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Backup Battery case - iPhone 4

SINOELE is a professional manufacturer for iPhone Accessories, and a series of iphone accessories is now very popular in the world market. Since now, iPhone has occupied big market in the world. To meet the need of customers, Backup battery case-iPhone4 has been developed. With high quality and excellent service, iphone4 external battery has attracted more and more customers.

We are the professional manufacturer for iphone accessories. With the launch of iphone4, Backup battery case-iPhone4 has been developed, and match iphone4 perfectly.iPhone4 external battery has brought many benefits to iphone’s users and to be their friends. Owing to a lot of advantages, iphone4 extra battery has attracted more and more customers from all over the world.

Technical specification for iphone4 external battery :
Battery type: Lithium polymer
iPhone 4 external battery capacity: 1100mA
Power source: iPhone adaptor or Laptop USB
iPhone 4 external battery output currency: 500mAh
iPhone 4 external battery output voltage: DC 5V
iPhone 4 external battery input currency: 500mAh
iPhone 4 external battery input voltage: DC 5V
Product size: 123.5*60.8*15mm
Product Color: Bright Black (classic piano color)
Certificates Approvals: CE, ROHS

Packing information:
* Gift box
* Color paper
* Packing size: 243*230*61mm

The features and advantages of Backup battery case-iPhone4:
* Help to solve poor battery capacity in the outside.
* Match iPhone 4 perfectly and protect it.
* Covering is used IML craft, anti-scratched and more gloss.
* It combines power storage, power supply function and data transfer together, and realizes charging, discharging and data transfer through the Micro data cable at the same time.
* Taking pictures without taking out iPhone4 extra battery.
* In case to overcharge, when the voltage reaches to 4.2V, Backup battery case-iPhone4 will automatically disconnect the power.

The advice for maintenance:
* To protect electronic components and circuit boards inside, please keep away from rainwater, moisture, various liquids, and put the device in the dry place
* Without any permission, please do not disassemble the device.
* In case to break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics, please do not drop, knock or shake the device hardly.