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Blackberry trouble shoot

Everyone use new cellular phones specially smartphones, they will meet many FAQs, no exception for Blackberry. Below Blacking troubleshoot will be of great help to solve those problem. For fresh owners, after view our Blackberry trouble shoot, they can learn them in advance to avoid the similar troubles, or when their Blackberry occurs similar troubles, they can deal with it easily. For old customers, Blackberry trouble shoot will help their blackberry go to work immediately when they need Blackberry to do some urgent things.
Blackberry Troubleshooting
Users cannot send or receive any emails.

  1. Make sure your Blackberry is connected to the wireless network.
  2. Book mail service to Blackberry
  3. If you set up the filter to Blackberry’s email account, the filter will prevent those emails to Blackberry.
  4. Make sure your Blackberry is running BlackBerry Device Software 4.0 or later.

In BlackBerry Composer, why does the Dissolve composite method have no effect on my bitmap?
When using the Dissolve composite method, you must set the opacity level of the object to see the effect.

How can I change/remove my signature?
You can do that by logging to and clicking on Edit next to your integrated e-mail address. You’ll find the option to edit your signature.

Why my Browser Is missing ?

  1. Insure you have a BlackBerry data plan
  2. Make sure the icon is not hidden - press the Menu key and select Show All - see if the icon is on the screen at all
  3. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table.  Press the Menu key and select Register Now.

 I can’t preview my content through a web browser
You must modify your web server’s MIME type settings to enable your BlackBerry Browser to recognize PME or PMB content:

  1. Open the httpd.conf file, usually located in [install_location]/apache/conf
  2. Add the following lines:
    AddType application/x-vnd.rim.pme .pme
    AddType application/x-vnd.rim.pme.b .pmb
  3. Save the file
  4. Stop then restart your web server

Why can't I type a passkey on a Bluetooth enabled device?
*If you cannot type a passkey on a Bluetooth enabled device, the passkey might already be defined. On your BlackBerry phone, in the enter passkey for "Device name" field, try typing 0000.
*If the problem continues, contact Koodo Customer Service at 1-866-99-KOODO. *If the problem continues, visit a Koodo Shop. Use our Store Locator to find a location near you.