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Dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone
Dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone is Sinoele another high capacity and high compatibility charger designed for iPad and iPhone, charging iPad and Samsung Galaxy at same time. With 2A and 1A output, dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone juice mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere, power on the go! Of course, it is another model of portable iPad/iPhone portable battery charger. Nowadays Sinoele Dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone plays a great important role in digital devices markets.

High Capacity:
It is well known that to charge iPad and iPhone at same time at least requires 8000mAH. Fortunately, Sinoele Dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone has 10000mAH capacity but in small size: 144*55*18.5mm.
High Compatibility:
Sinoele dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone is suitable for most Android phones and tablets, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Dopod, Moto, even for iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other 5V tablets.

Compact, portable, mini, easy-carried:
Along with dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone, it provides one pouch for putting 6 tips, Micro USB cable and charger itself. Easy carried everywhere everytime.
High technology adopting on surface:
IML treatment on surface, brighter and smoother, same process as iPhone/iPad
Sinoele Dual USB charger for iPad/iPhone specification:
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 10000mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 2000mAh
Output 1: DC 5.0V/2A
Output 2: DC 5.0V/1A
Battery charging time: 7.5~9 hours
Dimensions: 144*55*18.5mm
Weight: 232g
Certificate: CE, ROHS, REACH


Apple Store iPhone/iPad Charger


Nowadays, we can see a lot of Apple Stores on the streets in many countries. Many iPhone or iPad users usually need emergency battery charger for many 

emergency situations. With the development of electronic technology, more and more Apple store iPhone/iPad chargers come out in the current market. A lot of 

people have no idea in choosing one best Apple store iPhone/iPad charger, I can provide several suggestions about Apple store iPhone/iPad charger for

 your option.


1. iPhone Power Station for iPhone accessories, including iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod, mini iPad and so on. 2200mAh Apple store iPhone/iPad charger have

 full battery capacity that can charge iPhone accessories anytime and anywhere you run out of battery power.Apple store iPhone/iPad charger have a lot

 good feature that you can take into account. 


* IML treatment, anti-scratched surface when you use Apple store iPhone/iPad charger daily 
* minimizing self -energy consuming 
*Two-color LED indicates power input and output. 
* Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically. 
* Charging and discharging overload protection when you charge you iPhone accessories.



2. Power Bank 5200--- large battery storage with 5200mAh. This Apple store iPhone/iPad charger can charge for 98% mobile phones and most tablet PCs. 

Usually it can charge your mobile phone 2 or 3 times. Why not choose one Apple store iPhone/iPad charger like this?



If you have any interest in Apple store iPhone/iPad charger, please pay attention to one professional website:, where you can

 know more information about Apple store iPhone/iPad charger and many other battery chargers.


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wireless emergency cellphone charger
Even though battery technology has extremely improved, but there are also some annoying problems with your cellphone batteries, just like “low power” warning. This situation is even worse when you are trying to use the backlight and some extra functions: Bluetooth, camera, video or music player, games, web browser and so on. Your cellphone power drains so soon that you have to charge it all the time.

So sooner or later it will come out that you are out and you have forgotten to charge your cell phone full last night. The“low power” warning make you crazy, but nothing you can do. Maybe what you can do is only complaining. Oh, my god, what a pity day it is! Shit! Facing with this embarrassing situation, if you have a wireless emergency cellphone charger with you, all of these problems become nothing and you could have a very nice day outside.
Never have to worry about that it will take too much space because it has a relative small size so that it is very easy for you to carry it by yourself. You can put it in your suitcase, in your bag or just in your pocket. You can’t change the capacity of your mobile phone internal battery, but you can increase the external power to your cell phones. Wireless emergency cellphone charger, a magical power case give you always a even more magical impression. It will not give you chance to regret your decision.
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Android external battery pack

Never run out of battery power in middle of any important phone calls once you have an Android external battery pack. You’d better take one powerful Android external battery pack for your Android phone once you are away from home or office. This battery features with micro USB, which allowing you to charge any Android phone or smart phones without cables.

Measuring at 61.2*43*16mm, this pocket size battery pack comes with 2200mAh, its micro USB output socket offer high compatibility, as long as your phone’s charging port is micro USB. With smart size and 2200mAh battery power, this battery pack can be taken in any pocket or suitcase, and fully charge your Android phone once in any level of emergency.

Covering with the most IMD surface process, this battery pack for Android phone looks more shinny and noble, it can be the best choice for festival gift.

This new version battery comes with one year warranty from SINOELE. These batteries also come with one micro USB charging cable and one cleaning cloth. Users can simply use that micro USB charging cables to charge this battery pack via PC.

If you always come across with power off situation, maybe you should get one Android external battery pack with you. Surely it will offer you much more convenience while you are on the go.

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Power Charger
I find that our life can’t live without power charger. Due to electronic devices become more and more popular. So people electronic power demand increasing rapidly. And power charger come into market to meet with the increasing demand.
Under this circumstance, Sino Electron products power charger sold to the global market. According to different consumer groups, we developed all kinds of power chargers. It could be categorized as follow:
l Mobile charger
l Tablet PC charger
l Universal charger
l Travel charger
l In-car charger        

Mobile charger is so popular in the market, the power capacity usually ranged from 2200mAh to 10000mAh. And the body is portable and compact, it suitable for take anytime and anywhere.
Similarly the power charger- tablet charger charge ipad, Samsung tablet, and other tablet PC. The capacity can reach to 1200mAh is enough to charger tablet PC one-two times.
Power charger--universal charger is compatible for many items, not only for different brand mobile phones, but also for tablet, PSP, camera and other digital items. So we called it universal power charger.

The power charger –travel charger
More and more people devote travel, some travel accessories must be of your required accessories list. It is very important for traveler who encounter emergency situation. For traveller, the more power capacity the better.

In a word Sino Electron supply all power charger that you can image. For more products information, you can contact follow sale man.
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Date: 27th, Dec 2012

Micro USB mobile phone charger


In the wake of the rise of iPhone, Samsung become another focal point of the mobile phone world.Micro USB mobile phone chargers also become the hot selling product in the current market.


In June 29, 2009, the European Union adopted a standard of mobile phone charger. One of the most important features is: unified use the Micro USB interface for charging. It’s known that many famous mobile phone manufactures such as Motorola, Apple, LG, NEC, RIM (Blackberry maker), Samsung, Texas Instruments, all them are signed this agreement of the European Union. So, what I am saying is that Micro USB mobile phones have a bright future. Then Micro USB mobile phone charger is the trend.


If someone ask me what is the most popular mobile phone in the current market? My answer is iPhone and Samsung. Aiming at iPhone, SINOELE has launched some kinds of external & portable battery chargers. Then as a professional mobile phone manufacture, SINOELE also noted the great prospect of Micro USB mobile phone charger. For example, Micro USB Power Station 1800, Micro USB Power Station 2200, universal mobile phone charger station and all battery chargers of Power Bank series.



Such as Power Bank 5200, is a lithium polymer battery with compact and stylish design. It has 6 tips compatible to charge for different mobile phones, including Micro USB port. Anyway, for different size, different capacity, different appearance you can make different choice.


SINOELE produce several battery chargers for mobile phones and digital products, even the micro USB mobile phone chargers are general trend now.


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Compared with Power Bank 8000mAh, the dual USB high capacity charger 10000mAh finds also a positive market response in the electronic world. It is one of the most powerful Power Bank in the current market. With 10000mAh capacity it can iPad full charge and mobile phone with 890mAh-1350mAh capacity at least 6 times. When looking back to the electronic world, there are too many mobile phone external emergency battery chargers, but today please pay your attention on SINOELE Power Banks 10000mAh. Only take you a few minutes, I will give you a power impression about SINOELE 10000mAh.

Two important points are showed for you:
On the one hand, the
dual USB high capacity charger contains 10000mAh capacity which can satisfy any power need of you. High power with small size, a classic unique one for anyone, not matter during traveling, while playing games, listening music, seeing movies or what anything, you will find the importance of Power Bank 10000mAh. Supplying enough power extremely extends your entertaining time. Thanks to its simple design people can take it easily to anywhere, even just in your pocket.

On the other hand, in case of some emergency situation, for example, both of your mobile phones have no power and you need both of them with enough power. What could you do facing with this embarrassing situation? Don’t worry,
dual USB
high capacity charger
can deal with your boring. Owning to its two USB ports it can charge two devices at the same time.Know more information about this product, click


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Android phones external battery packs
For the time being, Samsung mobile phones are hot as well as iPhone when Samsung mobile phones seem to be powerful and multifunctional. However, battery shortage is always the headache happens to Android phones. How to solve it and is there any way to provide it? We will think about it. Fortunately, Android phones external battery packs offer a great help during business trip or journey.

Android phones external battery packs are useful and helpful. We come across it under the circumstance of mobile phones power-off. It happened in a business trip on railway. When I was making an important call, suddenly mobile phones turned off without coming out a result. What could I do without any original chargers along with me? Replace a battery? Nowadays most Android phones are only equipped with one original battery. Then, Android phones external battery packs show its value. I was worried as ants as on the hot pan until I realized that I had an Android phones external battery pack in my bag which has been presented by my friend, who is digital devices fans. This Android phones external battery fit for most mobile phones, such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Galaxy, even for iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets. With high compatibility and high capacity, Android phones external battery pack helps me solve the problem. Just select my suitable connector, plug into my mobile phones, then it works. Also, it charges in a quick way. I can make a call again. How happy it is!

You may wonder where we can get this Android phones external battery packs and which brand is famous. Sinoele external battery packs are worth to believe and worth to buy. Sinoele external battery packs have a great reputation all over the world. If you are interested, do not hesitate to keep one as me!


iPhone 5 battery charger
Good news! Good news! Sinoele iphone 5 battery charger was launched on Dec, 2012. For our customers, this is absolutely a good news, all of them are eager for occupy their market promptly. At the beginning, iphone 5 battery charger ought to come into market earlier, due to the shortage of lighting connector. Now all problems were smoothly solved. For iphone 5 user, our product iphone 5 battery chargers’ coming just like sending charcoal in snowy weather.

Hereby, I make a details introduction for iphone 5 battery charger.
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Weight: 60g
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Battery charging time: 2.5~3hours
Standby time: 360hours
Input voltage/Current DC5.0V/500Ma
Output voltage/Current DC5.0V/750Ma
Maybe someone will ask what is the special feature for iphone 5 battery charger.
First of all, iphone 5 battery charger also utilize surface IML process, it could make the performance of iphone 5 battery charger is same as iPhone 5 itself.
Secondly, super thin and small body of iphone 5 battery charger, it is easy to operate, user-friendly, versatile, high compatible for all Apple devices.
Lastly, iphone 5 battery charger be with the function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum, the charging and discharging protection function.
After I say, iphone 5 battery charger must arouse your interesting. For small retail, you could click this link:
For wholesale, you can contact the following info:
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Android cell standby battery

Android cell standby battery is a backup battery for most Android phone and smart phones, it was designed with micro USB output, which can be a universal battery shared among most smart phones. As most Android users find their phones are running out of battery quickly, even if they are not running WiFi and don’t using phones to much. We used to be able to go several days without charging phone but now it's being drained in less than a day. What’s going on? That’s probably because our smart phones contain more functions and those functions consume more power.


To help your Android phone running loner, mobile phone accessories provide such a Android cell standby battery. It is a small storage battery contain 2200mAh battery, which can deliver emergency power to your mobile phone while it running out of power. With micro USB output, this Android cell standby battery works for all Android phones with micro USB charging port. That is to say, as long as your mobile phone is micro USB, this pocket size battery works. With 2200mAh battery capacity, this battery can fully charge your phone within 3 hours. No matter where you are, you can always use this battery on the move.

With such an Android cell standby battery in your hand, your Android phone can always have a longer standby time and talking time. It would be much more convenient once you have it!

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Do you like Candy? Have you ever imaged that one day you could have an emergency portable external mobile phone battery charger which has candy colors? Colorful smartphone battery charger is special designed for ladies who prefer to rainbow colors too much. Thanks to the nine colors choices, this unique design causes soon a fashion wave by women. Colorful smartphone battery charger has nine colors. In additional to the rainbow colors there are also piano colors, black and white. Different people have different preferences, you could according to your own situation to choose the best one for you. In the current market the most common color for portable external mobile phone battery charger is black or white, because these two colors are suitable for the most people, no matter you are a student, a businessman, a travel fan or a music lover. Although the nine colors choices are its most charming point, maybe you will wonder that this colorful smartphone battery charger has also limitation just because of its charming point. People have always different views about colorful candies, so this colorful candy may attract man’s eyes at the first sight, but the long term attention is based on both the beautiful appearance and the good quality and maybe the quality is more important than the external element.



SINOELE colorful smartphone battery charger goes through rigorous quality inspection and all specifications under control from design to the after sale. Never have to worry about the quality problem, if you choose SINOELE products. A charger with both goog quality and attractive appearance, why don’t you choose it?

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