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 Sinoele is a leader of professional manufacturer on power bank in China, we produced all kinds of batteries for power bank, and in a word, there are two types of lithium batteries in the market, one is Lithium-ion, one is lithium-polymer, lithium-ion is cheaper than lithium-polymer, but lithium-polymer is more safe than lithium-ion, of course, lithium-ion is very safe if we use in a right way.


Lithium-ion batteries packs are incredibly popular these days. You can find them in laptops, PDAs, cell phones and iPods. They're so common because, pound for pound, they're some of the most energetic rechargeable batteries available. There are many advantages for Lithium-ion,

1. High Energy density - potential for yet higher capacities.

2. Does not need prolonged priming when new, One regular charge is all that’s needed . 3. Relatively low self-discharger –self-discharger is less than half that of nickel-based batteries

4. Low Maintenance – no periodic discharge is needed, there is no memory.

5. Specialty cells can provide very high current to applications such as power banks


The technology of the lithium-ion battery has been slowly improving to create much more stable products. Just like our Sinoele power bank, We have several models which is lithium-ion battery packs, such as A2600, B2600,A5000, C10, DIY10, E10 and Sino-DKS, There are 2600mAh , 5000mAh, 10000mAh and 20800mAh, some new design will meet your request.