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USB travel charger


Are you planning for a wonderful travel recently? If so, you ‘d better prepare for a USB travel charger to accompany you whole journey. Obviously most of us will take some beloved electronic devices while we are going for a trip. Mobile phone, tablets, cameras, MP4, PSP etc, those devices are suing different chargers, it is a burden for us to take all the original charge with us. Thus most people will take a universal USB travel charger with them.

Most USB travel chargers comes with selectable connectors, those connectors provide the charger a higher compatibility, as long as you find the suitable connector to match your phone, your devices can be charged. Even you do not find the suitable connector, you can use your original USB cable to charge your devices through the USB port of this USB travel charger. Moreover, this USB travel charger has 2A output, users can use it to charge iPad or other brand of tablet PC now.

This USB travel charger contains 5200mAh battery capacity, it is a rechargeable battery, once this battery charger have power, you can easily use it to charge your devices. With such a pocket size USB travel charger and USB car charger, your journey will be more convenient cause you never have to worry about the power off situation any more.

Posted by Nikita
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Industrial Battery Charger Manufacturer



We all know that China is a big country with a lot of different manufacturers. Many countries import goods from China. Mention to industrial battery charger, China can’t be a great country better. It is well known that Shenzhen has many industrial battery charger manufacturers with different brands. However, Taizhou also exist a big industrial battery charger manufacturer - Sino Electron Co., Ltd.Zhejiang.


To catch up with the latest fashion trend, SINOELE as anindustrial battery charger manufacturer has devoted on developing industrial battery charger for 5 years. With strong a technology team, this industrial battery charger manufacturer keeps on updating newest electronic industrial battery chargers all the time and provides the whole service for all industrial battery charger users.


SINOELE departs the industrial battery charger production line into five lines to ensure the quality of industrial battery chargers. It has several different kinds of industrial battery chargers, such as Power Bank series, Power Station series and universal charging station. All the industrial battery chargers can charge for the current mobile phones in the market. Most can realize 98% smartphones to power charging for customers. To be a trustful, reliable iphone accessories supplier and industrial battery charger manufacturer, SINOELE will pay more effort on developing industrial battery chargers in the future. If any interest, just pay attention its website:


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iPad emergency pocket power charger
Power, energy, source, this three words are the hottest topics allover the world all the time. The global warming problem has caused another attention- worldwide energy kris. As a member of a world citizen, maybe you have no ability to help deal with this problem, but I think that you can at least be your own, for example, increasing your power sense.A question to test you, do you know what is iPad emergency pocket power charger? If you don’t, please make it for your duty to read the following text.


iPad emergency pocket power charger is just like its name that it can charge iPad, it is small and you can take it in your pocket. Yes, in a word, it is a portable ipad external battery move power for your iPad in case of emergency.

As we all know that the source is absolutely related to economy, then the iPad emergency pocket power charger is linked with your personal benefits because what this small gadget can do is to extend your iPad working time, in other words, it can increase the potential for your profitable investment.

If you have this feeling that you have responsibility for the world as a world member, of course you should be responsible for yourself firstly. The iPad emergency pocket power charger can help you understand the significance of power, so give a chance to yourself and meanwhile give a chance to SINOELE, you will never regret your decision. iPad emergency pocket power charger tell you not only the importance of energy sense, but also how to avoid the unnecessary lost.

Posted by Echo
Date: Jan. 21th. 2013



Battery charger without cables


You still have been nagged by the tangled charger cables? Are you at the end of your resources for lines troubles? If the answer is yes, I must say that you are really out! Now in this wireless telecommunication time, all we are always following after the portable products, such as these battery chargers without cables mentioned in this blog.


I think that normal battery charger with cables can solve the basic power troubles, but we also have to approve of that wireless mobile phone emergency battery and charger can bring more convenience to our dairy life. It becomes more and more popular and it is almost full of our life. We can see it anytime and anywhere, no matter when you are traveling, working, playing, driving or do anything else. Especially for the businessman, those battery chargers without cables also named emergency mobile charger. I’m sure that people have crossed some difficult barriers because of them.





SINOELE as a famous and professional manufacture of mobile phone accessories has launched some models of battery chargers without cables. iPhone Power Station and Micro USB Power Station are two star goods of them. And their slogan is “easy charging, easy taking”.


Compact size, stylish design and highest capacity, total features are all in the battery chargers without cables of SINOELE.

posted by Aurora Yang

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HTC travel battery charger
According to the latest survey HTC becomes one of the most potential cellphone brand after Apple fashion in the smartphone world. So we have thousands of reasons to believe that HTC smartphones have already caused a new kind of fashion trend called HTC control. HTC travel battery charger is a external portable battery charger especially for HTC cellphones which just shows the innovation and times of SINOELE. Therefore, HTC travel battery charger is bound to be a popular product with help of HTC brand.

Maybe you will doubt the necessity of HTC travel battery charger, but the following situations will help you to realize its importance:
1.When you have a trip outside and you have forgotten to charge your HTC yesterday night and the “low power” warning will go with you all the time, at least one day. Facing with this embarrassing situation, you will complain why I don’t have a HTC travel battery charger. Thanks to god, if I had.
2.While make an important call maybe it will make you crazy by interruption. In case of this emergency, you can use HTC travel battery charger to avoid the unnecessary lost.
3.While playing games, seeing movies, reading books or listening music through your phones you will never satisfy with your cell phone capacity. Hereby, you feel yourself that you want more power all the time. HTC travel battery charger can solve your confusing in virtue of giving extend power to your devices.

Sincerely speaking, if you have already met at least one of the above problems, HTC travel battery charge is bound to be a necessary partner in your daily life.

Posted by Echo
Date: Jan. 19th. 2013

Universal External Battery Pack


As the development of society, more and more people know of universal external battery pack. When we go out for shopping, travelling, business or other places to doing something, power of our mobile phone always runs out quickly and unconsciously. Most of us will get distraught easily about it and try to think out one idea to charge mobile phone anyway. At this time, universal external battery pack seems so important for most mobile phone users or electronic products users when electronic product is short of battery power.



A universal external battery pack is a useful device that can charge iPhone accessories, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and other digital electronic products when it need power at anytime and anywhere. For the self discharge rate of universal external battery pack, SINOELE developed high speed charging and discharging speed for universal external battery pack and come out various kinds of universal external battery packs for people’s universal use, Which is one perfect type of battery chargers among so many suppliers of universal external battery packs

in China.



We all know that a fast charger can make good use of controlled circuitry in the batteries, which can be charged to quickly without damaging the cells elements. The SINOELE universal external battery pack can help you to power up electronic products perfectly without any problems.


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Extra power charger
What is called extra power charger, extra power charger is a portable mobile phone charger with lithium polymer battery. Follow people are keen to every kind of digital devices, like Apple products, iphone, ipad, PSP, MP3, camera, and so on. So extra power charger is popular remarkably with these years. If you still never heard of this item, I told you unlikely you are out. Whatever you are end user, wholesaler or even distributor, there will be useful for you to keep some extra power charger knowledge in your mind.    
Attention! I share some skills for how to choose extra power charger rightly.      
1.     Firstly, the thinner extra power charger the better.
In order to convenient to carry, so you should choose small size and thin extra power charger.
2. It is necessary to distinguish the battery cell of extra power charger.
There are two kind of battery cell, respectively is lithium polymer battery and 18650 l-ion battery cell. Lithium polymer battery generally is in the shape of oblate, it could be used rechargeable 1100 times. 18650 l-ion battery is cheap than lithium polymer battery. In general, consumer prefers to lithium polymer battery.
2.     The extra power charger capacity
For smart phone mobile phone, 5000mAh capacity is enough to charge mobile phone by two times, it is worth noting that you do not aspire after high capacity when you buy extra power charger, because the more high capacity, the extra power charger need more strict technology requirement. If the quality is not passed, it will lead to potential safety hazard. For the present craftment, it is safe that the capacity keep on 5000mAh.  
3.     The conversion efficiency of extra power charger
The general conversion efficiency of extra power charger is 85% more or less, the better one can reach 86-90%. Like SINOELE extra power charger with 5200mAh can charger iphone three times.

4.     Choose the right voltage
The usual digital device like ipad, iphone, Galaxy tab, mobile phone, MP4, PSPS, digital camera etc products, all of them are with 5V 1A.
The Last point is that choose manufacture with good credit and good after sale service. Sinoele company provide different capacity extra power charger, of course we pay much attention for these. So please assure for these points.


Posted by : Maggie



Date:Jan 17th 2013

High power dual USB mobile charger


As the competition becomes more and more fierce in the field of portable mobile charger during these years, all of the manufacturers are striving to develop different specifications of mobile chargers as many as they can to meet people’s demands. Sino Electron Co., Ltd. is one of such manufacturers who is specialized in designing and developing portable mobile chargers in China. Now the best-selling among all of their products is the high power dual USB mobile charger.



For high power dual USB mobile charger, the most significant feature is its dual USB output ports. With 6 interchangeable connectors and super high battery capacity of 10000mAh, it can both charge two devices at the same time, including mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and so on. Because of its powerful functions, this kind of high power dual USB mobile charger is well received by most of the businessmen as well as those “Power Users” who is playing with their gadgets for more than four hours everyday. It will make your mobile phone keep working for about one week as it can charge it for FIVE times. Now it has won a good market both in foreign countries and China.



The high power dual USB mobile charger will be a decent gift if you buy one for your friend, lover, family member or others. And the portable mobile charger industry has a good prospect.


For wholesale, please visit or feel freely to contact me.

For retail, please visit our online shopping store:


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External battery for iPhone


While smart phones gain a big market share in the current mobile phone market, iPhone also have its strong market competitiveness, as well as the mobile phone accessories market, iPhone accessories is still the top search requires in the network gateway. Meanwhile, as a visionary company, SINOELE still devote to the iPhone accessories, especially the iPhone External Battery.


Now, the most popular products are those accessories for iPhone 5. Every product of Apple’s appearance always leads a new trend or causes a new topic. SINOELE as a professional manufacture of iPhone accessories launched a new battery charger for iPhone 5 at the first time. It has the compact size and stylish design. Its biggest advantage is plugging into your iPhone 5 with much ease and truly portable. Anyway, power bank series is our hot selling product too. We have some models with different capacity what is from 1000mAh to 10000mAh. And all our power bank products have 6 connectors for different mobile phones, including iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S. It also can help you to charge your iPhone anytime and anywhere. Then about iPhone Power Station is the smallest good of SINOELE. It is just for iPhone but with the selectable capacity of 1800mAh or 2200mAh. As a unique rechargeable battery for charging without cables, it looks so pretty.



To sum up, welcome to visit iPhone accessories factory of SINOELE to find all kinds of iPhone accessories, like iPhone External Battery & iPhone Emergency Battery.

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Portable emergency phone charger 


We can fuel up for our cars in gas station, and juice our mobile phones with power station ---portable emergency phone charger.


Tempo of life is faster and faster. In many countries, the “life point” is busy day or busy work for many people. Every day we even have no time to wait the green light to go through the sidewalk. Maybe we can wait, but the ringing mobile can’t. We eat something or have a rest for more energy to go on living, like that how to work those busy digital devices? Such as our mobile phones, faced to the work under high pressure, they really need the portable emergency phone charger. With the portable phone charger, our mobile phones can be charged anytime and anywhere. Then, never need to worry about the emergency situation of power-off.



SINOELE as a professional manufacture of mobile phone accessories supply external, portable, emergency battery charger for mobile phones, laptops and other digital devices. And all products of SINOELE have got CE, FCC, ROHS certificates. Anyway, the main range of portable emergency phone charger of SINOELE as following:


 iPhone Power Station series
 Micro USB Power Station series
 Power Bank series


If you are interested in portable emergency phone charger of SINOELE, you are invited to visit our website for more details. Stop hesitating; SINOELE will be your better choice for buying a portable emergency phone charger.

 Posted by Aurora Yang


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High capacity external power pack

Now there are more and more high capacity external power pack come out in the battery charger market. And this kind of product is come with the all kinds smart phones. Because the external power pack is a kind external storage can supply the power for the smart mobile phones, and in recently years, high capacity external power pack has been the high trend for the users.



Sinoele as one of high capacity external power pack supplier also have this product and have export to all over the world. The high capacity external power pack of Sinoele is the 10000mAh, and we call it is power bank 10000. This product owns 10000mAh with dual USB, you can charge two devices at the same time. And two USB also have different functions, because one USB output is 5V/1A, and this port is charger for mobile phones and others devices technical parameters can match. Another port output is 5V/2A, and this port is design for the tablet PC, such as iPad, Samsung tablet. With this function, many users choose this product.



High capacity external power pack is a very necessary partner for your digital products, and you can enjoy the different time when you have that. High capacity external power pack including the connectors of iPhone,Mini USB,Micro USB, Nokia, Samsung D800, Samsung G600. You don't need to worry about your mobile phone can't use it. Anyway, I think you should let it become one part of your life and you will glad you have it.


Posted by Lisa


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Portable emergency iPhone charger

Portable emergency iPhone charger is mainly design for iPhone and solve the shortage power problem of iPhone. iPhone as the smart phones have the same problem of all the smart mobile phones, that is all of them don't have the enough power. Because there are many processes in the smart phone. So in order to solve iPhone this problem, portable emergency iPhone charger come into the market.



Portable emergency iPhone charger is a kind external battery charge, it can supply the enough power for iPhone when it have no power. And this kind of product the best advantage is you can carry it to anywhere and use it to charge for your iPhone anytime. Portable emergency iPhone charger with 1800mAh is very small and exquisite, you can put it in your pocket or bag. It is don't occupy any space. When you want to use it just take it out and contact with your iPhone and your iPhone can be charged.



Now this kind of portable emergency iPhone charger is very popular during the iPhone users. Use portable emergency iPhone charger, you will don't worry about the power off problem. And you will enjoy a different kind life.