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The Apple has updated iPhone to the 5th generation, perhaps many people already plan to buy it. But because of the economic crisis, the wiser choice is to update your cell phone batteries to replace the phone updates. Now maybe you have found the using time of your iPhone battery is getting shorter. You must always pay attention to your phone battery, whether is enough continue to work or not.Now you have the question as blow:

Q1: How to use your iphone most efficiently?

The answer is to extend the battery life of your iPhone .

Q2: How to extend its life?

I provide you a possible solution.

Cardiac pacemakers save lives in the most critical moment, and our power pacemaker will recover energy of your battery in emergency. The emergency mobile charger, power pacemaker with 2200mAh capacity, it can power iPhone more than one time and is a portable power pacemaker for iPhone4,iphone 4S as well as iPod, iPhone 3G&3GS etc. Is easy to charge your iPhone or iPod without cables with it and is the smallest dimension with highest capacity. Its built-in 2200mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery keeps your iPhone playing even when its internal battery runs out. It’s a great solution for short trips, hikes, or anytime you don’t have any access to an AC plug. 
Power pacemaker accompany your phone full time, charging phone anytime anywhere.

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Instant emergency power charger

Looking back to the development of instant emergency power charger, we can’t deny that every power charger in its period adopts technology with the time. Whether power bank 1000mAh at the beginning, or the latest product power bank 10000mAh are all designed for each time satisfaction. Therefore, power bank series can always catch people’s eyes. Many people didn’t understand why instant emergency power charger could lead the fashion for so long time. For this question I just want to say, there is need, there is market.
Facing with varieties of products in the current market, the majority of people have no idea about how many series of instant emergency power charger in the mobile phone electronic world. There are in Sino Electron two series emergency power chargers including of power bank series and mobile phone power station series.

Power bank series contain power bank 1000mAh to the latest power bank 10000 with different capacities in order to satisfy the promotion of current market. And mobile phone power station series with 1800mAh capacities which are designed for iphone and cell phones through mini and micro USB port without cable. 

Hence the name meaning, instant emergency power charger can supply power to your electronic devices instantly. Therefore, it is a rechargeable power charger. Emergency, yes, this power series could deal with short power problem of your devices in emergency. Because of high compatibility, power bank series are suitable for almost all mobile phones seen in the world, even ipad and tablet pc. In contract, every mobile phone power station is special designed for a kind of cell phone.
No matter what kind of instant emergency power charger is, all of them have similar mission that accompany your phone full time and charge it anytime and anywhere. Hence it can guarantee your entertainment time.


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Date: Aug, 8th 2012

Are you a mobile phone control?
Are you a game fan or video lover?
Are you interested in traveling?
If you are, whether you are still worried about short standby time of your mobile phone in emergency or not? Though you can easily find various emergency mobile chargers with different capacity and price in the current market, finding a battery charger with high quality and reasonable price is not easy for everyone. When buying emergency mobile chargers, we should not only considerate the brand, but also take own economic condition and the applicability of your attractive product, as we all know, brand is not everything, quality and price are more of importance for consumers.

In this article I want recommend you some tips by purchasing an emergency mobile charger:
Firstly, you should make sure which capacity is the best choice for you. According to your own applicability choose the most suitable product for you. The higher, the better, it is not always right in the market. Consumers should change this attitude when buying something.
Secondly, except beautiful appearance and unique design you should also take its material and treatment into consideration when making a decision. For example, emergency mobile chargers of our company Sino Electron use IML treatment and piano color in order to protect surface from scratching. This treatment can keep your emergency mobile charger compact and stylish.
Thirdly, pay attention to the scope of application. If there are two products with similar price, the one can only charge iphone, but the other one can charge both iphone and smartphone, there is no doubt that you will choose the latter.


There are various kinds of emergency mobile charger in the market. I really hope my suggestion can help you. More charger information could you go into our website:

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 Nowadays, a larger number of people use smart phone as their daily communication tool. When referring to smart phone, there is no doubt that man will also refer to micro USB. Smart phone play a more and more important role in the phone world and the external Micro USB chargers become the fashion need of market. There is need, there is market. Facing with various kinds of micro USB charger in the current market, how could customers choose a best one? In this article I want to indicate what your micro charger can do for you. The following I will make mobile charger 1800mAh for micro USB as example. Hope my indication can help you.

What can mobile charger 1800mAh for micro USB make contribution to your beautiful life?
1. Keep your life always power enough:
1800mAh capacity can make sure your smart phone with 850mAh to 900mAh capacity full power 2 times at least. This new charger is well-designed and functional solution for supplying external power to any phones and digital devices which are charged per Micro USB port without cables.
2. Extend your entertainment time:
Mobile charger 1800mAh for micro USB is necessary for travel enthusiasts, music lovers, the businessmen and the best gamer emergency things because of its high capacity and small size.
3. Highlight your identity and nobility:
Hardened surface and piano color catch people’s eyes anytime.
IML treatment protects your digital device from scratching.
Lithium battery makes sure that mobile charger 1800mAh for micro USB keeps pace with time and high quality.
As we all know, beautiful appearance maybe can seize people’s attention at first glance, but long attraction need good quality as the foundation. Therefore, according to your own condition to purchase suitable product is of more importance to consumers. Beautiful life should share with excellent device. Hope my article will make sense to you.



The New iPad external battery pack


There is a fierce argument aboutthe new iPad external battery pack in several iPad accessories and mobile phones chargers forums. Someone holds that the new iPad is enough to provide power for watching movies, playing games, surfing in Internet and send or receiving business emails. However, others don`t agree with that. They assume a situation that if you ask for more than 10 hours battery power but there isn`t any electricity source to charge, what could you do when you need to reply an important email without any delay. Hereby, the new iPad external battery pack reflects its importance and plays a significant role in normal life.
When you are a business trip, the new iPad external battery pack extends your iPad working time, even for video phones. When you are on journey, the new iPad external battery pack helps you killing your time when you are bored in the car. When you are on a hiking, the new iPad external battery pack delivery good power for you have to make a call to your partners. Whenever you need power to your iPad, this powerful and impressive iPad external battery pack will be your good partner.


Battery Type:
Lithium polymer
Battery capacity:
DC 5.1V 2A
DC 5.0V 1A
Battery charging time:
7.5~8.5 hours
6 tips: iPhone, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia, Samsung D800, Samsung G600 and one USB cable.
Gift box, hanging box, blister

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Travelling charger with dual USB ports
How excited! It will be my unforgettable journey to HK. It is my first time to go out only with friends and without parents’ control. Freedom is calling and we can`t help to run after it. Now I pack all my necessary stuff, from clothing to digital devices into my luggage box. What I can`t leave behind is a traveling charger with dual USB ports which my parents bought for me when we were together travelling last time. Speaking of last travelling, this Travelling charger with dual USB ports help us a lot and made me know how to appreciated my parents and how to express our love.

Last two months ago, I and my parents planned to visit the grand and magnificent Yellow Mountain which was famous for its peculiar and queer stones and mountains. It was a long time to go there and I was playing my iPhone and my iPad all time in order to kill time. And not realize mobile phones battery running out until there was an impact. What happened? It was the time to have a rest and have something to eat. After having an enough meal, I was going back to my seat. But I couldn`t find my car any more. Where was it? Damn it, the car was already going on its road without me. What Could I do with this power off iPhone and I left my charger on the car. My parents would also be crazy to look for me. But without any mobile phones, how could I contact with them? You may say to ask others to help you. How strange it was! No one agreed to borrow me who thought I`m a liar.

I was as worried as a busy ant until I saw a travelling charger with dual USB ports. It is along with dual USB ports, compatible for iPhone and iPad charging at same time. Its high capacity 10000mAH is already enough to charge my iPhone several times. And its high speeding charging time allows me to contact my parents immediately. How much appreciation I owe this travelling charger with dual USB ports!
And now, every time I go out, my parents and my, won`t forget to put this travelling charger with dual USB ports into our bags.
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Backup power pack for iPad

Are you hunting for a backup power pack for iPad? The original battery may support 6-7 hours for browsing, chatting, gaming and anyything else. You need a backup power pack for iPad that would extend your iPad using time. Now you may take a look at the backup power pack for iPad from Sinoele, which is a cool unit.

It seems not so easy for iPad users to get a good backup power pack for iPad since are so many brands of backup power with different capacity. Now Sinoele offer you a more versatile solution to charge your iPad as well as your mobile devices. This backup power pack for iPad comes with six different connectors, which works for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy etc, Moreover it can charges any digital products via USB output. With 5200mAh battery capacity, it can always provide you emergency power while you need in any occasion.

Despite the high compatibility, the outstanding appearance is also quite impressive. It adopts IML surface process, which making the surface more glossy and just like a mirror. No matter what digital devices you are charging, this backup power pack for iPad can always matches them well.

Once you have this backup power pack for iPad, you can fully enjoy with your iPad without worrying about the limited power problem. This backup power pack for iPad will help to extend your iPad using time.

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Rechargeable power station for Blackberry
Rechargeable power station for Blackberry is a power storage battery charger using in an emergent situation or business journey when Blackberry requires power. Wherever you go and whenever you demand power to charge Blackberry, rechargeable power station for blackberry obviously is your best choice.

Rechargeable power station for Blackberry adopts high technology IML treatment, same processing as iPhone itself, and surface brighter and smoother. Specially design for Blackberry, perfect match, fully charging Blackberry one time. Circuit is designed to charging and overcharging overload protect. Powerful function design cut down self-energy consuming. What`s more, there are 3 blue LED indicating remaining power, showing charging and discharging situation.

Rechargeable power station for blackberry has a great market potential already due to its various obvious advantages and features.
Just plug in and play for instant power
Charging blackberry fully on time, also compatible for all Micro USB Android phones
Charge and discharge at the same time
IML treatment, 2H hardness surface, Smoother and brighter, perfect match Blackberry
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iPhone emergency external battery

Do you know how many people are using iPhone? The number may be countless. iPhone is indeed a popular mobile phone, thus all related iPhone accessories become hot sellings, such as iPhone emergency external battery. Obviously, iPhone emergency external battery is a backup power, while your iPhone is out of power, this iPhone emergency external battery will deliver emergency power to your iPhone.

Let's get to see what are the amazing features of this iPhone emergency external battery.

Matches iPhone perfectly
IML surface process making the surface more glossy and shinning, getting similar visual enjoyment as iPhone. No matter what occasion you are, this iPhone emergency external battery can always matches your iPhone perfectly.

Classic color
You can choose black or white color to match your iPhone.

Fully charge your iPhone
This small storage battery contains 2200mAh capacity, which can double your iPhone using time.

Easy operation
You may get your iPhone charged simply by connect it with iPhone charging interface. This iPhone emergency external battery allows you to charge your iPhone without any cables and connectors.

While you are charging, you can continue enjoying any function of iPhone, with such a iPhone emergency external battery, you can always have backup power with you.

Interested in iPhone emergency external battery, pls contact Nikita at or, or you may call direct line at 86-576-81106913.


Android tablet replacement charger

Android tablet replacement charger, the huge storage power station for the mobile phones and tablet PC. If you are the pursuer of the high technology products and digital products, and I think you must own the tablet PC for yourself. Certainly, there are also many reasons for you to buy the tablet PC. First, the small size is very convenient to carry. Second, the reasonable price makes the people can accept it. Third, the useful process is the people always used. So now more and more people choose the tablet PC.



Above the advantages of the android tablet, also the coin has two sides, so there are also have the disadvantages. And I think the most let you confused maybe the power problem. You know there are many interesting games in the android tablet, in order to deal with the power problem, android tablet replacement charger is born. Android tablet replacement charger is the high capacity battery charger.



And this kind of product you can carry it to anywhere. The generous design makes the users more noble. Android tablet replacement charger has the luxury package, so it also is one wonderful gift.

So if you are the android tablet user, you should take one android tablet replacement charger for yourself to enjoy the beautiful life. And I must say that when you own theandroid tablet replacement charger, the wonderful life will be with you.


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5v lithium battery power pack

with the lithium battery power pack coming into the market, 5v lithium battery power pack can be the tender of the users choose the power pack for the mobile phones. And this voltage can meet match with the all the smartphone in the current market. When you choose the external charger for your mobile phones, and I think no one wish the external charger make the damage for the devices. So the 5v lithium battery power pack is the users first choice.



5v lithium battery power pack is the external battery charger for the almost the smartpphone and others 5v devices. This emergency portable charger is suitable for charging Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, and other Smartphone, MP3, MP4, PSP, Camera cet. Owing to its compact size and light weight. When you go a travelling, it must the best partner supply the power to the devices. Then you can enjoy the beautiful views and enjoy the wonderful time. No matter who will like to have the journey like what I say that. 5v lithium battery power pack, actually is the hot staff battery charger in the current time.



If you are like the fashion, like the fashion products. If you are the travelling lovers, like go anywhere with the friends. If you are the business man or woman, meed to take some time travel to and fro in different place. Then I will let you know 5v lithium battery power pack may be your first consider partner. And when you own it, you will feel surprised with it.



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Universal energy generator


The development of power bank is very fast during these two years. Now there are various kinds of power banks sold in digital malls. But as far as I know, the most powerful power bank in the current market is designed with two output ports only. It is enough for personal use, but there should be a one which is specially designed for public use. Faced with such a situation, SINOELE developed a kind of charging station which we called it universal energy generator.


Not the same as power bank, there is no battery inside the universal energy generator, it is a kind of charging station that need a power line to connect it to the socket to get the electricity. Then you can charge your mobile phone via this universal energy generator. The most obvious feature of the universal energy generator is its powerful charging system. With 4 output ports on the top surface, and 2 USB ports near the bottom, it can both charge 6 mobile phones at the same time. The 10 replaceable connectors can match with 95% of the smartphones in the current market, including iPhone. So it will be quite helpful if there is such a universal energy generator in the public place, such as hotel, restaurant, bar, office, or even at home.



If you are a boss who own a hotel, or restaurant, bar, company, I think you should consider to buy it for your customers or workers. As an ordinary consumer, you can also take a look at this universal energy generator, maybe your family will need it.

For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

For retail, please visit our online shopping store:


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