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For iPhone5 docking charger


For iPhone5 docking charger is a new one design for iPhone5, it is one charger with the speaker, and when you charge for iPhone5, you can enjoy the music. The speaker with the high quality when you listen to the music it still can adjust the volume.


For iPhone5 docking station with 5000mAh capacity, the special design with ‘L’ appearance, one side is the speaker and one side is the tip charger for iPhone5/5s and the earphone. When you use for iPhone5 docking station to charge iPhone5, you can chose to listen the music or not. The back of the product has the LED light, it can shows the power of the product, the button can turn on or off the product to charge the mobile phone.

For iPhone5 docking station we called it DKS, and it is the new product of Sinoele, the famous mobile phones accessories manufacturer in China. And Sinoele has different kinds of mobile phones chargers, and they have different capacity and functions. If you want to find this kind of product, you can visit we hope can become your partner.


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Maybe you ever worried about the balance capacity is enough for your mobile phone, now Sinoele settle down the problem, we can find out how many power left in the power bank, we produced a new product with LCD display, and it will show the right power.
We have six color for this model and you may choose one you are interested in, they are black, white, blue, rosey ,green and yellow. 

Current output/input

“OUT” means current output, “IN” means current input It shows the current capacity on the LCD display, and it will be blinking when battery charging, And stop blinking after full, it shows 100% on the display


Current capacity is showed on LCD display, and accurate to 1%

Highlighting mirror process  



Press the button softly, it will show the current capacity on the LCD, after 10 minutes, the backlit shut off, And more 20 minutes later LCD display will be shut off too if the power bank doesn’t work. 

USB charging port

Use line cord to charger your mobile phone, if we not provide line cord which match your mobile phone, please use your original line cord.


Mirco input port

Use line cord to charger your power bank  


Model name


Battery type




Working temperature




Product capacity





DC 5.0V/1A

Output 1

DC 5.0V/1A

Output 2

DC 5.0V/2.1A

Product color

Black white rosey blue green yellow




 Christmas promotion battery charger


Christmas day will coming, many of you will prepare the Christmas gift for the important people. I think no matter which kind of gifts you send to others they are stand for your heart. But now I want to introduce one Christmas gift not only can stand for your heart but only is one useful partner in the life for many people. Christmas promotion battery charger one backup battery for mobile phones can supply the anytime anywhere, and during the daily life, it can help you deal with the emergency mobile phone power off.



Christmas promotion battery charger, it is one kind candy color power bank, and they have the beautify color for your choice, and different capacity suitable for different kinds mobile phones. And I like the Christmas promotion battery charger because it is enough fashion, and with the youth element, when we choose one item, not only just because the function, but also others side. Such as appearance, color, size and so on. Have to say that Christmas promotion battery charger this kind of product own these advantages.


Christmas promotion battery charger is the lithium battery charger with the enough capacity and this kind of products are very popular during the youth people. No matter which kind of work you are stay in, I think you can take one for yourself.

Posted by Lisa

Multiple docking station

In order to provide you a more convenient charging solution, we have designed a new multiple docking station combine mobile phone charging function with speaker function. Multiple docking station can charge 4 devices at the same time, which can help you to save time and save space, while charging you can also connected to AUX interface to play music.

It is a round charging station which has three outputs on the top, also one USB output on the side, so this multiple docking station can charge 4 devices at the same time. With more USB output, you can get more devices charged at the same time. This multiple docking station will obviously give you much more convenience.

On the central, there is the metal mesh speaker, after you connect the AUX interface with your mobile phone, you can select any music or movies, and then you can enjoy a very nice sound quality.

With 4 USB outputs, also a speaker function, this multiple docking station will offer you more convenience and more entertainment while charging. You can get most of your devices charged at the same time, and enjoy some music meanwhile.

Posted by Nikita
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Portable speaker for iPhone

Portable speaker for iPhone can help you to enjoy your music and movies in most convenient way. SINOELE offer you a wonderful portable speaker for iPhone with charging function. It can not only be used as a docking station with speaker but also can support your iPhone’s battery.

This portable speaker looks like a docking station for your iPhone, while connected with your iPhone, you can start to enjoy your music or movie from different angle, no matter portrait or landscape. Equipped with stereo surround sound, this portable speaker for iPhone will make movies more perfect. While your iPhone is running out of power, don’t worry, just press the power button of the speaker, and it will start to charge your iPhone at once. You can keep on watching movies at this time.

This portable speaker for iPhone can also be recommended as an emergency battery for your iPhone while you are on the move. The portable charging option with speaker function is highly convenient for iPhone users. Don’t miss it!

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Basic parameters of the mobile power bank
Model: SINO-C5000
Size: 86*46*22.5mm
Weight: 120g
Input voltage: DC5.0V/1000mA   
Output voltage: DC5.0V/1000mA
Special function: LED light
Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Suitable for: IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD, IPAD MINI, Samsung, MI, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ZTC, COOLPAD, digital camera, PSP
Overcharge protection
When short-circuit occur external devices, circuit board start protection function, to cut off the power supply, avoid short-circuit damage effectively
input protection 
When the output voltage instantaneous abnormalities, circuit board immediately start voltage buffer function, protect the voltage in a steady state at any time, avoid causing damage
Voltage protection
When the current exceeds the rated current, automatically cut off the output current, guarantee of voltage and charging equipment will not damaged by too much electricity
Short circuit protection
When the mobile power discharge reached a tipping point, circuit protection function will start automatically stop discharge
Over power protection
When the battery power charging and discharging, circuit automatic protection function, stop charging and discharging
Temperature protection
When the battery in the case of too high temperature, automatic startup circuit protection function, stop using it
Over current protection
Long for mobile power charging or mobile power to cell phone charging, such as saturated state, the system automatically shut down, avoid overload safety hidden trouble
******Explosion safety design
******"Automatic recognition" design
******Effectively prevent excessive voltage when using the phone while charging, thereby protecting sensitive components inside the phone is not compromised.
******Unique design: protect circuit board compatibility
Using imported components into intelligent circuit design, to reduce electromagnetic interference of other electronic devices, more compatible, more efficient output, lower rates of self-harm.
******Low heat output technology
******Almost no heat output temperature, allowing you to charge the phone without burden, more secure and stably.
******Small and portable
******Compact size, you can easily grasp one hand, easy to carry, in a pocket, handbag, you can carry anywhere

For iPhone series power bank

   High-tech products have been integrated into all aspects of our lives , more and more extravagant jewelry , had been entitled to, or pursuit. A source revealed , has released a new generation of iPhone5S listed there for some time , iPad is also more and more people to buy.
   According to Apple's earnings announcement information iPhone sales in the first half of this year has more than 60 million ( 35.1 million in the first quarter , second quarter, 26 million ) . According to an Apple component suppliers noted that the current production of the new iphone nearing 300 million units. Huge data show that the current production for Apple, or too little , new market for Apple to take at least double the production capacity, barely able to achieve smooth delivery .So more and more for iPhone series power bank current in th market.

    iPhone5s fuselage using screen 4 -inch display, battery capacity 1440mAh, thinner body , more powerful , can support 4G network , reflecting the many advantages , iPhone5s more popular. New iPhone, iPad min birth will further increase the demand for mobile power , iPhone all the "advantage " is more and more mobile power reflects its indispensable helper.

   The birth of the new iPhone will be more to increase the demand for iPhone series power bank industry , but also intensify the mobile power industry competition. As a professional power bank manufacturer of Sino , the industry we are always ready to baptism , and adhere to the road of brand-building , self-confidence to reach the ultimate success of the other side.

Posted by Crystal
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Emergency mobile power bank

   Within the development of the Smart phone, more and more people reply on mobile phones. They put the phones as a chat tool, as game consoles, as GPS…This leads to a disadvantage, if the phone battery died, how to do? I have encountered this problem.

   Last summer, I doing a part time job in the Hangzhou city. This job required me to pharmacy that bossed gave me within one day. To be honest, I am not very familiar with Hangzhou, as the pharmacy is not familiar with. So I reply on my mobile phone,I checked with Baidu Map Directions, it gives me correct line. Thing here is going smoothly, unfortunately, my phone battery died. How can I do? I'm in a strange bad environment; I cannot find the correct route back to my school. Finally, I ask a passer for help, she using mobile phone to search a route to take bus, I finally arrived safely in school. I noticed she charged in her cell phone, she bring a Sino Emergency mobile powerbank.

    Then I discovered the importance of Emergency mobile power bank, you can charge anytime, anywhere, no longer afraid of the phone battery died. After this incident, I buy a Sino emergency moblie power bank. My friends say this mobile power bank is good in quality, and reasonable in price. Now I do work at Sinoele.
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iPhone5/5s battery charger

With iPhone5/5s listing, more and more iPhone5/5s battery charger appeared. So, choosing a good mobile power is very necessary, because a good mobile power can protect your love machine, can provide you with plenty of power.

    iPhone 5/5s battery charger is the lithium battery charger mainly design for iPhone 5 as well as Mini iPad.It can be rechargeable for 500 times.iPhone 5 battery charger can be carry anywhere, and you can use it to charger for iPhone 5 anytime. There is no limited of time and space.


    Sinoele as theiPhone 5/5s battery charger supplier, make the iPhone charger come into the marker in the first time and produce the emergency charger suitable for the users demand. iPhone 5 external battery charger will be your good partner and help you solve the cut power. The Mini size with huge advantages will make you love iPhone 5 battery charger.


Technical Parameters of iPhone 5/5s battery charger:
Battery type :Lithium polymer

Model no.: SINO i-2200
Weight: 60g
Battery capacity:2200mAh
Input voltage/Current: DC 5.0V/ 1 A
Output voltage/Current: DC 5.0V/1 A
Battery charging time 2.5~3hours
Standby time 360 hours
Dimensions 61.2*43*16mm



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Portable mobile phone charger Current digital product features increasingly diverse, more frequent use, how to improve the use of digital products' time to play? It become the biggest problem. So the move is aimed at power and the best solution to solve this problem with a Portable mobile phone charger, you can move anywhere in the state to provide power for a variety of digital products ( power or charge ) .



   If you just use the battery, the battery capacity is low and appears can not meet the time normal use of the device. When business or travel time for the peak of the work of these devices, so it will appear when the phone is on the phone, the digital camera is taking pictures, PSP game when playing in full swing, PDA is working and so on, but this time the battery has no electricity, and make you feel very helpless and powerless.
   However, the fundamental contradiction is that you can not put each device is equipped with a backup battery, and if so to do, not only to spend a lot of money to buy each a device's battery, but also to carry the burden of travel increases, so in order to solution to this vexing problem, through continuous research and exploration, we finally developed a " Portable mobile phone charger " , it can solve many mobile device's power supply problems in order to solve the shortage of hard to make it work, can carefree and tourism.
  SINOELE Portable mobile phone charger unit capacity of up 10000mAh, attractive appearance, compact, only cigarette size, easy to carry, weighing only 232 grams, the standard dual USB output interface, the use of polymer lithium- ion batteries, widely used at 5v devices such as: mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS mobile TV and so on.

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 Sinoele is a leader of professional manufacturer on power bank in China, we produced all kinds of batteries for power bank, and in a word, there are two types of lithium batteries in the market, one is Lithium-ion, one is lithium-polymer, lithium-ion is cheaper than lithium-polymer, but lithium-polymer is more safe than lithium-ion, of course, lithium-ion is very safe if we use in a right way.


Lithium-ion batteries packs are incredibly popular these days. You can find them in laptops, PDAs, cell phones and iPods. They're so common because, pound for pound, they're some of the most energetic rechargeable batteries available. There are many advantages for Lithium-ion,

1. High Energy density - potential for yet higher capacities.

2. Does not need prolonged priming when new, One regular charge is all that’s needed . 3. Relatively low self-discharger –self-discharger is less than half that of nickel-based batteries

4. Low Maintenance – no periodic discharge is needed, there is no memory.

5. Specialty cells can provide very high current to applications such as power banks


The technology of the lithium-ion battery has been slowly improving to create much more stable products. Just like our Sinoele power bank, We have several models which is lithium-ion battery packs, such as A2600, B2600,A5000, C10, DIY10, E10 and Sino-DKS, There are 2600mAh , 5000mAh, 10000mAh and 20800mAh, some new design will meet your request.




 Sinoele is a leader of professional manufacturer on power bank in China, we produce safe and good-looking power banks, such as duo USB portable mobile charger E10 and  DIY10. These Portable Power Banks are unique portable charging accessories designed to recharge compatible phones and devices via two universal USB charger ports.  One output current is 1A, one output current is 2A, it can be charged to iPad, and other digital device which, now more and more people have many digital devices, before we can charger it one by one, now our E10 and DIY10 can help you settle down the problem. You can charger two of your digital devices in one time.

It features a total power capacity of 10000mAh that uses a Li-Ion cell type battery and comes with LCD display for power and battery levels. There are popular after land in market, Most of our customer said they are interested in the power banks. When you use it, you simply plug your phone into its USB port and it will immediately start charging your phone. When you need to recharge, simply plug the supplied cable into the micro-USB port on the power bank and the other end into a standard USB port on your computer or favorite charger.