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Emergency mobile power bank

   Within the development of the Smart phone, more and more people reply on mobile phones. They put the phones as a chat tool, as game consoles, as GPS…This leads to a disadvantage, if the phone battery died, how to do? I have encountered this problem.

   Last summer, I doing a part time job in the Hangzhou city. This job required me to pharmacy that bossed gave me within one day. To be honest, I am not very familiar with Hangzhou, as the pharmacy is not familiar with. So I reply on my mobile phone,I checked with Baidu Map Directions, it gives me correct line. Thing here is going smoothly, unfortunately, my phone battery died. How can I do? I'm in a strange bad environment; I cannot find the correct route back to my school. Finally, I ask a passer for help, she using mobile phone to search a route to take bus, I finally arrived safely in school. I noticed she charged in her cell phone, she bring a Sino Emergency mobile powerbank.

    Then I discovered the importance of Emergency mobile power bank, you can charge anytime, anywhere, no longer afraid of the phone battery died. After this incident, I buy a Sino emergency moblie power bank. My friends say this mobile power bank is good in quality, and reasonable in price. Now I do work at Sinoele.
Posted by Crystal
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