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China iPhone Backup Battery Accessories


As there are so many iPhone accessories for people’s selection in the current society, such as iPod, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and so on, what’s more, I heard of that iPhone 5 will likely be announced on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 and released on Friday, September 21, 2012 in America. Facing with such situation, China iPhone backup battery accessories is becoming a popular and important project. To meet different demands of iPhone accessories users, SINOELE divide China iPhone backup battery accessories into following 3 kinds as a professional China iPhone backup battery accessories manufacture:


l     Power Station series

l    Power Bank series

l     Universal Charge Station


Power Station series are plug-in chargers without any cables, which include iPhone Power Station 1800 and iPhone Power Station 2200. They two are both specially designed external backup battery for iPhone accessories and match them perfectly. iPhone Power Station 2200 is the second generation of iPhone Power Station 1800, almost the same size but larger capacity.



Power Bank series -- the best hot selling China iPhone backup battery accessories, are not only a series of iPhone accessories, but also a series of 98% mobile phones portable external battery accessories with different battery capacity 2000mAh, 4000mAh, 5000mAh, 5200mAh, 7000mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh for your option in various situation. Addition to that, 5200mAh – 10000mAh can also charge for different tablet PCs, and 10000mAh can charge two devices at the same time.



Universal Charge Station is a multifunctional charge station that can charge 6 different devices at the same time. There are 10 connectors you can choose to realize its high compatibility with more than 98% mobile phones including iPhone accessories and digital devices in the current market, such PSP, Samsung, Blackberry and so on.



All above is just a general introduction of China iPhone backup battery accessories. If you want to know more details about China iPhone backup battery accessories, you can pay attention to and contact Swallow.


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Rechargeable external backup battery


August is the typhoon season in China, the power failure situation happens very often during this month. It will be a big trouble without the electricity in modern society. Especially when the electricity is cut off during the night, you have to stay at home, just playing with your mobile maybe. But what should you do when the battery of your mobile phone can not maintain for one night? Or even can not keep up until the time you go to bed? At this time, I think take with a rechargeable external backup battery is quite helpful for you.


There is a type of rechargeable external backup battery designed by SINOELE which is very suitable for above situation. With capacity of 4000mAh, it can fully charge your mobile phone for about twice. That’s enough for you to play with your mobile phone for all night long. With 6 types of exchangeable connectors, this kind of rechargeable external backup battery can charge for almost all of the smartphones in the current market. So after your mobile phone been charged, you can give it to your family members to charge their phones as long as it has electricity. And besides that, the humanized design of flashlight will also give you a great help at this time.



Not only for the typhoon season, the rechargeable external backup battery is also very useful for emergencies when you go for a trip. Now it is well received by the young people. I think nobody will miss buying such a wonderful gadget. You can also have a try.


For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

For retail, please visit our online shopping store:


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Innovative Company Anniversary gifts

Company Anniversary gifts represent a corporate identity and nobility. Most of companies show their gratitude to employees and business partners by innovative company anniversary gifts. One hand, company anniversary gifts show affirmation to hard working employees. On other hand, company anniversary gifts give their thankfulness to loyal clients due to their great support during those years. When it comes to company anniversary gifts, we have to take it into consideration that it delivers a professional image and positive impression.
Innovative company anniversary gifts can be classified into various assortments, depending on different corporate demands and requirements. There are cartoony, high classic, elegant, personalized types catering for different corporate. However, compared to profitable goods, cost is another point we have to consider. Fortunately, mostinnovative company anniversary gifts don`t ask for too much cost and it is affordable for most corporate.

If then, have you ever think about an electronic product as the company anniversary gift? Not mention about MP3/MP4, have you ever heard about external battery packs which are high compatible for most Android phones, such as iPhone, blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, even some 5V tablets or PSP, MP3,MP4 and game players? They are newest and innovative company anniversary gifts nowadays. Packed in a luxurious gift color box, sticking with anti-counterfeiting, external battery packs designed and produced by SINOELE are another best choice regarding as corporate anniversary gifts. What`s more, SINOELE external battery packs provide 6 mobile phones connectors and one standard USB cable along with those innovative company anniversary gifts—External battery packs. Also, it offers you two years guarantee wherever you get.

Do SINOELE external battery pack beat your heart when considering someinnovative company anniversary gifts? Never hesitate to select SINOELE when you have any interesting. You will never regret to be a partner with SINOELE, no matter on innovative company anniversary gifts or other iPhone/iPad/Android phones accessories areas.
PS: SINOELE products are on promotion from August to October. Catch your chance, seize your opportunity.
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High capacity power supply

With the popularization of mobile phones, there are different kinds of mobile phones in the current market. But for most of those phones will appear short standby time problem by using. High capacity power supply is a handy emergency battery charger for mobile phones. High capacity power supply has strong function on reserving power, so it is a new method for charging outside. This emergency portable charger is suitable for charging Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry,  and other Smartphone, MP3, MP4, PSP, Camera cet. Owing to its compact size and light weight,high capacity power supplyis very popular by mass people, especially by businessmen, music lovers, travelers and game fans, since it has been launched. Hardened surface makes it look compact and stylish. Pure color highlights your identity and your nobility.

High capacity power supply with high capacity 10000mAh can charge your digital devices on move several times. Unique startup and closedown function design enables your mobile phones

to cut down their self energy consuming to a minimum. A flashlight realizes the high energy-efficient automatically and two color LED indicates battery capacity. Five LEDs indicate battery capacity intuitive. In order to guarantee your digital devices’ security, high capacity power supply uses brand new design concept that two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically. When your digital devices are fully charged, charging and discharging overload protection will be started. High capacity power supply satisfies the most need of public. It is bound to be a new fashion trend in electronic world.

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Portable energy storage for iPhone


We have to admit that iPhone has a great influence in the mobile phone industry, and iPhone accessories also become very popular in the current market. Among those iPhone accessories, the portable energy storage for iPhone is kind of rechargeable external backup battery speciallly designed for emergency use.


As we know that there are a lot of iPhone users who are troubled by the small capacity of the iPhone built-in battery. Therefore many manufacturers take full advantage of this opportunity, developed various kinds of external backup batteries for these iPhone users according to their demand on the battery capacity. The portable energy storage for iPhone developed by SINOELE is a wonderful external backup battery for the iPhone users. As you can see from the below picture, when it is been connected to iPhone, it matches iPhone so perfectly that it just like a part of iPhone. It is all because that we designed the appearance of this portable energy storage for iPhone based on the study for every detail of iPhone. What’s more, the battery capacity of 2200mAh is the largest that we can make inside such a small body. It can fully charge iPhone for more than one time. So it is quite suitable for emergency use just in case your iPhone is power off suddenly when you are staying outside and inconvenient to charge your gadget.



The lithium polymer battery we used for this portable iPhone backup battery is the best one in the current market. Just trust us and you will not be disappointed.


For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

For retail, please visit our online shopping store:


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Power bank 10000mAh for cellphone

Power bank 10000mAh for cellphone is a kind of external portable charger. You can use power bank 10000mAh for cellphone charge for mobile phones and also suitable for tablet PC. Power bank 10000mAh with high capacity can supply the enough power to your device. Besides, it can charge 2 devices at the same time. So I think if you have many devices and this product can be a good helper for you.



Power bank 10000mAh for cellphone is a special charger we developed for Power Bank series. It is suitable for iphone, ipad and most of the popular phones & digital products. With super high capacity of 10000mAh, it can charge your iphone for SEVEN times. This means that if you use this dual USB power bank for your iphone, you just need to charge the gadget once a week even if you play with it frequently. Dual USB output port can charge for smartphones and tablet PC at the same time.




Power bank 10000mAh for cellphone made by Sinoele, the famous mobile phone accessories manufacturer. And many products in Sinoele is popular by many countries. The noble design and with ILM treatment makes all the products more attract the people's eyes. If you are interested in this kind of product you can visit the web site . If which one item you like you can contact me at . And we are very glad to welcome you entering a amazing world, and hope you also can enjoy the wonderful time.


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iPhone docking charger

How can I get a longer battery standby time for my iPhone? Maybe the biggest moan for iPhone is the limited power issue. You will be released from such annoying thing once you get this iPhone docking charger. No matter where you are, your can always get your iPhone charged by simply connected your iPhone with this iPhone docking charger.

iPhone docking charger makes it possible to charging iPhone without any cables. Well, you may find plenty of chargers or external batteries for iPhone, which can also provide emergency power, however the complex operation makes things not so easy. There are chargers, cables, extra tips etc. However, once you have this docking station for iPhone, you do not need any other accessories any more, you can charge your iPhone by connecting the docking station for iPhone, then it will start charging at once.

Since this iPhone docking charger has Apple interface, so you can use this one to charge all iPhone versions, as well as iPod. This small and pocket size charger will double your iPhone using time, as it contains 2200mAh battery capacity.

iPhone docking charger is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which will offer your iPhone and iPod extra backup power while you are away from power source. No matter where you are, you can extend your iPhone using time by simply connect the iPhone docking charger with your iPhone.

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China Cool Battery Charger Gadgets Wholesale


China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale is considered the biggest current market of various electronic products about mobile chargers in the whole world. Many battery charger gadgets distributors are much willing to get products from China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale. As the high speed development of mobile phones and tablets PCs, battery chargers become more and more important in our daily life. Therefore, China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale is rising rapidly following this trend and we can have a talk about some specific battery chargers provided by China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale.


This cool battery charger is the only type of colorful Power Bank that specially designed by SINOELE for those young ladies who prefer candy colors. With 5000mAh battery capacity and bright-colored appearance, it will be well received by the girls. Addition to that, it enjoys excellent performance when charging mobile phones and you needn’t worry about battery power the whole day when you are outside.


Following are more detail Features about China cool battery charger gadgets:



*IML treatment, anti-scratched surface

*Minimizing self -energy consuming

*Two-color LED indicates power input and output

*High energy-efficient flashlight

*Button operation, four LED indicate battery capacity

*Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically

*Charging and discharging overload protection


Besides, there are other battery chargers with different capacity provided by SINOELE China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale, such as 2000, 4000, 5200, 7000, 8000, 10000mAh for your option. SINOELE China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale will keep on updating mobile external battery with various capacity to meet with people’s different demand in the future. Any interest in China cool battery charger gadgets wholesale, you can pay attention to or contact Swallow directly.


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Standard battery chargers
Nowadays, smart phone play a more and more important role in the phone world. More and more people use smart phone as their daily communication tool and the standard battery chargers satisfies the demand of market. Sinoele is an electronic manufacturer which specializes in developing and producing phone accessories.
In order to meet the public need, our company has launched a new item calledstandard battery chargers. This new charger is well-designed and functional solution for supplying external power to any phones with Micro USB port and digital devices which are charged through Micro USB port. It is convenient for travel, music and game lovers because of its high capacity and small size. In recent one year, standard battery chargersattract wildly attention by businessmen and other people due to its practical value. As we all know, beautiful appearance maybe can seize people’s attention at first glance, but long attraction need good quality as the foundation. Therefore, the power supply function is good or not is the most important point. After standard battery chargers give you deep impression, you must want to know more about the products, for example the capacity, how many times can be used, and where could I buy standard battery chargers. Yu can read below information.

Standard battery chargers capacity: 2200mAh
Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
Battery cycle life: 500times
Battery charging time: 2~3 hours
If you need to buy online, you could click this link:
If you have any doubts or questions for standard battery chargers, or wholesale, you can contact following information:
Contact person: Miss Maggie
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iPhone/iPod/iPad charging solution


As is known to all, Apple's next iPhone ( iPhone 5, the new iPhone ) will likely be announced on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 and released on Friday, September 21, 2012. Everyone is waiting for its born. However, have you ever think about the battery power of iPhone, iPod or iPad? You know that its battery is so easy to run out and usually can't enjoy playing with it. We really can't wait to find a wonderful iPhone/iPod/iPad charging solution so that can catch up with the development of iPhone accessories.


When we are looking for a better iPhone/iPod/iPad charging solution, we can find various kinds of iPhone/iPod/iPad charging battery with a lot of different capacity, different quality and different prices. I write this article is aiming to provide some iPhone/iPod/iPad charging solutions for your reference when you are purchasing now.


l     If you like backup battery charger as iPhone charging solution, SINO-I2200- iPhone Power Station 2200mAh can be the best choice.




l     If you want to find a suitable iPod charging solution, SINO–I1800 – iPhone Power Station 1800mAh is the smallest and most perfect.




l     If you prefer big battery power storage for iPad charging solution, SINO-A10000 – Power Bank 10000mAh with dual USB output that can charging two devices at the same time.




Among above three items, I don’t know whether you can find your favourite iPhone/iPod/iPad charging solution since everyone has his own feeling. Moreover, more choices you can find in and if you have any problems or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact Swallow.


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Android Tablet PC power pack

We would recommend you an Android Tablet PC power pack if you are a tablet user. With this Android Tablet PC power pack, you could have a longer standby time and using time. TABLET devices are becoming the main stream education tool in most schools in most European countries, students are getting their homework issued with tablet devices, apart from that more and more corporations are issuing their sales team with tablet devices to make presentations etc.. However, while you are using your tablet PC, sometimes it shows low power, at this time we have to stop using or have to turn off. Well, things will get change if you have Android Tablet PC power pack along with you.

Android Tablet PC power pack is a rechargeable battery, while your Tablet PC out of power, you can use this one to power it up. Designed with novel and compact appearance, this power pack can match every type of Tablet devices. Combine with 10000mAh battery capacity, it can almost double your Tablet PC suing time. Moreover, it have dual USB output, that means this Android Tablet PC power pack can charge two devices at the same time.

Just take these factors into mind and your Tablet devices will undoubtedly perform well if you have this Android Tablet PC power pack. At the same time, your mobile phones can also be charged.

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Universal Mobile Phone Battery Charger Factory


Hi,friends! I'm here in Zhejiang, China, Where I've spent the past few years dealing with universal mobile phone battery charger factories about portable emergency mobile phone power- not only just for universal mobile phones, such as Nokia, HTC, blackberry, Samsung, iPone, Motorola, but also for iPad, tablet PCs. As a professional universal mobile phone battery charger factory in China, SINOELE has made great efforts to develop and update universal mobile phone battery chargers, who has perceived huge market potential of mobile phone accessories since it was established in 2008. To be a world leading universal mobile phone battery charger factory and supplier, SINOELE is always providing varieties of universal mobile phone battery chargers and employed the world advanced IMD technology.



To meet with different needs of consumers, SINOELE constantly adds newest products to the market of universal mobile phone accessories and iPhone accessories with 8 production lines.


There are three categories in SINOELE universal mobile phone battery charger factory:

l     Power Bank Series: various battery capacity with 6 connectors from 2000mAh to 10000mAh to meet the different needs of customers.

l     Power Station Series: iPhone Power Station and Micro USB Power Station with 1800mAh and 2200mAh.

l     Universal Charger Station: can charger 6 devices at the same time and compatible with more than 95% mobile phones in the current market.



The universal mobile phone battery chargers made in SINOELE universal mobile phone battery charger factory are all applied with IML treatment, anti-scratched surface and have charging and discharging overload protection when you charge your mobile phones fully.


As a China universal mobile phone battery charger factory, the aim of SINOELE is not only providing you innovative universal mobile phone accessories, but to provide you a wonderful solution for power consumption problems.


If have any interest in China universal mobile phone battery charger factory, please pay attention to the website: - supply more wonderful products for you and don't hesitate to contact Swallow.


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