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Bluetooth Earphone

For the time being, Bluetooth earphone is widely applied to communication installations with Bluetooth supporting. Bluetooth earphone enable you drive safer during the way home or office. Most drivers found that it is inconvenient to pick up phones when driving. As you are picking up a phone, on the other hand you have to pay attention to the traffic police in case to be caught. That`s really troublesome. Wired Bluetooth could ease this trouble relatively. However, it is still bother you to use this kind of Bluetooth.
Thus Sinoele launch a delicate Bluetooth earphone under the use of Bluetooth technology. Hands free Bluetooth earphones applies 2.0 wireless technologies, which delivers great sounds of music and clear nice talking. Bluetooth earphone of Sinoele solves your calling problem by high technology and sleek appearance, conveniently and usefully.

Choose Bluetooth earphone in 5 tunes:
1. Compatibility
The most important point to choose Bluetooth earphone is to check the compatibility of Bluetooth earphone and phones. In today`s market, Bluetooth earphones have two active kinds-----Handfree profile (HFP) and HeadsetPro-file (HSP). HFP stands for function of hands free and HSP for function of earphone. Before purchasing, It is better to figure out what kind of Bluetooth earphone supporting your phone.
2. The Brand of Chip.
3. Transmission range
It is also our concerning of Bluetooth earphone transmission range.
The standard range is from 10 to 100 m.
4. Version select.
Bluetooth 1.1、1.2、2.0 always are faced by us. For the time being, 1.1 is the universal, 1.2 standing for new stream, while 2.0 for the newest launching.
5. Appearance select
Expect all the function, we are concerned the comfort and appearance. Different Bluetooth earphones are suitable for different people.

What`s the technical parameters of Bluetooth earphone?
Supporting edition:2.0/2.1+EDR
Transmission power:class2
Transmission distance:10M
Operating voltage:3.6V
Operating current:≤35mA
Standby current ≤2 MA
Charging temperature: 0°C∼45°C
Charging time:2-3 hours
Talking time:up 4 hours
Standby time:100 hours

Below are the features of Bluetooth earphone.
Supports HSP and HFP profiles
Ultra-clear sound speaker upmost
Sensitive microphone:-52 db
Battery: li-poly
Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, compeer and other device