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Portable pocket battery for iPhone
Portable pocket battery for iPhone is the most versatile solution for an emergency power source needed by iPhone that works easily in your pocket. People can’t live without water, the same reason, electronics can’t operate without power. Hereby portable pocket battery becomes one of the most necessary product in one’s daily life.

Take advantages of this portable pocket battery for iPhone 4000mAh-Lithium-ion battery, high transfer rate and pocket size to enjoy the extended hours brought by the external portable pocket battery for iPhone 4000mAh. It has 6 connectors which is compatible with the most mobile phone brands, tablet pc, camera, MP3 and so on.

Portable pocket battery for iPhone 4000mAh-Lithium-ion battery is compact and stylish so that it can be a cool gadget in all iPhone accessories. If you are a much power needer, portable pocket battery for iPhone 4000mAh-Lithium-ion battery may be your best travel or entertaining partner. Using its extended hours you can do too much, for example, doing some business, making a phone, playing games, seeing movies or just surfing online.

If you can’t imagine a life without water, I think you also can’t bear a life without power. Water is the basic source of your life and power is something that can make the additional part of your life more beautiful, like enjoyment, entertainment or just relaxing.

In a word, maybe now you don’t need a portable pocket battery for iPhone 4000mAh-Lithium-ion battery, but sooner or later you will realize its importance, don’t make yourself regret at that time, therefore, take one now in case you need.

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Date: Feb. 25th, 2013

Power charger supplier


Who is SINOELE? As a SINO people, I can say that it is a manufacture of iPhone accessories, a factory of mobile phone accessories, a mobile phone accessories maker or a cell phone power charger supplier. And there is no doubt that it is also professional and famous mobile phone power charger leader in China.


SINOELE, founded in 2008, is one of the earliest mobile power charger suppliers at that time. Until now, it has 5 years of history. We believe that its strength is also undisputed with the mature technology and experience of these years. SINOELE is a subsidiary of SINO Holding Group, so we really have a powerful backing support. In addition to the basic advantage, we also have confidence in all our products, no matter for the quality or anything others. All our products have got CE, FCC, RoHS certificates. I think SINOELE is accepted by a great number of consumers.





Mobile phone power charger is quite a new type of technology product. It is quietly portable, external, or wireless. And it takes too much convinces to peoples dairy life. We like this product and emerging market. We are bullish on SINOELE’s future --- to be one of the best mobilepower charger suppliers.


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Travel battery charger


Sleeping and working occupy most of our time, but all our life is not just these ambos. I think that now traveling is also an important part for some people’s dairy life at the least. Anyway, SINOELE focus on producing portable and externaltravel battery charger for mobile phones.


As a professional manufacture of mobile phone travel battery charger, we see this market exactly: for example what do the clients really want? How to be a good cell phone travel phone charger? In fact, until now we have the mature technology. So we pay more attention on changing shapes and developing battery capacity. Aim at the appearance; we have sufficient confidence to catch your eyes at first sight. Power bank series can be your good travel battery charger partner with the compact size and stylish design. Moreover, in this series, we supply different model with different capacity from 1000mAh to 10000mAh. No matter for the long trip or just a short traveling, different capacity can meet all your needs.





SINOELE is on the road of being a leader of mobile phone travel battery charger. Thanks very much for the support of all SINO fans.


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Rechargeable battery restoration


Last night, our company held a party to celebrate the end of the year 2012. During the party, there are a lot of wonderful performances. We enjoyed the performances and shoot videos by mobile phones. The mobile phone battery was quickly consumed during that period. It was not able to shoot the videos for all the performances if there was no backup battery to replace. Fortunately, there was a lucky draw at the climax of the party, and the third prize is iPhone external battery and rechargeable battery restoration for mobile phone, with 100 quota of people.



The rechargeable battery restoration is developed by our company Sino Electron. It is compact and elegant, very portable to take with it wherever you go. And the battery capacity of 4000mAh can charge smartphone for about two times. Therefore, this rechargeable battery restoration is very convenient for traveling use or other purposes. What’s more, there is a flashlight fixed on it which have a good effect for lighting but consumes very little electricity from the battery restoration. It will be very useful when you are staying outside during the night. You can also find Wireless Chargers with good prices.



Everyone was excited when they got the prize at the party. They opened the package and continued the video shooting after they connected the rechargeable battery restoration with their mobile phones. It was a lively party, everyone enjoyed it happily.



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Battery Docking Station For iPhone 5


As our daily life is becoming more and more convenient, battery docking station for iPhone 5 seems new and important for most iPhone 5 customers. There are many iPhone 5 backup batteries in the current market, but we can see that some iPhone 5 backup batteries are not in good and high performance. For the reason that iPhone 5 users like good quality iPhone accessories China, SINOELE battery iphone 5 docking station can’t be a better choice.


This battery docking station for iPhone 5 has 2200mAh battery capacity with mini and smart appearance. It can charge iPhone 5 and mini iPad very conveniently without any charging cable. Inside the battery docking station for iPhone 5, it has over-charging protection for battery to keep the safety of battery docking station for iPhone 5. To many customers, the battery docking station for iPhone 5 is also a good gift for your friends. You can take this battery docking station for iPhone 5 with you at anytime and anywhere so that it can charge your iPhone 5 or mini iPad when you go out for business or travelling.



If has any interest about battery docking station for iPhone 5, just pay attention to SINOELE official website: There will be more mobile battery information for your reference.


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If you are looking for the hot items of rechargeable battery chargers, you can find here. If you want to be the distributors of iphone rechargeable battery chargers, you can find here. If you want to start dealing with rechargeable battery chargers and get a much profits, you can find here. If you want to find a better supplier of rechargeable battery chargers, you can find here. All products and suppliers information about rechargeable battery chargers, you can find here. You can find in Sinoele, a professional mobile phones chargers manufacturer. Sinoele provide the hottest and most attractive mobile phones battery chargers and get high reputation all over the digital devices market.You can also find universal docking station.
Mainly Sinoele have designed out 2 kinds of rechargeable battery charger, all of which plays a great role in market.
  • Rechargeable battery charger of Power bank series.
Power bank series are portable external rechargeable battery chargers. It has been divided into different capacity from 2000mAH to 10000mAH. High compatibility, high capacity, portable, compact, mini, easy-carried, all of them are Sinoele power bank obvious features. What`s more, power bank 10000mAH can charge iPad and iPhone at same time.

  • Rechargeable battery charger of Power station series.
Power station series are emergency battery for iPhone and Micro USB Android phones, providing emergency power anytime anywhere.

If you want detail information, please visit Sinoele official website:


Wireless docking station manufacturer
Good news! Sinoele is going to launch a series of wireless docking station at the beginning of 2013. Being a professional cell phones accessories manufacturer, Sinoele strive to provide the best wireless docking stations to those who are Sinoele good partners and those who`s like to be Sinoele distributors. Of course, Sinoele aim at becoming the leading and the most professional wireless docking stations manufacturer.
As a wireless docking stations manufacturer, Sinoele have designed out two models of wireless docking stations. One wireless docking station is specially designed out for iPhone 5, called iPhone 5 wireless docking stations. Another wireless docking station is called Micro USB docking station, fitting for all Micro USB Android phones.

iPhone 5 wireless docking station:
It is specially designed for iPhone 5, belonging to one of the most attractive iPhone 5 accessories. Holding iPhone 5 tightly, iPhone 5 docking station charged iPhone 5 in a quick way. Moreover, Sinoele put a louder speaker inside wireless docking station. You can connector to MP3 and play your favorite songs. What`s more, iPhone 5 wireless universal docking station can be an object of art, not just a charger.
Micro USB wireless docking station:

The most powerful function of Micro USB wireless docking station is its high compatibility. It can charge all Micro USB Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Dopod……

Charging Station For iPhone 5


We all know that there are more and more iPhone 5 users in the current market. Referring to the iPhone 5 battery power consumption, it is not a easy thing to solve but every iPhone 5 user need battery power at anytime and anywhere. When we go out for business or travelling, one charging station for iPhone 5 is badly need for most people for any emergency situation.


Among so many charging stations for iPhone 5 in China, it is difficult to find a good brand of charging station for iPhone 5. Shenzhen is a big city with a large quantity of wireless charging station for iPhone 5 suppliers, which provides a lot of electronic products every year. However, most electronic products suppliers in Shenzhen use male mould for charging station for iPhone 5. So you can guess the products of charging station for iPhone 5 are almost the same. SINOELE is a special mobile battery manufacture in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, who has his own mould company with many years history. About iPhone 5charging station, this is the newest item for SINOELE, which can charge iPhone 5 and mini iPad conveniently. With compact appearance and high performance, charging station for iPhone 5 win a big market in many countries and gets good feedback from many iPhone 5 and mini iPad customers. Following is the picture of charging station for iPhone 5 for your reference:



Hope all the information above can be a little helpful for each mobile phone users, not only iPhone 5 and mini iPad users.


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iPad Mini tablets external battery
With the popularity of iPad mini, iPad Mini tablets external batteries get same attentions and popularity among digital devices fans. It is well known that what`s exact tablets external batteries are, but it is still difficult to sort out good from bad. Of course, there are several methods introduced in this article for your reference. It will help you to select the best tablets external batteries in a good price.
  • Battery/cell type
The first and most important is battery type and inside cell brand. Lithium polymer batteries are the safest, away from explosion. Lithium polymer batteries have much more acknowledgements from users and customers than 18650 cells, which is cheaper but with lower quality. We don`t say that 18650 cells are not good, just not good as lithium polymer. Sinoele iPad mini tablets external batteries are widely made of lithium polymer batteries, in a safe and ensured status. Certainly, Sinoele iPad mini tablets external batteries occupy a great market share due to good battery type and reasonable price.

  • Transfer ratio
Another important factor about a good tablets external battery is its transfer ratio. A good tablet external battery should be more than 85%. Transfer ratio is related to battery type, but also depends on circuit board. Sinoele iPad Mini tablets external batteries adopt American Liton chip to improve the Transfer ratio. Most clients prefer Sinoele iPad mini tablets external batteries owing to its high transfer ratio.
  • Treatment on surface

Most tablets external batteries use oil spray on surface while Sinoele iPad mini tablets external battery uses IML treatment, same process as iPhone itself, which is smother, brighter and 2H hardness.



Portable dual USB battery charger
Portable dual USB battery charger offers a great help in digital life. Whenever our digital devices ask for battery power, Sinoele portable dual USB battery charger provides emergency power in time. Wherever we are, no matter on hiking, or on business trip, or on a long journey, Sinoele portable dual USB battery charger offers you urgent power at any time you want. Why call it portable dual USB battery charger? Namely, it has dual USB ports rather than one USB port which are common seen in market nowadays. Sinoele aim at designing and producing distinctive battery chargers to market and lead a main stream of battery chargers in digital devices markets.

Portable dual USB battery charger gets high comments and praise from end users, especially businessmen who have always gone out for business all the time. ‘I was too annoyed to miss call or messages during my business way when on train. I went out outside to talk about business almost the whole day without any reaching to any electricity power’said by a busy businessmen. ‘But I need to know all details and operations of my company in order to make decision on time. The power off issue has been solved until I met Sinoele Portable dual USB battery charger. It really helps me a lot. Appreciate Sinoele.’

With high capacity 10000mAH, Sinoele portable dual USB battery charger provide several charging times to mobile phones. Even more, it can charge iPad and iPhone at same time.

Pocket charger for mobile phone

It is a common phenomenon that you will see people around you are using pocket charger for mobile phone. As year went by, this kind of pocket charger for mobile phone has become an essential part for daily life. As most of us may have more than one devices, mobile phone, tablet PC, MP4, cameral etc have offer us a more wonderful life, however those devices are useless once off power. However, it is always so inconvenience for us take all original cables and chargers while we are out for travelling. Thus a pocket charger for mobile phone will helps.

Judging from current market, most pocket charger for mobile phone is equipped with several kinds of adapters, and 5V USB output. This makes the charger a higher compatibility, and works for most devices as long as you can find the suitable connector for your device, also you can always use your original cable to charge your devices through the USB output.

This pocket charger for mobile phone have got rechargeable lithium polymer battery which contains 5200mAh battery. With battery inside, you can use the charger to charge your device once it runs out of power.

Pocket charger for mobile phone would be an essential part for your daily life, with its help, your devices will always be powered no matter where you are!

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Mobile Power Station for iPhone 5


Since iPhone 5 has come into the mobile phone market, I believe that all iPhone fans are so excited. Then, after the fresh touch of the using, maybe you have known those advantages than iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S. But I also think that the mobile power station for iPhone 5 is necessary to solver the power off problem.


From the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, SINOELE as a professional manufacture of iPhone accessories is always paying attention to the updating of Apple products. After the appearance of iPhone Power Station, the external and portable battery charger for iPhone is the fashion trend in the current market. Just like iPhone Power Station 1800, it became the hot selling item of SINOELE. Following iPhone 5’s development, iPhone 5 Power Station 2200 comes into the market.



Power Station 2200 for iPhone 5 is the newest product of SINOELE. We threw too much time and resources into the research. Following are some details of Power Station 2200 for iPhone 5:


Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS
Battery charging time: 2.5-3 hours
Standby time: 360 hours
Input voltage/current: DC 5.0V/500mAh
Output voltage/current: DC 5.0V/750mAh
Weight: 60g


With the similar appearance of iPhone Power Station 1800, Power Station 2200 for iPhone 5 has more capacity and a proprietary iPhone 5 connector. It can charge your iPhone 5 anytime and anywhere.


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