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For iPhone5 docking charger


For iPhone5 docking charger is a new one design for iPhone5, it is one charger with the speaker, and when you charge for iPhone5, you can enjoy the music. The speaker with the high quality when you listen to the music it still can adjust the volume.


For iPhone5 docking station with 5000mAh capacity, the special design with ‘L’ appearance, one side is the speaker and one side is the tip charger for iPhone5/5s and the earphone. When you use for iPhone5 docking station to charge iPhone5, you can chose to listen the music or not. The back of the product has the LED light, it can shows the power of the product, the button can turn on or off the product to charge the mobile phone.

For iPhone5 docking station we called it DKS, and it is the new product of Sinoele, the famous mobile phones accessories manufacturer in China. And Sinoele has different kinds of mobile phones chargers, and they have different capacity and functions. If you want to find this kind of product, you can visit we hope can become your partner.


Posted by Lisa