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It was the ancient concept that there was the fixed capacity for mobile phone power bank, in case it is 2600mAh when produce, it will be 2600mAh forever, if it is 10000mAh when assembled, then should be 10000mAh and there would be no change ever. But now the concept has complete changed and it has turned out to be wrong, a revolution is taking place in the power bank. Sinoele designed a new model named Magic which will change the world of power bank. You don’t believe it? You will soon do!

Have you ever seen a magic power bank like intelligence toy? Or like a Legos toy we can combine the power bank freely, the power bank in following picture is available in four different colors, and we can separate them to four parts, one color contains about 2200mAh, Magic power bank meet all the requirements of large and small capacity, when we are travelling. We might be in need of a large capacity with 11000mAh or even larger capacity, when we hang out with our friends, 2200mAh should be enough for our smart phone. It is 2200mAh when we only use one part; it is 4400mAh when we combine two parts, 6600mAh if three parts are attached. It is possible to combine them as much as we need. This is the reason why power bank is known as Magic, the second reason is that we can combine the magic power bank with different color, if you like colorful things, combine the power bank with different color, such as red and green, or black and white. If you are interested in plain color, you can use only one color, we can do it ourselves and it forms rich individual character design.

There are some common functions of magic power bank, such as two USB ports, LCD display, and LED light that is accompanied by protection system (prevent excessive charge, short circuit, over current, over voltage, etc)

Sinoele is the lead manufacturer on power bank, we have own design team who are responsible for designing a variety of shapes, rich personality of new products. The magic power bank will give you a completely new experience.