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Samsung Galaxy battery charger

As a manufacture of mobile phone accessories, every moment SINOELE cares about which accessory is more popular in the current market. After the iPhone accessories, we are focusing on the battery charger for Samsung Galaxy.

Before, iPhone has another name of “street phone”. It was clearly the time of iPhone. But now, another mobile phone giant called Samsung. There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy series attract too much attention of the world. The wide screen becomes a hot topic among some mobile phone fans. There are many advantages of Samsung Galaxy, but the amazing power consumption is a particular problem. It seems like a common problem with the Smart phones.

Faced to the shorter and shorter using time of the battery, except to not using too often, choosing an external battery charger for it is a good idea. SINOELE as a manufacture of mobile phone accessories has produced many kinds of external battery or portable battery charger for all mobile phones in the current market. Following are products range of SINOELE:



 iPhone Power Station/ Micro USB Power Station
 Power Bank 4000
 Power Bank 5000
 Power Bank 5200
 Power Bank 8000
 Power Bank 10000

Except to the iPhone Power Station, all other battery chargers have the port of micro USB. En the Power Bank series, SINOELE supplies a set of connectors, which include 6 tips selectable. So you can choose anyone from them to match Samsung mobile phones.

Power Bank series of SINOELE supply the better Samsung Galaxy battery charger.

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Emergency charger for micro USB input mobiles


With the rapid development of emergency charger, now you can find various kinds of them in the current market. Except the traditional charger Power Bank, there is another type of emergency charger for micro USB input mobiles. It is a kind of male-female pass through battery charger which can supply emergency electricity to all of smartphones with micro USB input ports. No need the interchangeable connectors or USB cable. Just plug it into related mobile phone, it will start the charging whenever you need and wherever you are.



This kind of emergency charger for micro USB input mobiles is so compact that it is very portable for carrying. You even can’t feel its existence when you put it in your pocket or handbag. As the picture shows, when it is connected to mobile phone, it matches with the mobile phone so perfectly that it looks like a part of it. Therefore some users will keep its connecting as they like. Due to its compact size, usually the capacity of this battery charger is smaller than Power Bank. There are two types of this charger in SINOELE, one is 1800mAh, the other is 2200mAh. They are very suitable for emergency use just in case that your mobile phone is powered off when you are staying outside. That’s why we named it.



Now 85% of the smartphones are designed with micro USB input ports. The emergency charger for micro USB input mobiles has a wide rang of application. It will be very useful for a lot of mobile phone users.

For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

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Wireless charger for iPhone

iPhone as one of the most popular mobile phone, attract so many users to use iPhone. And all we know that there are many interesting games in iPhone, sometimes the battery can’t supply such power for the mobile phone. So thewireless charger for iPhone can be the hot selling products in the current market.



As one of wireless charger for iPhone manufacturer, Sinoele have two typical wireless charger of iPhone Power Station series, which are iPhone Power Station 1800 and iPhone Power Station 2200. There are such the same kinds of battery charger with the different storage capacity. The smaller size is with normal capacity, and the bigger one is with the higher capacity. Then, you can choose them according to your exactly require.

It is really an external battery for iPhone. Following are some advantages of iPhone Power Station 1800 & iPhone Power Station 2200:

 Easy to charge your iPhone or iPod without cables
 Compact size for easy taking in your pockets
 Stylish design highlight your identity and your nobility
 The most advanced IML craft surface process
 Selectable colors for your option
 Suitable for charging your iPhone perfect
 Certificates of CE, FCC, ROHS, REACH

Above the advantages belongs to the wireless charger for iPhone, and I believe that from these information, you can make a right option from SINOELE.


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Consumer iPhone Power Solutions 


With the development of Apple company, iPhone becomes more and more popular in the society, which leads another big problem. Do you know what? You may have the same problem called battery power problem. Therefore, we have to find more consumer iPhone power solutions to solve this problem. Following is the solution I provide to help you something:


* iPhone Power Station 1800mAh/2200mAh- consumer iPhone power solutions

Plug-in battery charger for iPhone 4/4S, 1800mAh can charge for iPhone 4 fully one time, 2200mAh can charge for iPhone 4S fully one time, since iPhone 4 inside battery capacity is a little larger than iPhone 4S. Both kinds can match iPhone perfectly and charge iPhone freely whenever and wherever your iPhone need power, can't be better consumer iPhone power solutions.


* External mobile phone battery charger with 5200mAh - consumer iPhone power solutions

 It can charge 98% mobile phones in the market, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry and any other digital devices. Generally, 5200mAh consumer iPhone power solution can charge iPhone 2 or 3 times. When you go out for business or travelling, this consumer iPhone power solution can be your good partner.

SINOELE persist in producing various consumer iPhone power solutions for all iPhone and mobile phone users many years and hope these consumer iPhone power solutions can be useful in the daily life of everyone. Any interest, please kindly pay attention to or contact Swallow directly.


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External pocket battery for smartphones

As we know that the external pocket battery for smartphones are becoming more and popular during these years. In the current market, there are two main types of external pocket batteries for smartphones. One is Power Bank, which is suitable for a large part of smartphones with 6 interchangeable connectors and 1 USB cable. The other is Power Station, which is a plug-in battery charger and only fit for one type of mobile phone input ports.


Started in 2008, SINOELE has a lot of experiences in researching and developing external pocket battery for smartphones. All of consumers can find at least one type of Power Bank from SINOELE which catches their eyes. Some of them are designed with a flashlight for emergency use. Some others are designed with dual USB output ports which can both charge two devices at the same time, including iPhone and iPad.



Power Station is a kind of male-female pass through battery charger wich can charge smartphones soon after it is plugged into mobile phone. Without any tips and cable. Now there are two types of Power Stations in SINOELE, that is iPhone Power Station and micro USB Power Station. As the name shows, iPhone Power Station is only fit for iPhone, while micro USB Power Station is specially designed for the mobile phones with micro USB input ports.



The industry of external pocket battery for smartphones is vibrant along with the development of smartphones. Let’s wait and see if there will be a great reform in the new future.

For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

For retail, please visit our online shopping store:

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Portable mobile power charger

Never worry about your mobile phone power while you have this portable mobile power charger. Portable mobile power charger is a rechargeable battery which will provide emergency power to a variety of handheld devices through USB output or different connectors.

There are plenty of such portable mobile power charger in current market. If you are considering to get one, then you may take several points into consideration.

First, choosing suitable capacity according to your demand. If you are a businessmen, students or traveller, then you'd better choose a superior capacity one. At this moment, a portable mobile power charger with 5200mAh, 8000mAh or 10000mAh would be better.

Second, the most important is the quality. A good-quality portable mobile power charger should have a well appearance and inside structure. The most common built-in battery while most manufacture use is the lithium polymer, however some manufactures just use bad quality or recycled battery, which would be very dangerous.

Third, price. Obviously for most buyers, price is one of the main factor before they buy. To find a good quality one with reasonable price would be the best for them.

If you are also looking for a portable mobile power charger, then you may find SINOELE would be a nice choice.

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Christmas purchase --power pack
Christmas is coming, have your company plan to arrange Christmas purchasing? If you need some solutions for reference, we could supply to you. We are SINOELE, SINOELE is top mobile phone power pack manufacturer in China. We have cooperated with Honda and NISSAN for Christmas purchase power pack of promotional gift. And they continue place order with us for Christmas purchase power pack. We can provide mobile phone power bank, Universal charging station, iPhone emergency battery three solution, from the appearance design to the packaging design, also for the after sale service.      

SINOELE could supply perfect products Christmas purchase --power pack and service base on large scale factory, advanced technology and five years production experience. There are five features for special treatment.  
1.     IML treatment, anti-scratched surface when you use power pack.
2.     Minimizing self-energy consuming.
3.     Button operation, LED indicates battery capacity
4.     Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.
5.     Charging and discharging overload protection when charger your device fully.

In addition, we accept small quantity order for Christmas purchase power pack. If you are troubled with which products you must choose as promotional item, Christmas purchase power pack will be one of the best items. And SINOELE is the right supplier for your company.
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Date: Sep 27th, 2012

Docking station for iPhone 5 2200mAh


When iPhone 5 comes out, many people are eager to find external docking station for iPhone 5 2200mAh to deal with the power consumption. To tell you the truth, there are many different battery capacity of docking station for iPhone 5 produced by manufactures in China, especially in Shenzhen. It is really a headache thing to find a suitable docking station for iPhone 5 and since the inside battery capacity of iPhone 5 is about 1400mAh, 2200mAh docking station can be the best choice, which can charge full battery for iPhone 5 one time.


Docking station for iPhone 5 2200mAh is a unique small battery station without any cables when charging for iPhone 5. Compared with Li-ion battery, lithium polymer battery is safer and more stable. In my opinion, man-carried, good performance and safety are three important points that should be taken into account while choosing a perfect docking station for iPhone 5 2200mAh.





Here below you will find the amazing features of docking station for iPhone 5 2200mAh.

Portability, performance and safety are three important points that should be taken into account when choosing the perfect docking station. The Docking Station for iPhone 5 2200mAh is the perfect choice in all three areas:

  • · This unique compact battery station is highly portable, charging without the need for cables.
  • · Docking stations are produced with many different charging capacities. The 2200mAh docking station will fully charge the iPhone 5 battery faster than lower capacity chargers.
  • · Compared to the Li-ion battery, the lithium polymer battery of the Docking Station for iPhone 5 2200mAh is safer and more stable.

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iPad external charger pack

Do you ever think about that choose one iPad external charger pack for your iPad? Do you also boring with the power off when you are using your iPad done your interested thing? And now I can tell you a good news there is a kind iPad external charger pack come into the market. You will never worried about have no power this problem.



iPad external charger pack made by Sinoele, one of famous mobile phones accessories manufacturer in China, there are many products are the iPad external charger pack. The iPad external charger pack in Sinoele, have different capacities. It including 5200mAh, 8000mAh and 10000mAh. They all can supply the enough power to iPad. And with the increasing, the product's function also more outstanding.



For example, the capacity is 10000mAh, this product own two USB and it can charger two devices at the same time. The appearance of the iPad external charger pack, I think when you see it you can't move your eyes from it. And 5200mAh and 8000mAh capacity products can be suitable for the mobile phones also can charge for the table. And I can say that they all the external charger pack for iPad. No matter when your daily life or your travel life, iPad external charger pack can be one of your necessary partner.



If you want to change the situation from cut power, and enjoy your life. You should take the iPad external charger pack with you. It can help you deal with the emergency problem let you have a happy and unforgettable moment.


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Renewable Power Solutions


Hi, friends, today I want to let you know we are professional manufacture of renewable power solutions, whose name is SINOELE. After 5 years of owning and producing renewable power solutions, we have opened a big market and provided business service all over the world. I fully understand the trails of renewable power solutions’ performance and the expense of new battery chargers for all mobile phones and digital devices. With so high development of the society, I really have no doubt that renewable power solutions can be widely used for varies consumer electronics in nowadays, since battery power of many electronic products is so easily to run out.



There are two kinds of renewable power solutions:


1.     5000mAh colorful power bank

l     Nine different colors for your option;

l     Super battery capacity 5000mAh;

l     Six different connectors compatible for 98% mobile phones and tablet pc in the market.


2.     1800mAh – 2200mAh power station series

l     Two kinds power station: Micro USB Power Station and iPhone Power Station

l     1800mAh and 2200mAh for your option

l     Charge your mobile phone without any cable

l     Plug-in battery charger for emergency with smart appearance


What I said above is just suggest for your choose and hope you can find your favourite and best suitable renewable power solutions for yourself. If you want to know about more information, can provide you what you need or contact Swallow directly.



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Portable power chargers suppliers

Portable power chargers suppliers, I think with the development of the society, there are more and more suppliers will produce the product to meet the demand of the customers. And portable power chargers suppliers will be the one of them. As one portable power chargers suppliers, Sinoele as one mobile phones accessories manufacturers always supply the high top quality products to the consumer. And Sinoele continue to develop and also keep the pace of updated market information.





We all know that recently years, the consumer electronic products can be the hot selling products in the current marker. More and more manufacturers to produce the relative products. And as one of the portable power chargers suppliers, Sinoele keep in researching and development the news goods, and be worth to say, the result is very excellent. More and more buyers like our product and more and more Sinoele's portable power chargers come into users eyes. And portable power chargers suppliers Sinoele, become more and more popular during the portable power chargers suppliers.



Although more and more suppliers, and I know that everyone want to choose the right product. And people want to choose the portable power charger suitable for their devices. And when the mobile phones have the emergency problem, the portable power chargers suppliers product can help you deal with the problem. When you choose the correct product, I think you should have the good feeling just you enter a amazing world. And hope as the portable power chargers suppliers of Sinoele, can be your choice.


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Promotional Christmas gifts inspiration
It is a season for purchasing Christmas gifts. It is a headache to select Christmas gifts when most Christmas gifts are almost same without any innovation and unique design expect Christmas trees, lights, candy, toys. Christmas is a festival to show our great gratitude to our family members and leaders and say thank you. Of course, we want to offer our appreciation in a good way of unique and delicate Christmas gifts. We get some promotional Christmas gifts inspiration from other many website and to recollect them. Hope those promotional Christmas gifts inspiration helps you lot.
Promotional Christmas gifts inspiration—iPhone emergency battery
Portable, compact, easy-carried, user-friendly, versatile, iPhone emergency battery offers you a good idea for Christmas gifts. Specially designed for iPhone, compatible for iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 3G/3Gs as well as iPod series, iPhone emergency battery gets quite positive feedback. Due to its reasonable price, it is preferred to present iPhone emergency battery as Christmas gifts.

Promotional Christmas gifts inspiration--- Universal charging station
What do you think of 6 digital devices charging at same time? Amazing, Wonderful, Ah, right? Multifunctional universal charging station designed by Sinoele makes it come true, high compatible for iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, PSP,NSDL with optional 10 tips, versatile, solving the problem of tangled cables, multifunctional.

Promotional Christmas gifts inspiration--- Dual USB power bank
Dual USB ports, high capacity, charging iPad and iPhone at same time, compatible for iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, blackberry, Nokia, Samsung S, Sony Ericsson, along with 6 tips, high compatibility.

If you have any interesting on those products, please freely to contact us.
PS: If you need more promotional Christmas gifts inspiration, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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