a rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5? Most iPhone users have covers or cases, they enjoy the functions but the biggest moan is the battery life. If would be very nice if we combine protection and charging function together, thus iPhone users get this rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5.

Judging form the appearance, this rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5 likes some other iPhone covers, but this one is indeed a battery charger, it has Apple dock there, you can lay iPhone 5 flat and insert the rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5 plug. Make the iPhone 5 fully integrated with the battery case. And then slightly press the function bottom on the back, the battery case will recognize iPhone automaticly and start charging at once.


How to charge rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5? You can use a micro USB cable to charge the battery case. Simply connect the micro USB interface with the micro USB charging port of this battery case, next step, connect the USB port with your computer, then the battery cased with be charged.

Besides the charging function, we have to say the protection function, this rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5 has more advantages than other iPhone covers, as the back surface adopts IML surface, with a more glossy surface and mirror performance just like iPhone.

With this functional rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5, your can fully enjoy your life with iPhone.

Posted by Nikita
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Best iPhone emergency battery online store
Of all the various iPhone accessories being emerged into the digital market in recent days,iPhone emergency batteries get unpredictable popularity same as iPhone. Yet another things emerging in a faster way are iPhone emergency batteries online stores.
While iPhone battery shortage problem is always unavoidable, iPhone emergency batteries are indispensable. When it comes to select best iPhone emergency batteries, there are several methods to follow up.

First of all, best iPhone emergency battery online stores accordingly have their distinctive and outstanding features. There should be various styles and kinds of iPhone emergency batteries, perfect match iPhone, high compatibility for iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s as well as iPod series. Secondly, best iPhone emergency battery online stores should have high reputation and customs satisfied after-sale service. Thirdly, best iPhone emergency battery online stores have a fast delivery time and comprehensive shipments system.
While it seems that best iPhone emergency battery online stores are strictly requested, SINOELE, a professional iPhone/iPad accessories manufacturer, certainly have such a condition to live up to open a best iPhone emergency battery online store.
For retail:
1.      Online shopping: Money-saved shipping cost
2.      Aliexpress store: free shipping!!!
For wholesale:

Mobile phone li-ion battery pack

On the current market, many consumer electronic can be the most popular products. And I can say mobile phone li-ion battery pack also is one of them. With the all kinds mobile phone come into the market, all kinds charger pack also update incessantly, but the li-ion is always the choice of the the users. So many manufacturers catch the main wave produce more product to meet the demand of the phone li-ion battery pack also belongs to this wave.




As the consumer product, the most point is the quality, when this product throw to the market can be accepted by the users. And mobile phone li-ion battery pack belongs to this area. With the consumer level improve, many people want to pursue the lastest product. And Mobile phone li-ion battery pack is a very useful charger for the mobile phones users. Because it including different connectors suitable for 95% mobile phones in the current market. The mainly function is supply the emergency power to the mobile phones. When you on the train or where no indirectly place you can charge your mobile phone. At this time, mobile phone li-ion battery pack can play a big role. It can supply the power to your devices and let you continue what you want and what you like. And because of own it, you life can be more wonderful.

I believe that everyone want to enjoy the wonderful life and mobile phone li-ion battery pack should be accompany with you. Mobile phone li-ion battery pack can help you reduce the boring cut power, and you can enjoy the colorful life. Now I can tell you  this is a amazing world. When you enter it, you will attract by it.


Posted by Lisa



Mobile Phone Pocket Charger

It's a obvious phenomenon that more and more customers pay attention to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Owning one iPhone is no longer a luxury business since iPhone has been widely used by many ordinary beings. Above mentioned contribute to a bad need of mobile phone pocket charger for everyone as one of iPhone accessories. Among so many suppliers of iPhone accessories, SINOELE is an innovator and professional manufacture who has researched and developed for almost more than four years in China and mobile phone pocket charger is the hottest products in the market. Moreover, mobile phone pocket charger is not only especially designed for iPhone, but also for other different mobile phones, mp3, PSP and so on. While mobile phone pocket charger appeared in the market, mobile phone pocket charger seems so popular and causes quite good response.

l     Plug-in and match iPhoneperfectly
l     Almost the same performance as iPhone itself
l     Surface utilize IML technology
l     Super thin, smart and portable
l     Large extend battery capacity with 2200mAh

l     Suitable for 95% mobile phones in the market
l     Various battery capacity to meet different demands
l     Surface with IML treatment
l     Two colors for choose: piano black and white
l     Luxury and easy to take with you
If you want to lead a wonderful and simple life, mobile phone pocket charger will be your best condiment and friend. When emergency, you will need it and enjoy its function. More choices of mobile phone pocket charger, just enter the SINOELE website:, you will find more wonderful mobile phone pocket chargers or contact Swallow directly.
Posted by Swallow
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Popular Wholesale Electronics


China is the largest country for producing popular wholesale electronics. Most popular wholesale electronics are such electronic products as mp4, smartphone, digital camera and so on, which are well-known in nowadays. China as the midpoint of the popular wholesale electronics of all the electronics, various suppliers of popular wholesale electronics want to rank to the first place, especially for popular wholesale battery chargers.


For western countries, China is cheap goods supply of popular wholesale electronics, which always presents different kinds of goods with low costs and variety. When it comes to popular wholesale battery chargers, such popular wholesale electronics business is so hot online and many people pay much attention to them. Before determine which one to buy among so many popular wholesale electronics, everyone should be smart, careful and considerate. Since there are different type of battery and quality of model, please pay attention to having a clear idea about what kind of popular wholesale electronics you intend to buy and be diligent.


It trends to be a fashion that popular wholesale battery chargers have becoming more and more popular and been widely used. It can charge for many electronic devices, for example, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, iPhone, Dopod, Sony Ericesson and digital products like I-POD, PMP, PSP, NDS, PDA, cameras and so on. When you are outside, such popular wholesale electronics are very convenient for you to take with yourself as following picture.





If you would like to know more about popular wholesale electronics in China, please pay attention to for more details or contact Swallow.


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Portable MP3/MP4 spare battery 
Are you a music enthusiast? Are you a fan of Adele and Taylor Swift? Have you ever met your MP3/MP4 battery low when you are enjoying “Rolling in the deep”? We both know that`s annoyed and make us crazy. Therefore, have you ever thought to get a Portable MP3/MP4 spare batteryalong with us? A Portable MP3/MP4 spare batterysolves your MP3/MP4 battery shortage problem and extends your music enjoying time in a certain way.

Perhaps you may wonder what kind of Portable MP3/MP4 spare batteries is your best choice or which brand has high reputation over market. Firstly, you should have a clear idea about Portable MP3/MP4 spare battery. It is a power storage battery, delivering battery extra power to your MP3/MP4. May I ask you that have you ever heard about SINOELE, which a professional cell phones accessories manufacturer with 5 years experience famous all over the world? Also, SINOELE provide you best Portable MP3/MP4 spare batteries.

  • Perfect match MP3/MP4Extending MP3/MP4 battery 4-5hours, even more time.
  • High compatible, suitable for MP3, MP4, but also for Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Dopod, Samsung……
  • Automatically turn off/on, 5 blue LED indicators.
Key words: Portable MP3/MP4 spare batteries/ Portable MP3 spare battery/ Portable MP4 spare battery/ MP3/MP4 spare battery.