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Mobile phone backup battery

No matter you are Android user or iPhone user, the most important you concern is the battery problem, a mobile phone backup battery can save the day while you run out of power.This version of mobile phone backup battery works with different brands of phones, depending on the different connectors you use.It comes with 6 tips which are iPhone, micro USB, mini USB, Samsung D800, Samsung G600, Nokia 2.0mm. With those different connectors, you are able to charge 95% mobile devices at moment, also you can charge any other electronic devices through USB cable.

Nowadays, most mobile phones only get one original battery and some mobile phones like iPhone, the battery is not removable. If you make a lot of calls and send messages constantly, then obviously you need a backup with you.

There are always different brands of backup batteries in current market, they might all works nice, but for you, a portable one with fashion appearance would be the best. This mobile phone backup battery is the best choice for you. With IML surface process, this backup battery get more glossy and shinning shell just like iPhone, also it matches every devices well no matter at any occasion. Meanwhile, its pocket size will offer you much more convenience while you are out.

Get portable power for your mobile devices with this mobile phone backup battery. You will find extra backup power no matter you are.

Posted by Nikita
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Multifunctional charger for android phones
Multifunctional charger for Android phones bring a lot convenience to us who have more than 3 mobile phones have to be charged at same time, such as at office or at home when one plug can`t meet our charging demand. Multifunctional charger for Android phones solves the problem of tangled cables when more than 3 mobile phones charge at same time. Multifunctional charger for Android phones realize 6 digital devices charging at same time, iPhone, blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, all of which can be charged at same time in a relatively fast speed. Also it is not only a multifunctional charger, but also an object of arts.

Compared to other multifunctional charger for Android phones in market, Sinoele multifunctional chargers have its own features and advantages. Besides adopting IML treatment on surface, smoother and brighter, Sinoele multifunctional chargers adopt replaceable adaptors to charge different Android phones. It is along with 10 optional adaptors, that`s why Sinoele multifunctional chargers are high compatible and most popular in market those days.
It would be in a high price as it is such a good item to collect and get one. It is wrong if that is what you think. Sinoele multifunctional Charger for Android phones price will give you a surprise and will let you crazy to get it.
                Or contact me: Miss Connie
PS: If you get our info from this platform, you can get some discount on SINOELE multifunctional charger for Android phones.

Post by Miss Connie


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Multiple tablet battery chargers

I want to have a multiple tablet battery charger which offers emergent power to my tablets anytime anywhere.

I want to have a multiple tablet battery charger which has a high capacity at least 5000mAH.

I want to have amultiple tablet battery charger which can charge my tablets and my Android phones at same time.
I want to have a multiple tablet battery charger which is high compatible for all tablets, at least compatible for iPad and Samsung Galaxy.
I want to have a multiple tablet battery charger which offers high speed charging and long standby time.
I want to have a multiple tablet battery charger which have all above advantages and features, of course, it is better if it has more features.

Sinoele, a professional iPhone/iPad accessories manufacturer, release a dual USB ports tablet battery charger which owns all advantages of what I want. It has dual USB output with 5V 2A/ 5V 1A, compatible for iPad and Samsung Galaxy as well as most Android phones in market. With 10000mAH, Sinoele multiple tablet battery charger could fully charge iPad and Samsung at one time, extending 8-10hours working time. What`s more, it adopts IML treatment on surface, smoother and brighter, piano black/white showing its nobility in an unique way. Of course, it is both for leaders` gifts and friend`s gifts. It can be widely welcomed among businessmen, travel enthusiasts, game lovers……
Sinoele multiple tablet battery charger lives up to our taste and imagination about tablet battery charger. I love it and can`t help to getting one. Will share with you my using experience after using it.
Post by Miss Connie
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Promotional power charger maker
SINOELE as a leading promotional power charger maker in China, we have to upgrade our technical and technology all the time to catch buyer’s demand. Meanwhile we enrich production selection and promotional items ranging.


Due to the promotion subject, the wide selection of advertising gifts ensures that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for to promote your business. Our products rang include promotion power charger, iphone accessories, Christmas gift Universal charging station. As professional promotional power charger maker can provide your target item. We take every care to meet with our customer requirements for promotional power charger maker. The key words for promotional power charger maker is experience, excellent service, quick turnaround and the best promotion items at the affordable prices. These keywords determine SINOELE can give you a surprise. If you doubt that what item you should choose. It is easy case, SINOELE will provide you whole solution. That is say I will know what is suitable for your market and your customers.
Sinoele with five years production experience, we devote to develop more products, and try our best to become the best Promotional power charger maker.

Posted by: Maggie


Date: Sep 24th 2012

iPhone emergency battery charger

All related iPhone accessories are popular since iPhone is such an amazing mobile, so does this iPhone emergency battery charger. iPhone has bring users more than enjoy, however the limited battery also caused some inconvenience, most of us have come across annoying situation while the battery dead. You are looking for power source everywhere to power it up. Well, you don't have to worry about the power issue any more while you have this iPhone emergency battery charger.

Generally speaking, iPhone emergency battery charger is a small storage battery contain power inside, while your iPhone is power off, this rechargeable battery will deliver emergency power to your iPhone, and keep your iPhone working. Obviously you will find plenty of chargers for iPhone, why this iPhone emergency battery charger is such outstanding?

This iPhone emergency battery charger is specially designed for iPhone all generations, such as iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S as well as iPod. Using IML surface process, this iPhone emergency battery charger has achieve similar effect as iPhone. With 2200mAh battery capacity, this charger can double your iPhone using time. No matter where you are, you can simply connect this charger with your iPhone charging port, then this iPhone emergency battery charger will start charging your iPhone.

No matter for personal use or presented as gift for your friends, this iPhone emergency battery charger is totally a nice choice.

Posted by Nikita
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2012 Best android battery widget

As time goes by, we all know that iPhone 5 has come out with a great mass fervour. However, Samsung still occupies a large market sharing with iPhone. 2012 best android battery widget is a newest invention which can work out the big problem of fast and large power consumption. Moreover, varies 2012 best android battery widgets you may find charge for Samsung or other mobile phones in the market. It can’t be really a big headache to choose the 2012 best android battery widget for every phone user.


Around with me, some of my friends are using Samsung mobile phones and fast power consumption is the biggest thing that they always complain. Every time they go out without socket, they have to be temperate in playing with their mobile phones worrying about scanty battery power. Now, this 2012 best android battery widget can effectively solved this problem and you can have extended battery using time.


With 1800mAh battery capacity, 2012 best android battery widget is an emergency external smart battery not only for Samsung, but also for many other smartphones, such as Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, HTC, and some other digital devices with micro USB charging port. Following are some technical parameters and pictures of this 2012 best android battery widget:




Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 500mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Dimensions: 61*37*15.5mm
Weight: 48g


Addition to that, 2012 best android battery widget has two outstanding features:

For one thing, its stylish design and compact size made it a classical appearance;For another thing, its anti-scratched surface is made with IML process, which can make it durable and abrasion resistance. You needn’t worry about the safety since it enjoys charging and discharging with overload protection.


Everyone has his or her own feeling after using this 2012 best android battery widget, try it to enjoy a better and wonderful life. Any interest, please kindly pay attention to or contact Swallow directly.


Posted by Swallow

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Portable docking station for iPhone 4s
Portable docking station for iPhone 4s is a rechargeable battery pack specially designed for iPhone 4s, offering emergent power to iPhone 4s anytime anywhere. Compatible for iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 3Gs/3G as well as iPod series, Portable docking station for iPhone 4s gets quite positive feedback from market. Easy operating, just plug and play, delicate appearance with IML surface treatment, Sinoele portable docking station for iPhone 4s can fully charging iPhone 4s one time with 2200mAH capacity, extending more than 8 hours working time.
Most people are interested in this iPhone docking station for iPhone 4s while they still have several questions about it.
Frequently Asked Questions ofPortable docking station for iPhone 4s:
  • Can I make a call while Portable docking station for iPhone 4s is still charging?
You can charge and use your iPhones without moving Portable docking station for iPhone 4s, connecting without cables.
  • What is the advantage for turning Portable docking station for iPhone 4s into stand-by mode?
Using stand-by model when you don`t need it will extend its battery life.
  • What is the best way to charge Portable docking station for iPhone 4s?
Connect Portable docking station for iPhone 4s to an adapter using our Micro USB cable or just plugging into computers.
  • Could we print our own prefer pictures?
Besides classic piano black/White, Sinoele launch some new outlooks on Portable docking station for iPhone 4s. Just provide your favorite pictures; we can make Portable docking station for iPhone 4s custom-made for you.
  • How many charging cycles does Portable docking station for iPhone 4s have?
The lithium-polymer battery of Portable docking station for iPhone 4s is rechargeable for over 500 times.
 If you have any interesting in this Portable docking station for iPhone 4s, please feel free to contact me.
Post by Miss Connie
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Android mid tablet charger

Nowadays, businessmen would like to get an Android mid tablet charger while for business trip. Android tablet has brought them much more convenience, however the limited power always concern them, with an Android mid tablet charger, the using time of tablet will be extended.

Generally speaking, Android mid tablet charger is a rechargeable storage battery contains power which will charge your electronic devices out of power. This charger for tablet is design with novel appearance, with IML surface process, this tablet charger matches every devices perfectly while charging.

It's built in 5200mAh battery capacity can offer you emergency power while you are away from power plug or electricity. You are allowed to playing your tablet while you are charging. Along with 6 selectable connectors, this Android mid tablet charger can charge most mobile phones via those different connectors. Also you may charge any 5V tablet PC via original cables. This strong compatibility has made this Android mid tablet charger a universal charger for all your digital devices.

With the Android mid tablet charger, it become more easy to allow businessmen or travelers to charge their devices at any occasion. If you do feel the limited power issue, you need additional battery life, what should you do? This Android mid tablet charger would be the best solution for you!

Posted By Nikita
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iPhone external battery charger

With users increasing of iPhone mobile phones, and there are also many accessories for iPhone in the market. There is iPhone external battery charger is very popular during all over the world. As the iPhone external battery charger, we are specializing in the top and high quality battery charger for iPhone.



iPhone external battery charger has one output and one input. And the input also is one of the most popular Micro USB interface. And when the wireless charger have no power you just contact it to the computer with the cable. And when you use it, just plug the charger with your iPhone then it can work. Maybe many people will think that when the charging, I can't use iPhone. But here I can tell you that when iPhone external battery charger works you can use your iPhone do everything. You can listen music, see the movie or take the photo. All about that when you use iPhone external battery charger, it doesn't influence any function of iPhone.




The size of iPhone external battery charger is very small. You can put it anywhere, and it also can save the space for you. When power off just take out iPhone external battery charger, and you can solve everything. If you always have the power off problem, iPhone external battery charger can be the gift you need.


Posted by Lisa



Android Booster Battery

As the nowadays society marketing going, android booster battery is becoming a more and more popular item for so many android mobile phone users. Due to the flooding of android mobile phones and tablets in the market, portable and multifunctional electronic products seem to be a new life style for human being, especially in metropolis in different countries. When you go out to some public places, such as bar, metro, coffee house, street, station and so on, you can always easily find people watching videos or playing games with android tablets. Android booster battery can be the best partner for mobile phone and tablet’s charging demand.


Android booster battery can not only be compatible with android mobile phones and tablets, but also with Nokia, iPod, mp3, PSP, iPad, etc. Considering the high battery consumption of electronics, android booster battery powers up with 10000mAh battery capacity, which means that it can charge for iPhone to full battery 5 times and charge for iPad to full battery 1 time. At the same time, this Android booster battery has dual USB charging port, which realizing charge a mobile phone and a tablet at the same time as an external battery for emergency. Addition to that, including six different connectors interchangeable, this android booster batterycan be suitable for most smartphones and tablet PCs in the market, like Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, ect.



Apart from general introduction of Android booster battery , I’d like to provide some tips on maintenance for your reference as following:
* Please keep the device in dry place. Rainwater, moisture, various liquids may damage electronic components and circuit boards.
* Please do not store the device in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and make certain plastics become old.
* Do not drop, knock or shake the device. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.

All in all, hope everyone can hold an android booster battery for emergency and it can bring you a more wonderful life. Any interest, please kindly pay attention to


Posted by Swallow

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         Micro USB charger for HTC

Now more and more people use HTC mobile phones, the fashion design be popular during the users. If you are the HTC mobile phones users, you should know the interface of that is the Micro port. Micro USB charger for HTC is a kind of design for the Micro interface mobile phones.

When you go outside, and you forget to charge the mobile phone. Maybe when the emergency situation happen, you have no method to do. But when you bring the Micro USB charger for HTC, you don't worry the similar problem happens to you. If your mobile phone can match the Micro USB charger for HTC, you will can do what you want.



Besides, we also know that there are many interesting games in the HTC, sometimes you maybe forget the time even don't know the mobile phone have no power. But I want to tell you that, don't worry, at that time you just to contact with Micro USB charger for HTC. And the 1800mAh capacity can supply the enough power.

Micro USB charger for HTC, is a amazing product. The generous appearance makes more user choose them send to the friends as the gift, and the Christmas will coming, so you also pick one for your best friends or families. If you are still have that, I think you should take action to prepare for the important day.

Posted by Lisa





iPhone 5 battery pack
iPhone 5 launch on Sep 12, maybe you already expect for a long time. Of course, someone likes me also eager for iphone 5. Our customers search for iphone 5 accessories products urgently. In order to meet with custome demand, we devote to develop iPhone 5 battery pack. As we know Apple changed charging port, so all the related iphone 5 accessories will adopt 8pin lightning connector. We have got the 8pin lightning connector now, the next step is developing iphone 5 battery pack. We expect iphone 5 battery pack will come into market within a month.
Let us have a brief outlook of iPhone 5 battery pack.
We continue to the compact style of before generation products.
iPhone 5 battery pack will wear the color of classic piano black.
For the capacity, there will be different capacity as consumer’s demand. For example the capacity ranges from 4000mAh to 10000mAh.
So please stay tuned! We can give a new look of iPhone 5 battery pack.
Posted by: Maggie
Skype: sino-ele-1
Date: Sep, 15 2012