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Dual USB power charger

When you need to charge two devices at the same time, you need a dual USB power charger which can give out the amperage that you need. SINOELE superior dual USB power charger 7000 is built specifically for charging tablets  and mobile phones. 2.1A USB output will be enough to charge the new iPad at full speed, or to charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab and your mobile phone at the same time.

Dual USB outputs will offer you more charging options while you are away from power socket. With much more smaller size and amazing performance, this dual USB power charger will still do lots of convenience while you are on the move.

Details of dual USB Power charger 7000
Model No. : A7
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity : 7000mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 2000mAh
Output 1: DC 5.0V/2A
Output 2: DC 5.0V/1A
Dimensions: 132*50*18.5mm
Weight: 208g
Certificate: CE, ROHS

Features of dual USB Power charger 7000
1. IML treatment, anti-scratched surface when you use dual USB power bank 70000 daily .
2. minimizing self -energy consuming.
3. Button operation, LED indicates battery capacity.
4. Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.
5. Charging and discharging overload protection when you charge you iPad fully.