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iPhone 5 external battery charger

iPhone 5 external battery charger design for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. It is the plug in charger can supply the energy for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. iPhone 5 external battery charger is the lithium battery charger and it is a kind of storage battery charger, this kind of battery charger can storage the power into the product, and when the iPhone mobile phone have no power then use the external battery charger to charge for it.



iPhone 5 external battery charger can meet the demand of the consumers will become the popular products in the market. It has many advantages, the following information will let you know more about this product.

The Feature of iPhone 5 external battery charger
Surface utilize IML process, get the same performance as iPhone itselfSuper thin, small and portable, charge iPhone directlySpecial charging function design cut to self energy consuming a minimumLED indicates charging and discharging situationCharging and discharging overload protect

iPhone 5 external battery charger can be carry anywhere, and you can use it to charger for iPhone 5 anytime. There is no limited of time and space. If you are the iPhone user, you should take one iPhone 5 external battery charger for yourself. And you also can send them as the gift to your friends who also the iPhone users. We will glad that you make the right decision.


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Micro USB wireless Smartphone charger is useful and attractive all the way. Most clients prefer it due to its powerful function and easy operation. What`s more, Micro USB wireless Smartphone charger set in a reasonable price as well. Micro USB wireless Smartphone charger has various obvious advantages.

High Compatibility: Micro USB
Micro USB wireless Smartphone charger has been designed with Micro USB, high compatible for all Micro USB Android phones. It is well known that most Smartphones use Micro USB nowadays instead of Micro USB or other USB. It is workable for Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy and so on.
Easy Operating
Just plug and play, Micro USB wireless Smartphone charger just asks for this step. Instead of pressing button, it is easier to operate.
Wireless, easy-carried, compact
It is in a small size, compact, easy-carried and portable. It designs out in a wireless situation. And what`s more, it is mini, fit for pocket size, not occupying too much room in your bag.
IML surface

Micro USB wireless Smartphones charger adopt IML treatment on surface, same process as iPhone/ iPad, enabling surface brighter and smoother, anti-scratch.

External pack supplier for tablet pc

External pack supplier for tablet pc is a new product for the mobile phones and supplier the power to the mobile phones and tablet pc. Sinoele as the external pack supplier, produce the charger for different mobile phones and tablet pc. And this product help the people deal with the mobile phone power off problem. And Sinoele as the external pack for supplier for tablet pc have different size products.



External pack for tablet pc made by Sinoele, have different capacities, 5200mAh,8000mah and 10000mah. With the capacity increase, the function will be more obvious. And the using time will be more longer. When you go outside you can carry the external pack for your electronic devices. Then the external pack can supplier the energy to the device.




External pack supplier for tablet pc with 6 connectors suitable for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry. Nokia and so on. When you want to charge for these devices just take out the suitable tips connect with the mobile phone with the cable and the external pack will be work. If you want to know more information and details, you can let me know. And we are very glad to know the feedback from you.


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Additional battery charger
Sinoele is going to attend Cebit fair 2013, and HKTDC fair during March and April with additional battery charger. We will take additional battery charger new products to the fair and share with you. Maybe you are curious for which kind of additional battery charger will be. Hereby I make a brief introduction, we launched three new additional battery chargers, it separately is iphone 5 battery charger, iphone docking station, and car charger. These new items will give you a surprise and new outlook.
If you are interested in Sinoele additional battery charger, welcome to visit our Cebit Fair booth, the booth no.: Hall 16 Booth A02-2D. Our sale colleagues will wait for your visiting.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Feb,.28th  2013


Looking for Android phones battery chargers suppliers? Wanna establish a good cooperation with the best supplier of Android phones battery chargers? Of course, nowadays android phones battery chargers business is very attractive and flourishing. There are many famous Android phones battery chargers suppliers in market. We have keen on sorting out the best ones. There are several points we can take for reference to select out the best suppliers of Android phones battery chargers.
  • First of all, the best supplier of Android phones battery chargers require high technology and comprehensive management systems. Sinoele, the professional mobile phones chargers manufacturer, has the top quality engineers and strict quality control system, which is famous over the mobile phones chargers market.


  • Secondly, the best supplier of Android phones battery chargers should have themselves advantages and features no matter on items or production. Sinoele, adopt IML treatment on item surface, same process iPhone/iPad. That`s the most attractive features of Sinoele Android phones battery chargers.
  • Thirdly, the best supplier of Android phones battery charger have a prefect after-sale service. In case that some defective happen, we will concern about that how the suppliers will handle it. Sinoele, besides organize a perfect after-sale department, it also provides 1% spare parts for replacement in case anything situations happen. That`s another very good point of Sinoele.

Micro USB power pack

Micro USB power pack is now quite popular as an essential part for short trip. It’s quite important for us to have a longer taking time fo our phones now. Micro USB power pack is born to extend your smartphone’s using time.

As far as we know, most smartphones are now using micro USB charging port. That’s why we call this battery pack micro USB power pack. It come with micro USB interface, which can be shared among most smartphones. How to use it to charge your smartphone? While you connect the battery with your phone, press this button on the left side this micro USB power pack, when LED lights turn on, then it will start to charge you smartphone at once.

Containing 1800mAh power, it can almost fully charge your phone within 2 hours. There are 3 LED lights show the capacity, while this power pack runs out of battery, you can charge it via your PC through a micro USB cable.

Micro USB power pack is an amazing backup battery for most smartphones, as long as this small battery has power, it can deliver emergency power to your phone.

Posted by Nikita
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Android cell phone portable charger

Most Android phones have big screens which can suck your battery dead less than a day. If you forget to charge your Android phone overnight, your may have troubles the next day. However, things might get changed once you have this Android cell phone portable charger. It is a small pocket battery with 5200mAh battery capacity, which allows you to charge your devices while you are on the move.


Designed with slim shape, this Android cell phone portable charger is convenient to be taken anywhere. Meanwhile, it has got 6 optional tips, which offer users more solutions to charge your mobile phones. It has 2A USB output which can also charge your tablet PC as well.

5200mAh power may fully charge your Android phone more than 2 times, and charge your iPad from 0% to 60%. It is a rechargeable battery which can be used more than 500 times. As long as this Android cell phone portable charger contains power, you can use it to save your electronic devices.

If you are looking for a backup battery, this pocket-sized, rechargeable and high compatibility Android cell phone portable charger is a perfect solution.

Posted by Nikita
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Mobile phone charger
Today, the subject is mobile phone charger promotion strategy analysis.
Once it refers to promotion, I believe everyone will have a point of that, we often see in the usual life. However, for example mobile phone charger that is the same truth. We could analyse from three aspects.
Mobile phone charger promotion strategy one: shopping mall promotion
We often go to the supermarket, there are various goods display to promote. We also apply the same way to sale mobile phone chargers, we’d better hire man to show how to use the mobile phone charger. Of course, the promotion price of mobile phone charger is cheaper than the price in the normal time.      

Mobile phone charger promotion strategy two: B2C online promotion
For B2C online, there are three ways: Ebay, Ali express, Amazon. During a period, we could choose a model mobile phone charger for the promotion. The online shopping price is cheaper, except the express cost.

The last mobile phone charger promotion strategy: company cooperative promotion.
We could choose a company, for example mobile phone retailers or mobile company as cooperative target. Base on the larger order quantity mobile phone charger, we provide the reasonable price to them, and could adopt tie-in sale with their products. This is good way to larger order sale term.
Posted by: Maggie
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Date: Feb. 27th, 2013


External energy for mobile phones
In recent years, the mobile phone market is coming into a booming time and almost everyone has at least one cell phone so that people pay also more and more attention to the external energy for mobile phones of its own accord. Sino Electron is a professional manufacturer in the field of external energy for mobile phones and for many years she has achieved too much and been one of the most famous supplier all over the world. Its success is owing to many factors and following I will share these experience with you together.

Firstly, systemic management, competitive price with high quality, sincere service and perfect after sale.
Secondly, a completed series of external energy for mobile phones. Six connectors supply a large scope of application that this external energy for mobile phones is suitable for the most mobile phone brands in the current market and even for tablet pcs.
Thirdly, this external energy for mobile phones adopts Lithium polymer battery which can increase the transfer ratio itself so that this external energy can supply more power to your devices. What’s more, this type battery has much longer service life than the other batteries in the electronic world.
The last but not the least, the compact and stylish appearance, the surface of our external energy for mobile phones series have used the most advanced IML( injection-Mould-Label) so that it looks more highlighted.

The above mentioned are some basic information, if you have interesting, I think you can discuss with me further.

Posted by Echo
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Date: Feb. 27th, 2013

Cordless mobile phone battery charger


Power station 1800 and power station 2200 are the typical cordless mobile phone battery chargers of SINOELE. And as a professional cell phone wireless charger manufacture, we believe that all they have the absolute competitive advantage in the current mobile phone accessories market.






Since came out of iPhone 3, SINOELE were following the pace to take the opportunity to launch the first wireless mobile phone battery charger. At that time, it was amazing, you know? Anyway, it’s the first step, but it’s just a beginning. We went on developing more battery chargers to be suitable for more mobile phones or other digital devices. Until now, we have power station for iPhone 3&3S&4&4S, iPhone 5. Moreover, another series of Micro USB power station is also very popular. In nowadays, no matter HTC, Samsung or other great brand of mobile phones are charged by Micro USB port. So, the wireless mobile phone battery chargers of micro USB power station always occupy a large market share.


With the compact size and stylish design, all they are really portable, wireless, and external. In a simply word, the cordless mobile phone battery charger, easy taking, easy charging, to help you to charge your mobile phone without cables much easier.

Posted by Aurora

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Power storage solution for iPhone 5
No matter what level does the technology develop, you can’t deny that a machine, a mobile phone, a MP3 and any electronics can’t operate without power. If you can’t make sure that your electronics have power all the time, I think you have need one external power bank. Now I will make latest our product-power storage solution for iPhone 5 for example to introduce a undiscovered world for you.


There are three frequently asked questions. Knowing well this three questions just mean knowing portable power world-power bank world.
1.What’s the meaning of power storage solution for iPhone 5?
Power storage solution for iPhone 5 is a perfect solution for iPhone 5 which can supply enough external power to iPhone 5. Its compact design makes it more easier to carry, yeah, pocket size. One word, a external power battery for iPhone 5.

2.How does this power solution for iPhone 5 work?
It is very easy to operate. You need just to connect your device with this power solution for iPhone 5, then press the on/off button, as long as this cool gadget has power, it can charge your device anytime and anywhere.

3.How many times can this power storage solution for iPhone 5?
About service life problem, I think it refers to many aspects like using way, using condition and many other external reasons. Generally speaking, according to the right manual directions it will be recharged for more than at least 500 times. Don’t worry about its transfer ratio problem because it adopts the most advanced battery-Lithium-ion battery.

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Date: Feb.27th, 2013

Smartphone battery bank

In case your mobile phone battery in the hungry condition, take a smart phone battery bank in the hand to solve emergency case. However, how to find right smart phone battery bank?
Hereby, I recommend you a practical and high cost performance smart phone battery bank. Sinoele smart phone battery bank is compact and suitable for businessman. Let look through from the appearance of Sinoele smart phone battery bank. Rectangle outlook, black and white color body display your different life style.

From the picture, you can get to know it is portable and multifunction, two USB output design for two items charged at the same time. Button plays turn off and turn on function design to decrease smart phone battery bank itself consumption.

Sinoele smart phone battery bank accessories include in the package. Six connectors, one USB cable, one cleaning bag and an adapter support the smooth charging.


The smart phone battery bank packaging adopted the luxury box. If you give smart phone battery bank as a present, Sinoele smart phone battery bank will be your one of best choice. Whatever the high classic appearance, or the reasonable price, Sinoele smart phone battery bank is always the right one.


Posted by : Maggie


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Date: Feb, 25th ,2013