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When looking for the best 20000mAh power bank there are a few important features to consider other than the actual capacity of the battery pack. This really depends on your portable charging requirements. If you need to charge a couple of tablets or iPad at the same time, then the best 20000mAh power bank will be the one with the biggest max output. If you want to minimize the recharge time, then a Quick charge 2.0 power bank with a suitable QC 2.0 wall adapter would be the preferred option.


Dual USB outputs. 2A output meet most mobile phone charging demand. high Capacity of 20000mAh can give iPhone6 more than 10 times, Sumsung Glaxy S7 more than 5 times, iPad Mini 3 times. Matching for all smart phones and tablets. Ultra-Compact, very easy to carry in pocket or bag. Portable power bank suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, camping and other outdoor activities.



20000mAh power bank has impact resistance for its metal shell with high structural strength. Aluminum shell also has sweat-resistant and corrosion protection functions. Built in LG batteries relize high electric current output.


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